Friday, November 30, 2007

Music Review For The Weekend

Sorry it's been like 3 weeks I think I did not review on any albums. I do have a couple of reasons for that absence though.

1) I was waiting for Static-X Cannibal to release in Malaysia so I can buy it and get some reviews for it.
2) I didn't visit much on music stores to look for new CDs to purchase.
3) I was too busy with events and going outs till I really have no time to sit and evaluate songs.

I have to be honest, Every CD I listen to for review, I make sure I would give in all my concentration to evaluate the songs, 1 by 1. So by doing so, you would be able to really "Feel" the music and the song flows. It's a great experience. Some might know what I'm talking about while listening to a song, but unfortunately, some tone deaf people do have difficulty experiencing that.

So here goes....

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Alter Bridge - BlackBird

Tracks list:

1. Ties That Bind
2. Come To Life
3. Brand New Start
4. Buried Alive
5. Coming Home
6. Before Tomorrow Comes
7. Rise Today
8. Blackbird
9. One By One
10. Watch Over You
11. Break Me Down
12. White Knuckles
13. Wayward One

First, there was Creed then Scott Stapp and the other 3 members went on to form Alter Bridge. Alter Bridge's debut album "One Day Remains" was a very solid album, even better than Scott Stapp's solo album. Mark Tremonti had definitely made better use of his amazing guitar skills, and Myles Kennedy had a vocal range I haven't heard in years. Still, the album basically sounded like Creed with a new singer. 3 years later, the band has found themselves a new record label and new management, and have made the album they wanted to make.

"Blackbird" features 13 songs (15 if you get it at Best Buy). The band has made an album that truly brings back the spirit of rock n' roll, instead of adding to the pool of mainstream rock bands who make radio anthems. The first track "Ties That Bind" kicks things into gear with a fast and heavy verse and an epic chorus. "Come To Life" features a Korn-like guitar sound, which is certainly a new sound from these guys. This is definitely a darker, heavier band than we've seen before. Although it does feature a few radio-friendly tunes like the first single "Rise Today", overall this is more of a hard rock or metal album as opposed to a mainstream rock album. Mark Tremonti is the best guitarist to emerge in the last 10 years, and on this album he makes it obvious. Rather than playing the very polished, melodic and epic sounding riffs, his style is much grittier on this album, very Zakk Wylde esque. Brian Marshall (bass) and Scott Phillips (drums) keep it interesting as well, but obviously it's Mark's guitar work and Myles' singing that will leave you stunned.

I admit that Alter Bridge's first album sounded extremely like Creed, but they've completely dropped any similarities this time around. Rock & Roll is back, even if mainstream music doesn't give these guys the attention they deserve.

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HIM - Venus Doom

Tracks List:

1. Venus Doom
2. Love In Cold Blood
3. Passion's Killing Floor
4. The Kiss Of Dawn
5. Sleepwalking Past Hope
6. Dead Lover's Lane
7. Song Or Suicide
8. Bleed Well
9. Cyanide Sun

Ok, so let me get this straight(after reading reviews on this and previous HIM CDs): This band has 'sold out' because:

1)they are signed to an American label after 8 years as a band(with the 2005 'Dark Light' album) and you no longer have to pay 4x the price for one of their CDs as an import.
2)they are getting played on American radio.
3)they are the first band from Finland to go Gold in America or
4)all of the above?

I honestly don't understand the sell out remarks. All I know is that this band makes good interesting emotional music. So what's the problem? None, in my opinion. Well, just one: their CD booklets aren't that interesting. ha

I think the new CD is great. The biggest difference that I noticed compared to their previous 'sell out'(yes, sarcasm) Dark Light is that there are less keyboards on this new CD and -brace yourself- guitar solos! The riffs are memorable and Ville Valo sings in all the styles you would expect him to. None of the songs remind you of anything off of Dark Light. There's no real toe tappers on here like 'Rip Out The Wings of a Butterfly" and you really need to listen more intently with the new CD. I only wish there were more than 9 songs on it. Oddly, the 10-minute "Sleepwalking Past Hope" is the least interesting song on the CD to me.

