Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Feeling of Depression

Things are so screwed up right now. Nightmares, Stress and most of all, the broken hearted speaks...

A man who has since suffered much,
The test of his patience,
The test of his love.
The waste of his time,
The waste of his money.
So much wasting and so many tests,
So much that its not at all funny.

He tried real hard to make this work.
He tried real hard to make this last.
But you can't move onto the future if you can't let go of the past.
He kept on believing that you were telling the truth,
That you cared for him, and shared everything with him,
But to continue believing this he needs to see the proof.

All that time and all that money,
All spent and now for nothing!
For you chose a different path,
A path my future had decided to pass.

Reasons and excuses that's what you said,
The very likes of you, you made me hate,
So much bashing, so much trashing,
A deadly price you made, it has been paid.

Stubbornness and no reasoning is indeed your game,
The bitter sweet revenge you said? Oh what a shame.
After so much that has been through yet you choose this action,
Left him for good, left him torn and left him shattered,
Girl I ask you, Where's your passion?

You have won, the success is yours
When problem comes, u evade like a horse
Are you happy now? after all this shit?
Hope you have a happy life in this endless pit.
You may feel hated, you may feel vengeance coming you way,
The answer is No, what would he say?
"NO HARD FEELINGS..." just like you said, hey?

Funny eh? I wrote this during my lunch hour today and guess what? Took just so little of my time. Then again of course the first few Verse was written by a friend of mine to me. Thanks loads Rachelle, It speaks out most of the things hidden in my heart.

I guess I would stop writing in this blog for a while. Need some time off, Heck maybe this might be even my last post. Thanks so much guys and girls for having interests in reading up my crap till now. Really appreciate it! Just hope hard that I'll be back on track with blogging soon enough. :) Cheers

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Feeling Patriotic?

Think Again! HAHAHA
Courtesy of BeBe... Sorry she didn't want me to link up her blog.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Latest Collections!

Recently there's this Hoo Haa over a promotion for MBF credit card members. Apparently it's as easy as A B C to get a.......

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All you gotta do is:

A - Sign up for a new MBF card and you can apply to purchase this 37" LCD TV for RM100 x 43 months with 0% interest charge.

B - For existing members, just apply can pay for RM100 x 39 months with 0% interest

C - For existing members as well, Just swipe your card, collect 3 approval codes with the number 5 at the back of the code, redeem your free TV!

It's easy huh? All you have to do is just click HERE to sign up or seek for more details.

I did some survey though, For Samsung LCD TV, just for a 32" costs around RM3999 but this is a 37", specially made for this MBF promotion and you can't get it off the market. In the end I signed up for it as well, It just arrives this morning, Though I'm down with fever, I still managed to pull myself together to wait for the delivery guys to send it over. And I had to clear my room just to occupy the thing. It's huge no doubt but it's very light hahaha for me at least.

So this is how it looked like in my room...

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It's just right in front of my bed! I can watch DVDs or play PS2 while lying comfortably on my bed! Now that's what I call Life ain't it?! hehe

Not only that, As most of you know, recently the movie Transformers is in the local theaters. Well all I could say is I totally got addicted to it! I even bought the action figures. Really expensive but hey I must say it's worth it. Why?

OK! I bought it for like RM280 a piece. I only got Optimus Prime and Megatron.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Optimus Prime is still vastly sold in the local toy store but it's the last of its batch. Rumours has it that the new batch would come in different colour. Not the original. I'm not sure about that but hey, that's what I've heard.

Megatron unfortunately has no more stock in Malaysia. I tried finding it in other stores around but yea, I couldn't find any. Seems like I heard that America had took most of it back as there's not enough stock to be sold there itself. I'm very fortunate to be able to get the very last one in the store!

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What can I say? I only possessed these figurines for like a week now? I had someone offered me RM350 to buy Megatron! I wonder when there's out of stock in Malaysia how much would I be able to earn from selling these stuff to collectors outside. Well, actually I'm contemplating whether to sell it or not myself. Thought of keeping it though but hey, if there's someone who could offer me a good reasonable price, I might sell it off!

Another Item I'm looking forward to get is the ultimate edition of Bumblebee~

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It's a rare item selling for RM300++ but last I checked, someone selling it in for like RM1500~ That's crazy! But I'm just waiting for stock to come in before getting them! Mwahahaha

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Japanese Day Event

Last 2 weeks back there was this event in a friend's Church. It's about getting to know the culture of the Japanese and some of its little ceremonies that they have over there. This event is held in New Life Center... Quite a nice building if I'd say so myself.

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It's quite a nice place, Not very hard to find. No doubt yes I've made a few wrong turns here and there but it ain't so hard! Used to be some sort of industrial building as the insides are pretty huge. Not to mention there's loads of industrial buildings surrounding it.

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These 2 are a lovely couple also known as our hosts. Edwin and Jing

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Yes the lame ol looking me trying to relax myself on my seat. And *SNAP* my colleague took a picture of me. =.="

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OK First lesson is to learn how to do some origami. Nothing fancy, We just ended up folding up balls. And guess what, We had those balls we made look like this. Sorry though for the prop arrangement. LOL It looked so wrong....

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Next lesson is a demonstration of how to make Sushi! Yumm Yumm... His skills look good but then again I'd still prefer Genki for now. LOL His skills though may look good but still an amateur. Sorry mate didn't mean to diss you but it's a good attempt my friend.

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Later on There's this small little section where we can try out Their Yukata and Summer Kimono. My colleagues all wanted to try out the outfit and here goes the me with a camera. This is the Frog.

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And the Pig

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Our hostess for the day. Still trying to act cute! haha

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A group picture we have The Cow, Hostess, Frog and Pig

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The Whole group plus the Tapir in Green. I know I know, you guys would probably think that I'm rude giving people names and so on. But just so you know, They called themselves that. Don't ask my why, It just happens...and they called me a dog and roach too... *sweat*

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Cute eh? I just had to snap this pic. LOL She's a model in the making!

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Yeap, That's me. Knelt down like a true japanese being served by a REAL Japanese woman drinking tea in a Japenes Tea Ceremony

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Later on was dinner time! each of us had a bento box served with delicious Japanese food. We have Teriyaki Chicken, Potato Salad, Egg, Salmon Sashimi and a Ham roll thingie!

Over all the whole event was a good one. Learned some Japanese culture. Well enough to be a half Japanese guy! Half only People! half only! Later we went home feeling pretty much satisfied yet tired. Well it's a good sunday well spent :P

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A Note of Apology

Hey everyone. Sorry for not updating my blog for a while now. Apparently my internet connection at home has some problems hence I was not able to upload any pictures for now. So When there's no pictures, there won't be an interesting blog post to read.

Anyways my life here is kinda hectic. So much work So much stress from people. I just hate my as of now as there's too many shit going on around me.

Oh yes, I had Kai Tan Char last night for dinner. hehe there goes my craving being served. :)

1 more issue, I've been tagged by Dan....LOL but then I've done it before. Refer to this post and you'll know things about me. And no this time around I won't be tagging anyone. Cheers.