Wednesday, December 31, 2008


To Calvin and Evelyn,

Congratulations to both of you! Wish you both great happiness throughout your marriage life.
Yes no doubt there's ups and downs in life but may the 2 of you patch those downs to bring it up again :p

Hehe so there you go, a short post.

Friday, December 26, 2008


Hi All,

Sorry for the late updates; As usual, I've been really stuck with heaps of work till it kinda suck out all the creativity in my mind to post out anything at all.

Don't worry, I have got something in store for all of you. I'll post out the pictures of what happened to me during Christmas eve :p It's really nothing fancy though. Since Eileen isn't in Malaysia this season, I gotta find something to do too right? Can't let myself spend a lonely Christmas, No one should actually ^^

Anyways, I've uploaded some nice songs that I've bought for myself as Christmas gift and now I'm sharing it with you guys.
More songs will be uploaded in time to come so stay tuned.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

2008 Mini Blogger's Gathering

So sorry for the late update on my blog guys. Work has been piling up lately and I don't really have much time for myself except when I'm home.

Usually I would upload those pictures from home but unfortunately, TM Streamyx has really taken a toll on me as well, My connection to the internet intermittently gets disconnected. Last night in order to send a mail to my co worker, I got disconnected like over 7 times. Can you imagine how bad would this get when I upload pictures?

So here I am, slightly eased up in office.... Therefore without further or do, I present to you 2008 Blogger's Gathering Season 2.

Yes again it was held in Marche. The reason for this all is very simple...

1) It's easier to split the bill as we have our own cards to pay at the cahier.
2) The location seems so much better to take pictures with.
3) The voters had voted for the food there. (Though in my personal opinion, the food isn't so great after all)

Was the gathering boring?? Hmm.... let the above picture speaks for itself... LOL

Nah, it wasn't so bad....First we started off by helping our Co host, Evie to put on some make up. Few reasons as well...

1) She was kinda underdessed.
2) We had a surprise for her and that surprise won't really go along with an underdressed person :)

This is how she looks after the make up.

The group of girls , well the early birds though... From the left, Bernice, Evie, Maegen and behind is Eileen

OK So here's the surprise we had for Evie. We kinda understand that she is getting married soon, and she has some shortage of funds, So the girls decided to make her earn her own marriage fund. How you say?

Yeap, that's right! She has to go around asking for donations all over the restaurant. But wait.... She's not just going around empty handed. She has to work on some sales before getting her hands on her money!

Ain't she cute??~~~

This is the whole group that arrived for our humble gathering...

NKwai... a fellow photographer and someone with a good sense of humour.
Oh yea below are the pictures of what our SALES was all about...

And just to think the group is not enough to make the sales quota, Evie had to go around the restaurant to sell her "product"

I bet you guys must be wondering what was she selling right? hehe will let you guys know at the end of this post, so be patient...

Evie, NKwai and Yat... Seriously, special thanks to yat for bringing a huge group of people from nuffnang's innit to join us. :)

Jason Lim and Chen Seng

Hsu Jen and David Hehe our very own "royal shortness"

Our photoshop guru, Chee Ching

Aaron and Stephanie

We also had Chun Lern , Fiona and Eric who participated in our gathering but unfortunately the pictures I took of you guys are blurry so I'm a little embarrassed to put it up... Sorry guys...

Our very own Thomas Yap. And yes this is what Evie was selling around the restaurant, CONDOMS!!! mwahahaha... Good one girls...

Sadly I as the co host wasn't pardon for this goof as well. So I had to particiate to ensure everyone that this is not a rip off. Guys...RM10 for 1 condom isn't expansive...Think Donation...Think Safe... :p

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Post Gathering Syndrome

Sorry for the late post guys. Pictures will be up very soon. I'm still trying to get them uploaded to my email so i can send to everyone >.<

Will do so soon enough so please be patient...

Sekian, Terima Kasih

Monday, November 10, 2008

Mini Blogger's Gathering 2008

That's right. The 2nd Annual Mini blogger's gathering is back on track. We had one last year and it was a bash! This year we're hoping to get to know more of you bloggers out there.