I think anyone reviewing this CD needs to listen to it at least half a dozen times before any attempt at a review is made. Each HIM CD I buy I usually have to listen to over and over to really get into because this band sounds like no other band that I listen to and that makes for a truly unique band. You know instantly who it is even if you've never heard the song before. I like bands like that. If you like their other stuff, then this one will be no different in my opinion. If you like the single 'Kiss of Dawn' then that's all you really need to know in deciding to buy this CD. I was hoping for more keyboards after listening to it, because they have a really weird keyboard sound on all of their CDs, but it's still great. They toned down the haunted house/phantom of the opera type keyboards(as I call it) this time around. Maybe that's why everyone is saying 'sell out' cos they sound closer to a more traditional rock band. Nevertheless... great CD.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Another Wedding...Please Stop For This Year!!

Yes 3 weddings to attend in a month. Just the door gift is taking a toll in my financial health. I can't do this anymore! No more weddings please! Not to say I don't feel happy to share this sacred great joy but attending weddings are expensive in KL.

This 3rd wedding is of an ex colleague who left for Canada 5 years ago to persue on his studies. Wallace had finished his studies there and decided to reside in Canada for his career. And guess what, he got his career up and got a wife there too; a Japanese named Chika. Now I know the Word Chika means Chick in Mexican but trust me, She is a hot one. Luck bastard. :P

Anyways, the wedding was held in The Banker's Club in Amoda building at the golden triangle. I've never been to a wedding this luxury in my life before and yes it's a real great experience.

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They even had a pianist playing while we gathered at the main lounge before proceeding into the dining area.

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The cake looks nice too but unfortunately, I don't like to eat cakes. >.< Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Cute couple ain't it? Well after meeting with the couple, we all adjourned to the dining room. Damn it looks nice especially with their settings and all.

They had performers playing music while we consume our grub.

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Looks grand right? The choice of music I have no comments at all but overall this guy is the well better looking one of them all. His skills wasn't really anything to brag about as honestly, I have seen more skillful ones at play.

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This is the menu for the entire dinner banquet.

Overall the whole evening was pleasent. Keeping in touch with old friends / colleagues, oogling over hot chicks. (trust me, they're all entirely out of my league LOL) Some people might get jealous when I said that sentence but hey, don't be ok? I'm not that easily tempted. :P

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gathering on 23rd Nov

Sorry all for the late update. I have been really busy with other stuff especially work and some friend's wedding to organize. It's been hectic, and well I finally had the time to go through my pictures of the gathering and managed to upload it last night.

As most of you might be aware, I did post up a notice of the gathering asking any of you to join in. Well the gathering was a blast, there's a total amount of 26 attendees and we get to meet up with people whom we already know and yet to know. I personally got to know hell a lot of new people there. Interesting indeed.

This might be a LONG post hence I think I should write lesser and post more pictures right? So here goes...

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Yeap we DID had our gathering at Marche as planned :P

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Half of the group arrived and well actually we didn't expect more would turn up. But it's a great thing that they did turn up.

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The babes....well except for that young ass punk from the back. wahahahaha

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There we go...more people arrived

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The group in full

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The small groupie

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Camwhores.... LOL

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More camwhores....

Wanna check out the camwhores in making? LOL Amusingly everyone has a camera. and yea the whole section was all just flashes and clicks and flashes....Damn my eye hurts like hell when I was done there.

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Yeap, that's Mich alright.

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Eugene taking a pic of our most famous camwhore in our time, PE. LOL

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Err..... I'd rather leave this speechless.

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Mich taking a pic of our dear Fattien.

Well all in all We eventually became camwhores. Like it or not, you're there! So hence here's some pics that was taken during the Gift Exchange Ceremony...

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The gifts that was contributed by the attendees

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MICH GOTTEN A CUP!!!! err.... well just being excited, that's all...

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NKwai got the devil in him for his handphone bag/seat/pouch whatever you call those things..

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Fattien and his gift....Walao...such resemblence

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Yea yea, NKwai prefers the pig to the devils....

And here's some random pictures that was taken throughout the event. Well pictures that made us looked stupid LOL

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The sausages are HUGE. Not to mention we had a great time laughing at it. Well, most guys there felt embarrassed of having these sausages longer than theirs...Hahaha

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Spot Evie....Ain't she cute?

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I was suppose to act stupid with PE so she could use this pic to do her tag....looks like she doesn't look that stupid in this picture after all....

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Yes I was ABOUT THIS CLOSE to get raped.... =.="

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I made everyone write down their contacts and their blog so I could send them emails or correspond with them. Oh well, out of 26 people, I only gotten 16 on that sheet. How sad....

