Monday, June 30, 2008

A Leap to the Past?

You know how technology pushes itself forward ever so rapidly these days? Just merely 14 years ago, there wasn't such a thing called the INTERNET. There wasn't even mobile phones so common like you see in this age. In such short period of time, communication has advanced in such great length that no one back in those days would ever imagined where we are today.

Speaking of which, Guess what I've received a few days back...



LOL A fucking telegram! These things don't come so common anymore. When I first got it, I was like "What the heck is this?"

When I opened it then I only realized what it is. This is my very first telegram notice and let me tell you, it's not a good news.


It's from a company called Kudrat and Co. It's such a fucking lame company and well, the services they provide are somewhat... Unprofessional... wanna know why??

It's a fucking debt collecting company. Apparently I owe a bank some money and I already made the payment. They still called and asked me to pay up...

The person whom "handled" me however is a fucking loser. Well, a Sikh to be exact... Here's how the situation goes...

One week ago, there's this guy called Jaswan Singh called me regarding the payment of my credit card, I told him that I would make the payment and yes, I did made the payment and called him back telling him the payment had been made. He assured me he'll check on it with the bank and get back to me if there's any problems.

About a week later, he called again, this time his tone of his voice was someone angry and being rude. Vulgarity was part of the conversation let me assure you that. I told him I'll call him back after calling the bank. I'm like What the fuck man?! The money has already been debited from the cheque's bank. =.="

When I called the bank, after several minutes we found out that the cheque department of the bank had some issues since the 14th of the month. They said there's a lot of clients who paid via cheque but the it was not cleared to the said bank. The telebanker was very kind and told me she would look into my case and informed Kudrat and Co appropriately...

Here's the thing...


Last but not least, Kudrat, these days, we don't use telegrams no more... We use emails. Wait, Wait.... hmm but for your case, think u guys should go back old school...



Thursday, June 26, 2008

Karaoke Session

A couple of weeks ago, my ex-colleagues organized this eat and sing your heart out thing with some of us close friends. Reason being is that they want to catch up on old times since most of us don't work in the same organization no more.

But the actual fact is, they just want to get together and show off to each other how well they can sing after the past few months we did not meet :p

Here's some pictures of the event to prove what I've stated.




If you do notice, it's the same guy that sings over and over again. Fact is this guy, Jordan, doesn't really sing from the start. But... after a couple of "drinks", the true colour reveals :p Also notice the girls that was surrounding him while he sings. You would assume that he's quite a charmer when he sings?

R.O.F.L... boy have you been taken for a ride. First picture shows that he can't read chinese lyrics but can sing em, so, our dear friend, Connie reads the words by his ear while he sings it out. Latest and most effective way to teach someone how to read chinese :p

2nd picture is basically camwhores lol.... and 3rd is While Jordan sings, WE DANCE!



Yeap another bunch of camwhores. It's like this: once there's a camera around the room, people will somehow chase after the camera for shots to be taken :p


See what I mean? How cute!! 2 hot chicks some more. But...sorry guys, they're taken. I just don't wanna get your hopes all high up the sky :p


OK. Here's another deception. This is the 2nd time we gather together for a karaoke session. There's this promotion where we get was the birthday promotion. We get some drinks and a bottle of wine and a cake in the package. So since Connie have a membership card for the said karaoke, she gets to become the "birthday girl" for the night! This is the 2nd time and it's still Connie's birthday. 1 year with 3 birthdays (including the real one) is a lot to take in my honest opinion. hahaha...


Last but not least, this is the whole group picture we took together that night. Don't see me in the picture right? OF COURSE I'M NOT IN THERE.... I'm the camera man :p

Somehow they told me not to put these pictures that I have taken to Facebook... Should I? hmmm.... *evil grin*

Monday, June 23, 2008

Back to the Primitive

Last Friday was one of the worse nights one could ever imagine to go through. Let me put it to you this way, Friday's normally what people would categorize gateway to relaxation. In a way it's quite true. You worked hard over the weekdays, and when weekend finally hits, you start to have plans over the weekend to either have a fruitful event or even laze and rest home till Monday strikes again.

Usually my choice would be to laze and rest at home. Not going out at all and so on... But then again, there's an old saying, you usually don't get what you want. For my case, it's usually true. Every turn of weekend strikes, my gf and I would plan to stay home and rest but for the past few weeks, it didn't not happen for is, eventually there'll be some smarty pants who would want a piece of us. Apparently we're too happening for people to resist not asking us out :p I'm joking...

