Thursday, July 30, 2009

Perth Pics .... Day 3

OK first part of the day we took a full day tour to the Pinnacles desert. On the way we stopped by Cavernsham Wildlife park to meet up with the cute fuddly wuddly animals :p

First off, the Kangaroo

This is a baby Wombat... Looks cute huh?

Then the Koala...

The Tasmanian Devil.....

It was a pretty short trip in the park but hey at least we get to be up close to the animals and play with them.... then we soon head on to our desert journey. And we stopped by for a while to have lunch. We got Lobster for lunch...well half a lobster >.<

The desert looks nice right? It looks pretty hot but I assure you, it's really not that bad. :p

Later we went on to Lancester to ride on the Sand dunes...there's like a 4WD ride as well as sand boarding on the dunes....It's really fun, but walking up the hills of sand to slide down...well lets just say it took my breath away.... LITERALLY!

When they dropped us back during the night in the city, We walked around and found this restaurant that sells exotic food. We read about it in Lonely Planet. Somehow I'm too chicken to try their exotic food... They have like Crocodile meat, Kangaroo meat, Emu Fillet, and so on...So what I had?


Red Snapper!! damn it's really fresh...

Crocodile meat :p that's Eileen mwahahaha

That's all for day 3. Next up will be our last day in Perth... So sad :(

Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 2 at Perth

Day 2 is where we had our exploration over at the city itself. Our mode of transport, well our feet. The weather is really cooling to walk unlike in Malaysia where the moment you take a 5 minutes walk, you start to sweat like a pig.

We spent one whole day walking and it totaled up a sum of 16km of walk that day... Eileen's mobile phone has this thing to detect how many steps taken per day and the miles walked.

Pretty looking mall, but hey the sky is sooooo beautiful!

Oh yea, as we walked around the city, there's these little stuff on the floor for us to read and to solve some puzzle quiz....I never solved any =/

City hall!

It's the supreme court of Perth. Sitting just at a corner of a huge park

The famous Bell tower of Perth

Dunno where is it, but somewhere in Barrack Street.

The Perth Mint....

Don't ask.....Just... don't....

This walk is the one killing me, walking up hill, up to King's Park... there's a balcony though to be able to see the whole of the city. Looks wonderful huh?

See how beautiful the park is....Malaysia....PFFT....

Memorials for the soldiers died during the World War.


That's it for now... Will post in more pictures....2 more days worth of pics....
Stay tuned.