After the dinner, we kinda split into 2. Some wanted to head home and well the rest headed to Scarlet for a dance of the night. or probably checking out chicks there, OR probably checking out our chicks flaunt it like they can... Well whichever their reasons may be, We still headed there...

Scarlet was crowded and yes we did not have a table. Yes I got us 3 buckets of beer. Nothing like clubbing without a beer in your hand right? We checked and we dance and we checked again till it's aroudn 2am when scarlet was about to close, we headed to KAYU mamak for a drink. the group disperse very quickly but yet it's all good. All of us went back with satisfaction and Indeed All thanks to Evie and PE's ideas, WE did had a good evening...

Note: I did help out but it's really insignificant. :P And yes I learned how to be HUMBLE.... Wahahahaha

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Small Tagz

Since everyone is making me do tags, I might as well start one. This is something really simple as I really hate long tags....

Here's the rules. All you gotta do is post the most stupid picture of yourself doing the most stupid / lame / weird / embarassing act that someone asked you to pose for a picture. Secondly, Just tag 5 people to do it, Then you're done. OK?!

Wei give face ar! Make sure you do it~ (though I feel I might regret posting mine up =.=" but what the heck...)

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OK so I'm gonna tag:

1) Camwhore PE
2) Evie!!!
3) Jason Phoon
4) Pinksterz
5) Cubie

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Crap I got Tagged Again =.="

And just I thought the era of tagging no longer exists....sigh. some more the tagger Pink says if I don't do it, I'll get smacked by thunder.... =.=" kill me...

List out Top 5 Presents you wish for:
1. BMW M3
2. Simple and peaceful life
3. dunno
4. havent thought of it yet
5. doubt I could get here without getting pass number 3.

The person who tagged you is
Someone who calls me Shrek =.="

Your 5 impressions of him/her
-Basically a shadow (Check her display on her blog)
-Semi Necrophilis wahahaha
-Fun to chat with
-knows how to manja
-knows how to jual mahal also =.=

Most memorable things he/she has done for you
Calling me shrek? =.="

The most memorable words he/she has said to you
pinksterz: yes u must do the tag
pinksterz: or else look out for the thunder tho'
pinksterz: =d

If he/she becomes your lover, you will
Fearful. she's somewhat a witch that has magical powers

If he/she becomes your lover, what they have to improve on will be
Bully lesser?

If he/she become your enemy, you will
MSN Block. Stop sending pringles and ribena to egypt :P

If he/she become your enemy, the reason will be

Pass this quiz to 10 people that you wish to know how they feel about you
1. Creative Bitch
2. Samantha Poh
3. JP
4. J
5. Pig Angel
6. Cubie
7. Mich
8. Jason Eng
9. NKWai
10. SlowCatchupKuan

1. Who is No.7 having a relationship with?
Dunno wor. Need to ask her first

2. Who is No. 9 having a relationship with?
His camera.

3. If No. 9 and 10 are together, will it be a good thing?
HAHAHA both into photography. I bet the whole house would be filled with pictures...

4. What about No. 1 and 5?
Negative with Negative....cannot cannot....

5. What is No. 3 studying?
Studying about open relationships in brisbane....happening fella

6. When is the last time you chatted with No. 6?
This morning. Wishing her safe journey to Singapore

7. Does No.4 work?
Yeap. Doing ok ok ler....been a while since I catched up with him though

8. Does No. 8 have any cousin in his/her own school?

9. Will you woo No. 8?
I'm not Gay.... =.="

10. How about No. 5?

11. Does No. 2 have any siblings?
Nope....I think

12. How did you get to know No. 3 and No. 4?
No.3 is through blogging. No.4 is a mate whom I used to hang out with when I was free from work :P

13. Where does No.1 live at?
Somewhere in Kuching, Somewhere in Miri, Somewhere in Kuching, Somewhere in Miri, Somewhere in Kuching, Somewhere in Miri, Somewhere in Kuching, Somewhere in Miri,

14. How you get to know No.2?
Well was out with one blogger friend then she bumped to Sam, then she introduced me to her.

15. Is No. 5 the sexiest person in the world?
errr.....I'll refrain myself from going there


First off, let me apologize for the "Long time no posts" stunt that I pulled off for the 1 week. I've been pretty busy with events planning, helping out in friend's weddings, socializing with people and so on. I did not even have the time to lay back at home and rest. Goodness I can actually feel my energy being drained away so quickly...

