Friday, November 09, 2007

Wo Men Zhe Li Hai You Yu

Can someone explain the meaning of the lyrics of this song? It's the first song in my playlist. Somehow I like this song very much due to the melody. Unfortunately as a Banana myself, I can't read chinese characters and let alone understand them =.=

I think I have figured out the chords for the guitar to play this song but unfortunately I don't know the meaning of it. It's not good to learn how to sing for people when you don't know the meaning right?

Imagine, you, singing a sad song for someone at their wedding =.=" You'd probably get kicked out of the ceremony...

Note: Banana in the term of chinese means a chinese who can't read chinese charaters, yellow in the outside, white inside.

我們這裡還有魚 - 黃大煒/謝霆鋒/游鴻明/黃中原

wo yi wei dong tian shi zui mei li de ji jie

leng leng di xi bian hai you ni hai you yu zai shui li

鋒︰一堆堆很自在 一對對很相愛 讓人想到未來
yi dui dui hen zi zai yi dui dui hen xiang ai rang ren xiang dao wei lai

明/原︰是不是你也和我一起在尋找 那種魚只有幸福的人看得到
shi bu shi ni ye he wo yi qi zai xun zhao na zhong yu zhi you xing fu di ren kan de dao

明/鋒︰誰用愛去擁抱 它就在周圍繞 陪你一直到老
shei yong ai qu yong bao ta jiu zai zhou wei rao pei ni yi zhi dao lao

wo zhi dao zhe xie ri zi ni yao cheng dan duo shao ai shang

cai ke yi mian dui po sui di meng xiang

wo xiang xin na me duo di guan xin zong hui dai lai xi wang

bie wang le wo men zhe li hai you yu

明/原︰是不是你也和我一起在尋找 那種魚只有幸福的人看得到
shi bu shi ni ye he wo yiqi zai xun zhao na zhong yu zhi you xing fu di ren kan de dao

鋒︰誰用愛去擁抱 它就在周圍繞
shei yong ai qu yong bao ta jiu zai zhou wei rao

pei ni yi zhi dao lao

重唱 *

#合︰在這裡沒有風浪不會搖晃 不再心慌 當黑夜過去總會有陽光
zai zhe li mei you feng lang bu hui yao huang bu zai xin huang dang hei ye guo qu zong hui you yang guang

我陪你找個池塘蓋間平房忘掉哀傷 給自己一個有魚的地方
wo pei ni zhao ge chi tang gai jian ping fang wang diao ai shang gei zi ji yi ge you yu di dei fang

重唱 #,#,#


Cubie said...

found the guitar tab for you, already sent to ur email... let me know if u didnt get it... just in case i missed an alphabet or something :)

Calv said...

thanks a lot. :)

RinHeart said...

Hi, I came across your blog while looking for the guitar tabs to this song. I love this song but can't seem to find the tab for it. Could you send it to me?

Anonymous said...

I was trying to see if I could find more in depth lyric meanings for the song but from my understanding, the song is basically saying you can go through life and go through the trials and tribulations...go far and what not but don't forget where you came from (whether that be your roots, family, home, etc.) matter what, you can expect to find love and support back at the source...therefore, we still have fish here-as silly and odd as it may sound.

g said...

hey cubie can i hav the tabs too? thnks

Lin said...

on one side, the song tells us do not give up hope of your life. you can find the happiness of life. on the other hand, it's a love song. you can find your lover when you are looking for the same "fish". that is your life.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know the name of the other singers in this song. i only know nicholas tse, if anyone know, could you please tell me?thanks