OK back to the topic. On Friday evening, I was out to have dinner celebrating a farewell to a close friend who is flying off to somewhere to work. After dinner, I went to pick up my gf from her place back to mine. Don't ask me where is it, the drive takes me 45 mins to reach. =.="

So after a hectic day at work, a tiring drive from one end of the city to another, I would expect nothing less than a comfortable bed in which I'm familiar with and a cool breeze of the air condition in my room. But guess what? When I'm about to reach home, all I could see is total darkness. Pitch black road all the way back to my place. I was like, "oh shit! blackout"

Apparently my area was in total darkness since 4pm and when I reached home, it's already 12am. For our household, if there's no electricity, there'll be no...

1) Lights, Duh~
2) Air-Condition, Double Duh~
3) No water... ok this is cause our water supply ties to a water pump, so if no power means pump does not work = no water T.T
4) No computer... I left my notebook in office, so...

All in all, it's really back to the primitive. It's been raining almost everyday but for last Friday, THERE'S NO FUCKING RAIN! What luck huh? So anyways, thank god we have a backup bathroom which runs water directly from the water tank up above the roof. But.... my pee has higher water pressure compared to that shower =.="

After a nice cool water shower, I thought to myself maybe I could get some sleep after having a shower. Usually that's the case you see... Unfortunately, I couldn't sleep well... here's some stuff that I tried...

1) Sleep without my comforter ....... FAILED
2) Opened the window to sleep directly on how the wind outside blows in ..... FAILED
3) Sleep on the floor ..... FAILED
4) Use an old magazine to fan myself while trying to sleep ... FAILED
5) Proposed the idea of checking in to a nearby cheap hotel to sleep ..... PROPOSAL REJECTED
6) Proposed to sleep in the car. At least until the electricity comes back ..... PROPOSAL REJECTED

Overall, I just stick myself from rolling around the room, starring outside the window looking at the power guys fixing the problem, and fanning myself with some old magazine.

3 hours later...

3am: I told myself, that's it! I CAN'T FUCKING TAKE THIS ANYMORE! I got up, took my keys and about to leave my room and shoot straight to my car to get some air-condition feel... then...

POOF! The Power's back up!!!! I was like jumping around my room with joy as I feel the air that's blown from the fan to my face. The sensation was so familiar and welcoming that you feel immediately at ease. I switched on my air-condition and within minutes, I'm in dreamland!!

Moral of the story: We're so pampered with electricity at this age till we'll eventually die from suffering if we don't have any. How are we gonna survive if our lifestyle is forced to change due to Global warming?? This is something I really wonder...

Friday, June 20, 2008

This is WAY too much.

Have you ever gotten yourselves an email from some sort of African or some third world country's email asking you to help some God forsaken girl whose dad/uncle/grandfather whom is dying and they are leaving behind a huge inheritance of fortune. Apparently the girl being locked away in some refugee camp unable to flee from her untimely fate.

I used to ignore these mails or even delete them on the spot. We all knows that these are scams of some sort that will end up you using your own money for some worthless cause. Despite the figure of their "inheritance" is somewhat huge; by the count of billions in case you didn't notice, it's still a SCAM!

Today, I gotten another new technique of scam being spread around the email world. Check this email out...
How are you today, I hope all is well with you .I am sorry to worry you with my Proposal for a relationship with you, but I know that you will grant my request in good faith and understanding, My name is asmina am single. I am interested in having a relationship with you, I will also like to Know you the more, i will like you to send me an email so that I can send you more details about my self Including my picture I believe we can move from here. But bear in mind that Love has no colors barrier, no educational back ground barrier,no socio-economic Barrier,religious, language,nationality ordistance barrier, the only important Thing there is love. I am waiting for your mail.Yours Sincerely


I'm like "What the hell is this?!" Does it have to come to this extent to get such attention from people? Have these third world countries just gotten their internet till they find it amazing to con someone or even find love over the internet?

Goodness this is sooo friggin pathetic. I wonder what's next? I'll give you USD$5 million to marry me?? =.="

Monday, June 16, 2008

Should Piracy in Malaysia Continue Existing?

After some thoughts about piracy in Malaysia, it occurred to me thinking about this question... Should Piracy in Malaysia Continue to exist?

I'm only going to take 1 example out of the many issues of piracy we face in our country.

Pirated Movies in VCD or DVD

As most Malaysians know, prices to go to the movies are going up higher and higher. I remember those days where I have to only pay RM5 for a movie ticket. But right now, it has changed so much as 100% of being RM10 during the weekday and RM12 over the weekends.


There are, however, other prices to pay if you book them online. An additional surcharge of RM1 for booking your seats online and an additional service charge of RM1.50 being slapped at your palm for purchasing the tickets online.