I was having a drink with a friend last night and we were talking about life and how it goes round and round and round and round. There was this topic that I touched that reminded me of an aspect of life that we should get back to the basics.

Let's face it, in relationships, it comes and goes. Often it's due to us as mere human's fault that we tend to mess things up or complicate the whole bond between two people. There's lots of people or your friends would go around preaching to you on what you should do when you ARE in a relationship or BEFORE stepping into one. Yes indeed I must admit it's fun to go through a relationship with someone and it really changes your lifestyle.

Sweet is the feeling of waking up in the morning knowing you are loved and great is the acknowledgement to find out you have someone to care for.


When a relationship turns sour, when it finally leads to a dead end where there is no return. What would you do? Are these phrases below sound all too familiar too you?

- Don't worry, Be happy.
- There's plenty of fish in the sea. Why drown because of one fish?
- Be strong ok? If you need anything, just ask.
- He/She's not worth your time.
- Learn to let go.

Familiar Eh?

People just would end up absorbing their own sadness. They would resolve to self pity. I don't really understand why but in a way it's really bringing harm to themselves. Yes, we sometimes lose control over our own feelings but it is how we control our feelings that makes us a stronger person no?

Here's something different:

Let's illustrate relationships as DOORWAYS. In our life, we have different doors opening oppotunities of different kinds to us. Many a times we're too self absorbed in our own sadness when our relationship with someone ends and would caused us mourning in front of that closed door. Doors that are closed would rarely open again for a second chance. Face it, Life is cruel!

But have you thought of this? When a door is closed in front of you, there would be other doors of opportunities open for you to experience. But often as it is, Human would stay put focusing on that closed door and we would often miss out the other opened doors for us to experience. Who knows? You might actually miss out the right one for you. Right?

I'm not saying when your door is closed, start jumping and look for other doors immediately. It's good to stay at that closed door for a moment of time to reflect of your wrong doings (maybe) or theirs. Reflect back where had gone wrong and make improvements from there before you start seeking for a new door.

I have met with people who stayed on that closed door for years and years and refuse to budge. Give yourself a second chance. Everyone deserves it but it's just too normal that people refuse to give them. I made mistakes myself, I screwed up relationships myself. Does that mean I should be sentenced to deathrow because of my mistakes? Hey, I'm not an angel, I'm not perfect. Merely a human as it is I do make mistakes from time to time. Everyone's equal too.

So to close this entry, Give life a chance, Give LOVE a chance. Well, 2nd chances if need be. But do remember that we are mere human, and in throughout this life of yours, There will be lots and lots of people walking in and out of your life. Don't just fix your eye on one door when it closes. Keep a lookout. Some people may say that is called faithfulness. On a certain degree, I agree with you but not to an OVER faithfulness. That would lead to stupidity. :)

Friday, November 09, 2007

Early Christmas Gathering

Please click on image to view larger

Our Legendary Evie and Princess Eileen is planning on having this early christmas gathering. Venue most likely going to be at Marche Movenpick.

Date would be as above said. Please do let me know if you're interested. :) Thanks

Wo Men Zhe Li Hai You Yu

Can someone explain the meaning of the lyrics of this song? It's the first song in my playlist. Somehow I like this song very much due to the melody. Unfortunately as a Banana myself, I can't read chinese characters and let alone understand them =.=

I think I have figured out the chords for the guitar to play this song but unfortunately I don't know the meaning of it. It's not good to learn how to sing for people when you don't know the meaning right?

Imagine, you, singing a sad song for someone at their wedding =.=" You'd probably get kicked out of the ceremony...

Note: Banana in the term of chinese means a chinese who can't read chinese charaters, yellow in the outside, white inside.

