Friday, April 24, 2009

What Happened to Recordedmoments???

Dammit it's been so long since I've been able to have any time sparred to write anything in my blog. Work has even come to a point where it's everywhere in my mind.

What should I do???

Never mind, just let me babble something spontaneously just for fucks sake.

As I have read back my older posts, It occurs to me that all my past experience is just a mere recognition of the previous me. I have changed. No doubt in my body size =.=" but as well as the way I start to think.

As people start to age, we would realize that the past us are just mere memories of what we used to be. That's all the reason I've started this blog in the first place.


Back in those days, was never a weekend I would miss hitting the clubs and local bars to have a good time with my mates and all. We could bring ourselves to go all out till the morning sun warmth starts hitting our tired faces. Well not really tired though and furthermore we could continue till the afternoon strikes us and end up scouring the house for a place to rest LOL.


On weekdays, my mates and I will be going out for dinners... realize the plural i placed on dinner? It's mainly coz we could never stop on 1 place for food. Usually we would hop on the car and then start looking for other places for a drink and chill. Now this is what I would call living life on the fast track.

However, when you get older and career starts to prioritize in your mindset, your whole lifestyle completely changes. You would put in so much effort regardless it's emotional, mental or even physical, you would go the extra mile with what you got on your career. This often makes us tired as hell by the time we're off from work.

By the time you reach home, you would feel the weight of your day's labour hovering on your shoulder and you would just call it quits and call it an early night off.

Well this is just my perception. Other reality is well.... we're just getting older LOL

I know some of you would just pfft at me or even laugh at this statement that I do agree I'm getting older. This is what I call life. It's not that I do not enjoy life as I used to anymore but in a way, I'm happy that where my hard work has gotten my career thus far.

It has been fruitful though just I would need a couple more years to be where I actually want to be in the corporate ladder hence I have to act fast :p

Look at where I am now, career wise, I'm a manager...well those days when people see you as a manager, they would go like "Waaa.... good life huh you?"

To be entirely honest with you, being a manager DOES NOT mean that you have a better life than any executives out there. Yes no doubt you get to push people around from time to time, but hey at the end of the day, the higher your position is, the more responsibilities you have to bear on your shoulders.

Like what Spiderman Movie said.... "With great powers comes great responsibilities!"
It's a true fact....Chew on that...