Please do send me an email for a seating reservation. You might want to let me know if you're bringing anyone else apart from yourself if you're going. Bring your gf, bring your friends. It doesn't matter. Just as long as you let me know in advance so I can reserve tables and seats with the restaurant.



Thursday, November 06, 2008

Mini Blogger's Gathering

This invitation is handed out to all of you readers and bloggers who are interested. I'm going to copy and paste the information from Evie's post of gathering....

"As I've posted earlier, we, as in a few kuchi-rat bloggers, would like to have a mini gathering again this year. We have decided to have it on the 21st of November 2008, no, not a early Christmas Edition anymore, more to a normal get together (cos 21st Nov is so damn far away from Christmas). Since we've decided to make it easy-bill-manage, we narrowed down to these two location in PJ.

One, Marche Movenpick The Curve for easy larger seating area with aircond and indoor smoking access for those who smokes plus easier to make early booking for space but with abit of expensive billing. Calvin said this would produce a better photography at the end of the day so...

Two, McDonald's Mutiara Damansara, the one opposite Ikea or Tesco (I think) with cheaper manageable bills and free 24/7 Coke refill, but cannot guarantee if there would be enough seating indoor for everyone unless some seat outside and some seat inside. Furthermore, you can watch Discovery Channel or Football, if there is any on that day, or whichever Astro channel they wanna put on that day.

So there you have the pros and cons of these two area.

We've come up with a poll on our sidebar so that you can choose which area you would prefer to have this gathering. The polling ends this Saturday 12pm so that we could make reservations at Marche just in time (in case if Marche gets the majority votes). So please make your votes now.

To those who are interested to go, you can mark your calendar this 21st November and give your name and contact number to me via email to RSVP a seat. Please RSVP by 15th November 2008. Thanks, and happy polling :P"

So what are you waiting for? instead of email to the above said email address, email to me at

Don't forget to vote yea~

Oh if you want to know how our blogger's gathering went last year, check this out...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Chinese Male needed for Photoshoot.

There will be a bridal shot for a friend of mine. She needs a male to be her partner in the photoshoot session. If there's anyone interested, Please send me an email at attached with a copy of your picture.

Date of the photoshoot is at 26 or 30th of November.

Any age but must look between 27 to 30
Height 175 and above.
MUST be photogenic.

Oh yea, there's no payment for the shoot, merely just a go and get happy event.

Want to see your partner you're gonna shoot with? Here you go....

Monday, November 03, 2008

Something to Lighten Up Your Blue Monday

Blue Monday? Not feeling used to after a relaxing weekend from work? Unlike me, I just checked in to a new job and as I was cleaning up the computer that was used by a guy before me, guess what I've found..

OMG! There really is a place with a name like that... LOL I even have a picture of the previous guy looking it up and print screen it down.

So next time, want to plan a holiday trip? Don't know where to go? Fret no more! just go to the nearest travel agent and book your first air ticket to Fucking....and you know what??
You'll have a Fucking great time!

Friday, October 31, 2008


OK OK Sorry for the long absence. I've been taking 2 weeks break away from work as well as blogging mainly coz right now I'm waiting for my new job to start.

Seriously, there's nothing worth to note down on what has been going on my life for the past 2 weeks apart from sleeping and gaming :) Yes there are occasions where I go out with some of my friends but rest assure, it's very very rare. I'd rather laze at home and wait till the day comes I have to wake up early in the morning for my work :p

OK. Today's topic would be something more general. It's something that is so common that sometimes people tend to forget about it.

Do you not find it ironic that there's a lot of people who keeps telling each other to be contented with what they have? Yet they themselves rarely practice it?

On general, Contentment comes only to those who CHOOSE to be contented with what they have. Some people are so consumed with greed or their own goals that they tend to miss out the best thing that they have right now.

For example: Men or women always complains about their partners or their husband/wife on their bad points. They would say how much their other half does not understand them or does not treasure them. One way to look at it, it's true. BUT think about it this way: Whether you are in good of bad times, have your partner refused to stand by your side? Have they never been your shoulder to cry on? Have they never been your best friend in times of need?