我們這裡還有魚 - 黃大煒/謝霆鋒/游鴻明/黃中原

wo yi wei dong tian shi zui mei li de ji jie

leng leng di xi bian hai you ni hai you yu zai shui li

鋒︰一堆堆很自在 一對對很相愛 讓人想到未來
yi dui dui hen zi zai yi dui dui hen xiang ai rang ren xiang dao wei lai

明/原︰是不是你也和我一起在尋找 那種魚只有幸福的人看得到
shi bu shi ni ye he wo yi qi zai xun zhao na zhong yu zhi you xing fu di ren kan de dao

明/鋒︰誰用愛去擁抱 它就在周圍繞 陪你一直到老
shei yong ai qu yong bao ta jiu zai zhou wei rao pei ni yi zhi dao lao

wo zhi dao zhe xie ri zi ni yao cheng dan duo shao ai shang

cai ke yi mian dui po sui di meng xiang

wo xiang xin na me duo di guan xin zong hui dai lai xi wang

bie wang le wo men zhe li hai you yu

明/原︰是不是你也和我一起在尋找 那種魚只有幸福的人看得到
shi bu shi ni ye he wo yiqi zai xun zhao na zhong yu zhi you xing fu di ren kan de dao

鋒︰誰用愛去擁抱 它就在周圍繞
shei yong ai qu yong bao ta jiu zai zhou wei rao

pei ni yi zhi dao lao

重唱 *

#合︰在這裡沒有風浪不會搖晃 不再心慌 當黑夜過去總會有陽光
zai zhe li mei you feng lang bu hui yao huang bu zai xin huang dang hei ye guo qu zong hui you yang guang

我陪你找個池塘蓋間平房忘掉哀傷 給自己一個有魚的地方
wo pei ni zhao ge chi tang gai jian ping fang wang diao ai shang gei zi ji yi ge you yu di dei fang

重唱 #,#,#

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I'm Sorry, I Just Have To Do This...

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This happened also on Friday. Dinner to be exact. I was asked by another group of colleagues to head to Pavilion (the new mall) to try out this particular Japanese food chain. Apparently they have this restaurant too in Singapore and the branch in Pavilion is the first in Malaysia.

Honestly, I thought the price of this place would be a killer. I did not bring much cash that day coz I was too lazy to withdraw money from the office ATM machine. It charges me RM1 coz I'm taking money out from a different bank. Useless policy...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Overall the environment looks classy. As usual, the moment you step in a Japanese restaurant, the whole place would bark greet you welcome. Designs of the place looks pretty much comfortable and it is comfy as well. :)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Not to mention the conveyor belt for the sushi dishes are very very long. and yea the varieties of sushi in there is WAY more than Genki or Sushi King. (I still like Oh Sushi by the way) Price wise for the sushi plates are reasonable. They have from RM2, RM4, RM6 and RM8. Same like any sushi stores except for Yo! Sushi. Trust me. NEVER EVER go there. It's in Pavilion too but the price is like CRAZY! Starting sushi price is from RM3, RM6, RM9. Even for a green tea they charge you for RM5.

So here's what we ordered...

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I ordered this Tempura Soba. Just normal plain noodles with a piece of Tempura flour on top. Taste wise is pretty good. But of course I would love it better if it's Ramen instead of Soba. This restaurant only makes Soba or Udon. Nothing more nothing less...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

We got the Half Curry Udon as well. Not bad though. Rich of curry smell and yet not too spicy.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
This is a whole piece of Soft shell Crab. It carries a little spicy taste and yes the crab is still crispy inside. Definitely a good recommendation.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Oh yes, This restaurant has quite a lot of lobster salad sushi or hand rolls. Like this one above is called crispy salad lobster roll. Any of you have never tried eating lobsters before I think this would be a good place to start. Cheap and affordable Mwahahaha....

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
See the Inari beancurd there? It's filled with lobster salad filling as well. Dam I must tell you they taste good. The one of your left is Something Salmon something! (LOL sorry i kinda forgotten the names. All too fancy with em)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
And the hand roll you see, it's another one of their lobster salad variety.

Lastly after consuming what I think is 1/4 of the restaurant, We found something in the menu that triggered our curiosity. The Tempura Ice cream..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I was thinking like "How the hell they're gonna fry tempura all over the ice cream?" Guess I got the answer moments later when I see they actually DID fry the ice cream. It's hot and crispy outside yet cool and creamy inside. Definitely a good try.

Overall the place makes a good dine out place with your friends and families. But if you want a romantic and quiet place, I doubt this would be ideal. You don't want to have the whole restaurant barking greeting at people when they enter WHEN YOU TRY TO PROPOSE TO YOUR GIRLFRIEND right? hahaha

After consuming all the food we had, It was the best time for us to start turning in for the night like this:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Side Note: Apologies for the bad photography. I'm only using my mobile phone that day as I did not see such events coming that requires a camera. I mean c'mon! who would bring their DSLR everywhere they go right?