Monday, March 16, 2009


Has romance become such a desperate thing for us nowadays?

Even in Matta fair there are agencies trying to hook people up together.
This proves that people in the city these days concentrates too hard on work and literally have no time for a little romance or even a little fun.

Or could we look at another angle and say that the companies we work for these days are giving us more and more jobs until we couldn't finish therefore we utterly have no time for socializing with others.

Hmm really something to ponder....

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Za Dao pt.2

There was once Eileen and I were watching a movie on DVD and here goes our conversation...

Me: Tomorrow...... *Silent*
Eileen: *waiting for answer for about 10 mins* Are you going to continue that sentence?
Me: Did I say anything?
Eileen: You said tomorrow..... then nothing already.
Me: Really ah? wow... I didn't know I said anything at all...

I was suppose to say something however, The movie caught my attention and made me forget what I wanted to say...

Very good example of my short term memory lost.... >.<