Friday, October 31, 2008


OK OK Sorry for the long absence. I've been taking 2 weeks break away from work as well as blogging mainly coz right now I'm waiting for my new job to start.

Seriously, there's nothing worth to note down on what has been going on my life for the past 2 weeks apart from sleeping and gaming :) Yes there are occasions where I go out with some of my friends but rest assure, it's very very rare. I'd rather laze at home and wait till the day comes I have to wake up early in the morning for my work :p

OK. Today's topic would be something more general. It's something that is so common that sometimes people tend to forget about it.

Do you not find it ironic that there's a lot of people who keeps telling each other to be contented with what they have? Yet they themselves rarely practice it?

On general, Contentment comes only to those who CHOOSE to be contented with what they have. Some people are so consumed with greed or their own goals that they tend to miss out the best thing that they have right now.

For example: Men or women always complains about their partners or their husband/wife on their bad points. They would say how much their other half does not understand them or does not treasure them. One way to look at it, it's true. BUT think about it this way: Whether you are in good of bad times, have your partner refused to stand by your side? Have they never been your shoulder to cry on? Have they never been your best friend in times of need?

I know I used to be a person who use to take relationships for granted. I am still learning let me assure you that I'm learning each and everyday to build up as a better person to my other half :)

Let's face it, NO ONE'S PERFECT! Never your partner, never your husband/wife, and NEVER will be you. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.

In relationships, there is no such thing as YOU'RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME. Everyone in a relationship CAN and WILL find someone better than you. Your partner CAN and WILL be able to find someone better than you. There's always someone better than someone. So here's the truth...

IT IS HOW CONTENTED YOU ARE in the person you are with now. Everyone can be your MR. or MRS. right. Unless you learn to be contented with what you have now, no matter how many people you date with, they will never be good enough for you.

However speaking about professionalism, we as human these days, our generation, tends to jump from jobs to job. WHY? answer is pretty simple. It's mostly because they want to find a better pay job of a job with a better offer. Look at your parents, or your grandparents, the previous generations can actually stick to a job for over 20-30 years. They would not jump to another job. I'm not saying that there's no better opportunities for them in other companies, It's because they are contented with what they have. Yes they may complain that their job sucks or anything, but at the bottom line, they will stick to the job. Their loyalty is something we won't be able to get these days.

Why is it so?

Is it cause our generation now is so spoiled with choices till the extent we no longer recognize contentment anymore? Or is it mainly due to greed?

Put our parents in being in a relationship...

Divorce is so common these days unlike the older generations. How come our previous generations were able to keep a marriage for so many years but for us, some could even barely maintain a marriage for 3 years.

My honest opinion is mainly due to contentment.... again.... People are so greedy or really do not know how to see and recognize the good things that they have till they tend to go astray.

Let me tell you my story...I learned to be contented with what I have. Some may know what kind of person I used to be. I am somewhat ashamed of myself as well at certain times. But well, every curve is a learning curve right?

I finally learn to be contented with what I have, who I am with. I know that I can rely on this person with whatever trouble I am at. I know she would stand by me. And of course I would act the same on her behalf as well.

Yes in a relationship or marriage, couples do argue. If there's no arguments in a relationship, then you should be worried. Don't run away or break the relationship mainly coz you guys argued. Argument is something that would bind the relationship stronger. Don't give up on your partner. Maybe they have not given up on you yet. Why should you be the one to pull the plug? When you accept him/her to your life, you should be ready to accept that person for his/her goods and bads. Else why would you bother to begin a relationship let alone a marriage?

This is all I have to say now... Please consider what I have said and search for contentment in every situations. Sometimes, things may turn bad, but don't look at the bad points only, the good points are always in the thin silver lining.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Photography Festival 2008

This weekend KL Time Square hosted this year's Malaysia Photography Festival 2008. It's a place similar like PC fair on every 3 months, but this one sells camera, usually DSLR and accessories like lenses and so on. Not only that, There's also a great deal of photography sessions with models and this year around, featuring Amber Chia.

Before you get to see Amber, here's some shot of the amount of photographers on that event taking pictures of models who waltz the stage showing off their pretty face and excellent body :p

When I arrived, there's literally no place for me to stand around the stage. Some even brought ladders to stand from the back and zoom out with their big ass zoom lense. So I decided to take a floor up and snap my pics using my Zoom lense from the first floor.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, AMBER CHIA!!

Forgive me for having an aunty behind Amber's pictures. There's no way I could cut her out coz my lense is only up to 50mm then coz we got a place on the first sitting row :p

Wait.... Apart from Amber there's also other models accompanying her. Unfortunately I do not know their names but I find this next girl pretty good. Though I wondered why she did not smile. Later when she did at the end of the show, I only realized why... She didn't really have a perfect set of teeth LOL

This is another model as well but I just don't know who she is; Sorry guys...