These issues has raised a concern to me though. Usually, I'll go for the movies over the weekend, and mind you, it's very rare that you see people going to the movies alone. I for instance would love going to the movies with my girlfriend :) So if my calculation's correct, the least I would have to pay for a movie session would be RM24 (knowing that during the weekdays we have to work therefore we won't have the time to go anywhere else)

Is it really worth it? This is merely just movie tickets and it excludes the drinks or the snacks you're gonna buy over at the popcorn counter. Note that those items that you buy from the theater, they charge an extra of 50% from the normal price outside at 7-11 stores. The best part is, you can only buy items from that cinema and it's not allowed to bring outside food in else it'll be quarantine.

So the grand total for a decent enjoyable movie, one must pay like RM30 for 2 people just to enjoy a movie. MY question is, IS IT WORTH IT?


Take a look at the other side of the dodgy situation. Over the streets of any food stalls outside, there are other source of entertainment called PIRATED MOVIES. Now, don't get me wrong or judge me so quickly just yet. Think about this, These movies you buy from these sort of people... is so much economical compared to go to a movies, oh yea, to go to a movie theater, it's normally located in a shopping mall therefore, you still have to pay parking just to watch a damn movie.


OK back to my point. You can actually purchase a DVD movie from these sort of guys and go home to watch it with a much CHEAPER price and of course, with the comfort of your own home. How much is a pirated DVD you say? It's only ranged from RM8-RM10 per DVD and it's limitless to how many people you're gonna watch it with. Cool huh? :p

You get to pause it when you wanna go to the washroom, you can just rewind the previous chapter if you have missed out or can't understand what was said, and you can even just drop by a nearby 7-11 store to get some cheaper snacks to munch while enjoying your own movie.


However there's a catch, There's some DVD movies that aren't clear or also known as bootleg version. It's basically some thief sneaks into the movies and record it using a regular video recorder. Don't fret just yet. There's also clear copies which a duplicated from an original DVD. Lastly, you only get to watch the movie after a while it's been aired over the theaters. But with a saving of over RM25 it wouldn't hurt just to be a little patient over watching a movie right?

These are my thoughts and my sole opinions only. :) Well, you guys think about it and tell me what you feel :)

Unfortunately a small group of us humans have the ability to abuse ourselves subconsciously (including myself from time to time). Despite knowing the very fact of going over the cinema would incur much more costs compared to getting pirated movies to watch, we'll still have the tendency to spoil ourselves.

It only proves one thing: Malaysians will always have piracy. Fact is prices for EVERYTHING in Malaysia is going up, unfortunately that doesn't count your monthly salary income. So what should we do? Answer is "CHANGING OF LIFESTYLE" according to what our prime minister says. But how do we do that? Every human needs some form of entertainment. So pirated movies is a solution. Cheap entertainment anyone?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Day and Finally a Life~

Ho Ho Ho... After 3 months of being jobless and just being a bum at home, I finally found a job at company nearby my house! work environment is pretty nice but of course not the most comfortable one I've ever been with.

I'm the only Engineer here so as you can guess, I'll be very very busy with my work schedule. Good thing is that I'm quite a workaholic and the rest that I had over the past months, gave me the energy enough to boost my performance in work.

Being the only engineer is only temporary as they require me to hire an assistant when I clear up all the mess that the previous engineer had left in the company. However, this is the most interesting job I've ever taken up.

Usually when you start working in a company, you'll basically have a few days before you ACTUALLY start work. This one however, I have to start a busy day on my 1st day! I was sooo busy till I completely lost track of time. I didn't even know it's already lunch and even it's time to go back!

Well today's day 2 and again, I'm still as busy as hell! The previous guy had left without handing over the documents and other information I SHOULD HAVE! so... I had to search everything on myself and get everything done from ground zero...sigh...

Well not much time to type left, I have a few more stuff to do before I go back. so I'll blog more when I have the time :)


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Where Have I Been?

So many people have asked me of where have I been? Have I been missing? Hmm... guess I do owe a lot explainations on where on earth I am. :p

I have been home all these months, yeap you didn't read me wrongly, I'm jobless now and I've been spending most of my time at home. Rarely even going out at all. And of course, what could 1 person be doing at home, resources of activities are so limited.

I've been as usual, playing game...well it's a Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) mainly it's called World of Warcraft. It's mainly the only thing I opt to do since I refuse to go out of my home mainly coz I wouldn't wanna spend unnecessarily.

Can you imagine me not spending a single cent during the days but just staying home wasting my life away by this game? LOL

Actually, that's not true. I do on other parts of the day do look for a job online. And yes again, I AM online all the time. Just that I wasn't on MSN or even my blog. Too lazy to chat and yea lazy to blog as well. :p

I am getting a job soon so I do hope my blogging habits would come back to me again. Not to mention the inspiration to write comes back to me again. Seriously, I don't know what to write these days...

OK Here's a funny video about the game Someone sent to me on youtube :p

I know some of you know what game it is and so welcome to the addiction :p

For those who have not tried or even heard of it before, DON'T TRY IT! It'll eat your life away :p