Friday, February 27, 2009

Za Dao....

My GF told me a joke today.... and this is how it went...

GF: Hey you wanna hear a joke or not?
Me: What?
GF: In China got a lot of people ma........ *silent*
Me: ...... wow .......

Both end up laughing happily ever after.

Sekian Terima Kasih...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Personality based on a Company's Predictive Index Test.

Last week I had to take a PI test from a company to evaluate my personality for a job and here's the result that I've gotten...

Strongest Behavior

Calvin's PI Pattern has a very narrow width, so his behaviors are moderate in their expression.

While moderate, Calvin will most strongly express the following behaviors:

  • Relatively quick in connecting to others; he's reasonably open and sharing of himself. Builds and leverages relationships to get work done.
  • Fluent, enthusiastic, and comparatively frequent in communication; a motivator who pays attention to others' point of view.
  • Collaborative; works with and through others. focused on team cohesion, dynamics and interpersonal relations.
  • Productivity in driving to reach his goals while moving in a faster-than-average pace. Inquisitive about the world around him.
  • Relatively independent in taking action on his own ideas. Resourcefully works around most obstacles blocking completion of what he wants to accomplish.
  • Eager of results, his drive is for swift implementation. He works best in fast-paced environments offering a variety of activities, rather than routines.

Calvin is a very congenial, friendly communicator, affable, poised, capable of projecting enthusiasm and warmth, and motivating others.

An intense person, he works at a fast pace with emphasis on getting things done by working cooperatively with and through people. He understands people well, and uses that understanding effectively in motivating and persuading others to do what needs to be done to achieve the organization's goal.

Calvin is a dedicated team worker who will dependably function within the framework of plans and policies decided upon and expressed by company management. He is collaborative by nature, and works to control risks by ensuring input from others on decisions that are outside of established policies. When making such unusual, or risk decisions, he will work with trusted advisors, subject-matter experts, or management leadership to make a well-accepted, well-researched decision.

Calvin derives satisfaction from bringing out of the best in others and takes pride in contributing to the business' success in that way. at ease and self-assured with groups, Calvin is capable of selling the company's policies and values. While he will delegate subordinates, he will also follow up closely and carefully and in a friendly and helpful manner.

Quick and accurate in handling details as long as they are only an intermittent aspect of his work, he will become impatient and less effective if frequently required to work with repetitive routines.

Management Style
As a manager of people or projects, Calvin will be:

  • Focused on guiding his team to achieve predetermined company goal, in a friendly, driven, and proactive manner
  • Amenable to delegating authority and details to trusted employees; his follow-up will be quick, helpful, and close ensuring that both his personal standards and company's standards have been followed and met.
  • Proactive in bringing his ideas forward; takes action on them only after gaining agreement with key colleagues and/or proof that they'll be successful.
  • Collaborative in approach; he's eager to gather input from others, and is open to their viewpoints, but will be unlikely to go against proven solutions.
  • Cautious with risky decisions; he will defer to management, colleagues, or trusted advisors to mitigate risk and ensure agreement before moving forward.
  • A lively, positive, and genuine company spokesperson.

Selling Style
As a salesperson, Calvin will be:

  • Congenial and persuasive - focused on building a solid, trusting relationship with his customers - concerned about saying and doing the right thing.
  • Motivated in working with and through others to facilitate the sale; confident in his abilities to persuade and influence others when following a proven sales method.
  • Thoughtful in what he does, says, and communicates to the prospect - concerned about risking the relationship; cautious not to over-commit.
  • Sincere - will speak and present information in a logical and organized manner.
  • Confident in selling in ways that are proven to work; reluctant to 'think on his feet,' preferring to be well prepared and follow a predefined plan.

Management Strategies
To maximize his effectiveness, productivity, and job satisfaction, consider providing Calvin with the following:

  • Clear defination of his responsibility, authority, and organizational relationships
  • Specific training in his job.
  • Opportunities of involvement, interaction, and communication with people as a major aspect of his work.
  • Assurance of support and guidance of management, trusted advisors, or his team, particularly during periods of change or new developments.
  • Social and status recognition as reward for achievement and demonstrated of team spirit.

Wow. So much to type. This particular Acrobat file can't be copied and paste....kanasai...
All I have to say about the result is...

BOOYAH!!! Mun lei sei mei... :p