The next model....

After a hectic, hot and stuffy day at the mall, we decided to go home, So Eileen and I left for dinner then I hanged out at her place for a while till I'm tired then heading home... from a eventful day, the least I need is a traffic jam caused by a heavy downpour... =.="

Monday, October 13, 2008

2 Headed Snakes

There are many types of people in this world. Some are understanding, some reasonable, some smart, some intelligently challenged, some hardworking, some lazy and the list goes on and on. Fact is there's always a quality a person lacks on. Only to make them human.

We as human are not perfect and I believe all of you would agree with me on that.

Never the less, we as humans, we have a choice to be what we wanna be. Some chose to be lazy instead of hardworking, some chose to be unreasonable instead of reason. But I feel intelligent is something we can't choose LOL.

The worst kind of people are those who what we asians call, 2-headed-snakes.

These type of people are the main problem that kick starts wars between 2 other people.

These type of 'friends' would come to you and backstab another friend of yours to you. They would say anything just to make you feel angry or pissed off your some of your other friends or even partners or even your wife.

Then on the other hand they would go to YOUR friend or your partner or your wife to backstab you in return. However, in front of you when they are talking bad about your other friends, he/she will say good things about you just so you would feel good.

These are the type of people everyone should get away from. I sometimes just wonder, why would these people CHOOSE to be what they are? Do they really enjoy their friends goes through a cold war amongst themselves because of what he/she had said?

Do you really find joy in other people's misery? I can honestly tell you I'm not stupid. I know what you did behind my back. Yes you know who I'm speaking of. I personally feel these type of people should really burn in hell. I mean now... Immediately... not wait till you die. but the moment you 2 time someone, poof off you go to hell to be burned eternally...

I fucking hate these type of people; well there are other types of people whom I really don't like but it's not as bad as this type. The other type would be hypocrites. Unfortunately we live in a world filled with people like this.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Cameron Trip Report

So how was everyone's weekend during the raya break? I believe some of you have some agendas planned over the long weekend right? Mine was pretty simple given the fact that during the last MATTA fair, I wasn't able to get any holiday out of the country. So we ended up going to a local trip instead... 1 night in Ipoh and 2 nights in Cameron highland.

When we first arrived Ipoh, there's nothing much to do there but driving around looking for food. Ipoh is a heaven for food or some would say apart from Penang. I didn't manage to take any pictures around the town as I was kinda lazy hehe

The next day though we were driving around looking for a place called Kellie's Castle. We did find the place however; after several wrong turns and stuff :p Let the pictures talks by itself

There's a sign around this corridor that says Kellie's ghosts still wanders around here during the night. Believe it or not? Entirely up to you

After that Kellie's castle, We started our journey to Cameron highlands. No one in the car knows exactly the way up the mountains so from what supposed to be an hour drive up took about 3 hours. We keep getting lost in the outskirts of Ipoh trying to find the way up. We stopped to ask around several times and we turned back and forth a road many times coz of some screwed up people trying to give us directions but they themselves don't know the way =.="

We stayed in a 2 bedroom suite and this is the entrance to our place. We had to walk up 3 flight of stairs as our suite is all the way up top.

How would one not be tempted to go in the suite when there's someone so hot standing by luring you in? haha

This is how it looks like inside. The main living room. We even have a balcony which overlooks the mountains and bits and pieces of the road coming up.

We were kinda tired that night so we decided to just eat in the restaurant. It's a buffet though but I can honestly tell you one thing.... THE FOOD SUCKS!! After that Eileen and I took a walk around the hotel's premise since it's a cool chilling night. It's really a nice walk with all the nice lighting and so on...

Romantic right? :p

This is the lobby of the hotel.

Eileen posing in front of a flower at the rose valley.

Yes this is a very rare occasion where I would pick flowers and buy them for anyone...

We went later on to the tea plantation and the view there is specticular. It's so beautiful that even your mouth would gawk open.

There's a walkway to go to the top where we can overlook the plantation and while I was getting ready my camera, This is snap shot I took of Eileen. Cute huh?

Oh not only that... Throughout the trip I was looking for a waterfall in which I could hang out and snap some shots but to my disappointment, there wasn't any to be found nearby, There is one however as recommended by our hotel reception, the Robinson's fall. When we got there through small cramppy roads, we got there. But unfortunately, it has changed to be a damn to bring electricity to the hills...

So with a great disappointment, The next day we drove down back to KL. On the way down, I saw this huge waterfall at Lahat Iskandar. The fall was so amazing and finally, I get to fulfill one of my wishes for being in the hills :p