Wednesday, November 21, 2007


First off, let me apologize for the "Long time no posts" stunt that I pulled off for the 1 week. I've been pretty busy with events planning, helping out in friend's weddings, socializing with people and so on. I did not even have the time to lay back at home and rest. Goodness I can actually feel my energy being drained away so quickly...

I was having a drink with a friend last night and we were talking about life and how it goes round and round and round and round. There was this topic that I touched that reminded me of an aspect of life that we should get back to the basics.

Let's face it, in relationships, it comes and goes. Often it's due to us as mere human's fault that we tend to mess things up or complicate the whole bond between two people. There's lots of people or your friends would go around preaching to you on what you should do when you ARE in a relationship or BEFORE stepping into one. Yes indeed I must admit it's fun to go through a relationship with someone and it really changes your lifestyle.

Sweet is the feeling of waking up in the morning knowing you are loved and great is the acknowledgement to find out you have someone to care for.


When a relationship turns sour, when it finally leads to a dead end where there is no return. What would you do? Are these phrases below sound all too familiar too you?

- Don't worry, Be happy.
- There's plenty of fish in the sea. Why drown because of one fish?
- Be strong ok? If you need anything, just ask.
- He/She's not worth your time.
- Learn to let go.

Familiar Eh?

People just would end up absorbing their own sadness. They would resolve to self pity. I don't really understand why but in a way it's really bringing harm to themselves. Yes, we sometimes lose control over our own feelings but it is how we control our feelings that makes us a stronger person no?

Here's something different:

Let's illustrate relationships as DOORWAYS. In our life, we have different doors opening oppotunities of different kinds to us. Many a times we're too self absorbed in our own sadness when our relationship with someone ends and would caused us mourning in front of that closed door. Doors that are closed would rarely open again for a second chance. Face it, Life is cruel!

But have you thought of this? When a door is closed in front of you, there would be other doors of opportunities open for you to experience. But often as it is, Human would stay put focusing on that closed door and we would often miss out the other opened doors for us to experience. Who knows? You might actually miss out the right one for you. Right?

I'm not saying when your door is closed, start jumping and look for other doors immediately. It's good to stay at that closed door for a moment of time to reflect of your wrong doings (maybe) or theirs. Reflect back where had gone wrong and make improvements from there before you start seeking for a new door.

I have met with people who stayed on that closed door for years and years and refuse to budge. Give yourself a second chance. Everyone deserves it but it's just too normal that people refuse to give them. I made mistakes myself, I screwed up relationships myself. Does that mean I should be sentenced to deathrow because of my mistakes? Hey, I'm not an angel, I'm not perfect. Merely a human as it is I do make mistakes from time to time. Everyone's equal too.

So to close this entry, Give life a chance, Give LOVE a chance. Well, 2nd chances if need be. But do remember that we are mere human, and in throughout this life of yours, There will be lots and lots of people walking in and out of your life. Don't just fix your eye on one door when it closes. Keep a lookout. Some people may say that is called faithfulness. On a certain degree, I agree with you but not to an OVER faithfulness. That would lead to stupidity. :)


Princess Eileen said...

The label written: Something to Ponder. This post is really nicely written. I guess some of us do live in denial and obsess with a particular person, situation or scenario. Yeah, doors of opportunities are everywhere, just like the crocodile popping out thingy in Genting :P

Yeah, give LOVE a chance.... Okay, I will try after 3 months. Wukakaka

Calv said...

wahahaha the crocodile thing! u still remember....
try after 3 months ar? hmm u might meet a german hunk who might just sweep u off ur feet hahaha

Calvin's Wife said...

>< wah.. ur post so hard to understand... wukakakakaka

Calv said...

hmmmm hahahaha soli lo

Princess Eileen said...

evie, maybe you are just not deep enough? Wukakaka....

Yalor, I take your (words) SERIOUSLY

Calv said...

hahahahaha....siao siao wan...