Tuesday, March 25, 2008

First Attempt on Operation Quit Smoking

Ever heard of Nicotine Patches? Apparently it's suppose to give you the nicotine you need for the day hence you don't need to smoke for the rest of the period where the patch is on you. Honestly, I was kinda skeptical about the whole idea where you just stick something up your arm or chest and then you don't need to smoke for the said hours as long as the patch is on you. Guess what? I got myself one just to try it out.


Guess what? that one bloody thing costs me RM10.30. and it only lasts for like 16 hours. C'mon!!! RM10 for only 16 hours?? Smoking up a pack is like only RM8.20 and it can last me for like 2-3 days. I'm calling this a really big rip off!! But oh well, It's an experiment so I'm giving this thing a try...

1st Hour



I know I know.... I look cute...Jealous right? :p


Yes I'm still cute. Ignore the tattoo coz it's not real. I photoshopped it. wahaha...


While waiting for the process to take effect, I decided to watch a movie and see how time flies with this patch.

3rd Hour


I still can take it without smokes....

5th Hour


YES I'm still in the GAME!

8th Hour


Yes I'm bored and I have nothing better to do. Hence I had a short nap just to waste time away. Call it cheating but I'm BORED!!!

12th Hour


Seriously, I still have not felt like smoking. And yes I'm still lazing around my bed doing nothing at all. This is how bored I was.... =.="

16th Hour





All in all, the patch works. It is a little expensive though but then hey if you really wanna quit smoking, I'm sure with consistency and some determination it would work. What about me you ask? hmm.... I'll work on it soon enough :p

Saturday, March 22, 2008

What a Day~

Yea yea I know, It's been a while since I have blogged and People from everywhere thought I'm dead hehe. The fact is I'm not dead. Just been kinda busy with other stuff. Doing on some issues that has been on my priority list for a while.

MATTA fair had just ended and guess what? I have signed up for a cruise trip. Apparently I need to have a passport that is above 6 months before expiry. And my passport was expiring on... 30 SEPT. =.=" 1 month shy and I have to get a new passport.


I have read some time back that the new immigration system had changed and It's so much faster now to get your passports done. 5 years ago it was like 2 weeks before it could be completed and now the new system had enhanced it to just merely 2 HOURS.

Guess what? It's still a friggin bullshit to me. Took me like 6 hours to get my passport. The queue was long, The wait was long and the process was SOOOOOOOOOOO fucking slow. And to think that after the erection election has completed and DAP had won Selangor, thought the Selangor branch in Subang would kinda speed things up. BUT OH NO! Hell it didn't. Maybe it's just a way the government decided to retaliate back or to get back to us as citizens of Malaysia for not voting for them.

We were so bored to our nerves that we ended up having 3 sets of Teh O Ais and some food. over and over again we would just go back to the canteen to sit and drink and eat. Damn this would not look good to my resolution to work on my body =.="

All in All, The system is still stupid, the staff in the immigration office is still stupid and rude, the wait is long and fucking system still always goes down. Well I heard the offices in KL where my other friends did his passport reported to me that it was in a jiffy. So maybe it's just the government in Selangor has something up their sleeves sigh!


Oh yes, guess what? Eileen and I have gathered up a new interest. Wanna know what is it?

Well it's being a bookworm or a nerd. I thought for a while now that since young my parents had been making me read lots and lots of books but I've never fulfilled their wishes but only to end up roaming around or playing games or doing something else apart from reading.

Since age had caught up with me, we guessed it is time for us to bring back "fond memories"

So we decided to buy lots and lots of books to start reading. In one day itself we have gone to both Borders and MPH to buy books. Guess what we've bought?

These are the 6 books we bought for the day to read. We spent like over RM200 on them.

Well these are the entire collection of books I have thus far.

Note: Yes I have finally found back the Cambodia Lonely Planet that someone wanted to borrow for her trip there. So sorry I couldn't find it. I found it in my brother's room one day when I went in there to dig back for some of my old stuff. =.=" bloody thief for a brother huh?

OK OK some of you are not convinced that we can be nerds.... but hey we all have a nerd in us right?



Are you still not convinced? Well, yea we would look more cool and cute people than nerds, but hey, it's the thought that counts right? :p

Lastly, pun for the day, Realized anything wrong with the shape of the fences?

Still don't get it? Hmm... let me show you another one.


What does this shape look like to you? If you still can't guess it, Well just be proud that you're innocent. :p

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Twist of Look?

As most of you know, I have long hair and well I look look a little matured for my age. Hence I decided to keep my hair long until of late. Recently I've became weird and thought to myself I should cut my hair short just to see what comes out of it. Wanna know what's the difference???

I look like this, a cool, macho, long haired freak. Some people may call it ugly some people make turn their heads to get a glimpse to see who I am, Some even felt I SHOULD CUT MY HAIR SHORT.


Evolution has begun.....

Recordedmoments Presents....




Know what? My gf laughed at me sooooo much when she saw me on webcam today. Well she's not the only one, even my friends were like OMG!!!!!

Now I look even younger. Yesterday when I had long hair, I went to had chili's for lunch and ordered Baileys. Guess what happened? THE FRIGGIN WAITER CAME OVER AND ASKED ME FOR MY ID. Maybe I look young so he thought I was under aged. Some people would feel offended when they were asked to present their ID card. But me? I laughed my ass off coz of that incident.

As of now, with this new hair cut, I bet there would be so much more others thinking I'm either 19 or 20 years old now. Should I take it as a compliment or an insult?? I don't know just yet but soon to find out! wahahahaha

I noticed something weird. I look ridiciously like L. Wanna know

This is L on the Right side of the picture.

This is me.... =.=" All I need is a series make up of eye liner and I'm all good

P/S: I blame it on the absinth Eileen got for me from Germany. :p

Sunday, March 09, 2008


You guys must have wondered what happened to me for almost 2 weeks missing in action from my blog. I'm sorry for the suddenly disappearance as I was pretty much busy with loads of things such as accompanying my girl since she's back.

These 2 weeks was really great no doubt it has its ups and downs but hey, nothing's perfect right? It's all about how we take in the bad situations and make the best out of it.

Since Eileen came back, we kinda spent a lot of time together. Basically we've been like apart for like 3 months and I guess taking 2 weeks off from my blogging duty to accompany her isn't such a bad thing after all. No doubt after a few days, her parents returned to KL as well and was kinda anxious to meet up with me.

So then, I went to one of their family get together thing one night and yea to be honest, I was kinda nervous at first while driving to her place. As I reached, I was as calm as the sea and yea apparently I made quite an impression :p well good ones of course! hahaha....

And of course I'm really grateful to have found such a wonderful person. She was very supportive and yes very understanding. Somehow our communication level was far much more better than any other people I have dated and to tell you the truth, I'm surprised myself at us.

Ermm what else? Oh yea, I've been busy with err other personal stuff as well such as gaming! wahahaha and yes it's kinda addictive yet it helps me save money instead of going out of the house and spend them. Seriously it's a good thing in my honest opinion, I spend like RM50 a month playing game at home and just by that I was able to manage to save up a lot from my monthly income.

I have nothing much to update and no pictures as of now but I can promise you guys one thing, I'll be back again shortly with more posts. I'm as of the moment really lacked of inspiration on what to write. I kinda lost it, maybe it's because I have diverted all my attention to our relationship till I have nothing better to whine write about. :p Alrighty then, stay tune for more posts, Take care guys :p

p.s: Here's the couple that had won an award from People's Megazine. Great huh?