I know I used to be a person who use to take relationships for granted. I am still learning let me assure you that I'm learning each and everyday to build up as a better person to my other half :)

Let's face it, NO ONE'S PERFECT! Never your partner, never your husband/wife, and NEVER will be you. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.

In relationships, there is no such thing as YOU'RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME. Everyone in a relationship CAN and WILL find someone better than you. Your partner CAN and WILL be able to find someone better than you. There's always someone better than someone. So here's the truth...

IT IS HOW CONTENTED YOU ARE in the person you are with now. Everyone can be your MR. or MRS. right. Unless you learn to be contented with what you have now, no matter how many people you date with, they will never be good enough for you.

However speaking about professionalism, we as human these days, our generation, tends to jump from jobs to job. WHY? answer is pretty simple. It's mostly because they want to find a better pay job of a job with a better offer. Look at your parents, or your grandparents, the previous generations can actually stick to a job for over 20-30 years. They would not jump to another job. I'm not saying that there's no better opportunities for them in other companies, It's because they are contented with what they have. Yes they may complain that their job sucks or anything, but at the bottom line, they will stick to the job. Their loyalty is something we won't be able to get these days.

Why is it so?

Is it cause our generation now is so spoiled with choices till the extent we no longer recognize contentment anymore? Or is it mainly due to greed?

Put our parents in being in a relationship...

Divorce is so common these days unlike the older generations. How come our previous generations were able to keep a marriage for so many years but for us, some could even barely maintain a marriage for 3 years.

My honest opinion is mainly due to contentment.... again.... People are so greedy or really do not know how to see and recognize the good things that they have till they tend to go astray.

Let me tell you my story...I learned to be contented with what I have. Some may know what kind of person I used to be. I am somewhat ashamed of myself as well at certain times. But well, every curve is a learning curve right?

I finally learn to be contented with what I have, who I am with. I know that I can rely on this person with whatever trouble I am at. I know she would stand by me. And of course I would act the same on her behalf as well.

Yes in a relationship or marriage, couples do argue. If there's no arguments in a relationship, then you should be worried. Don't run away or break the relationship mainly coz you guys argued. Argument is something that would bind the relationship stronger. Don't give up on your partner. Maybe they have not given up on you yet. Why should you be the one to pull the plug? When you accept him/her to your life, you should be ready to accept that person for his/her goods and bads. Else why would you bother to begin a relationship let alone a marriage?

This is all I have to say now... Please consider what I have said and search for contentment in every situations. Sometimes, things may turn bad, but don't look at the bad points only, the good points are always in the thin silver lining.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Photography Festival 2008

This weekend KL Time Square hosted this year's Malaysia Photography Festival 2008. It's a place similar like PC fair on every 3 months, but this one sells camera, usually DSLR and accessories like lenses and so on. Not only that, There's also a great deal of photography sessions with models and this year around, featuring Amber Chia.

Before you get to see Amber, here's some shot of the amount of photographers on that event taking pictures of models who waltz the stage showing off their pretty face and excellent body :p

When I arrived, there's literally no place for me to stand around the stage. Some even brought ladders to stand from the back and zoom out with their big ass zoom lense. So I decided to take a floor up and snap my pics using my Zoom lense from the first floor.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, AMBER CHIA!!

Forgive me for having an aunty behind Amber's pictures. There's no way I could cut her out coz my lense is only up to 50mm then coz we got a place on the first sitting row :p

Wait.... Apart from Amber there's also other models accompanying her. Unfortunately I do not know their names but I find this next girl pretty good. Though I wondered why she did not smile. Later when she did at the end of the show, I only realized why... She didn't really have a perfect set of teeth LOL

This is another model as well but I just don't know who she is; Sorry guys...

The next model....

After a hectic, hot and stuffy day at the mall, we decided to go home, So Eileen and I left for dinner then I hanged out at her place for a while till I'm tired then heading home... from a eventful day, the least I need is a traffic jam caused by a heavy downpour... =.="