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7 Deadly Sins

The seven deadly sins, also known as the capital vices or cardinal sins, are a classification of vices that were originally used in early Christian teachings to educate and instruct followers concerning (immoral) fallen man's tendency to sin. The Roman Catholic Church divided sin into two principal categories: "venial", which are relatively minor, and could be forgiven through any sacrament of the Church, and the more severe "capital" or "mortal" sins, which, when committed, destroyed the life of grace, and created the threat of eternal damnation unless either absolved through the sacrament of confession, or otherwise forgiven through perfect contrition on the part of the penitent. Beginning in the early 14th century, the popularity of the seven deadly sins as a theme among European artists of the time eventually helped to ingrain them in many areas of Christian culture and Christian consciousness in general throughout the world. One means of such ingraining was the creation of the mnemonic SALIGIA based on the first letters in Latin of the seven deadly sins: Superbia, Avaritia, Luxuria, Invidia, Gula, Ira, Acedia.[1]

Listed in the same order used by both Pope Gregory the Great in the 6th Century AD, and later by Dante Alighieri in his epic poem The Divine Comedy, the seven deadly sins are as follows: Luxuria (extravagance, later lust), Gula (gluttony), Avaritia (greed), Acedia (sloth), Ira (wrath, more commonly known as anger), Invidia (envy), and Superbia (pride). Each of the seven deadly sins has an opposite among the corresponding seven holy virtues (sometimes also referred to as the contrary virtues). In parallel order to the sins they oppose, the seven holy virtues are chastity, abstinence, temperance, diligence, patience, kindness, and humility.

The identification and definition of the seven deadly sins over their history has been a fluid process and the idea of what each of the seven actually encompasses has evolved over time. This process has been aided by the fact that they are not referred to in either a cohesive or codified manner in the Bible itself, and as a result other literary and ecclesiastical works referring to the seven deadly sins were instead consulted as sources from which definitions might be drawn. Part II of Dante's Divine Comedy, Purgatorio, has almost certainly been the best known source since the Renaissance.

Wrath - Wrath may be described as inordinate and uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger. These feelings can manifest as vehement denial of the truth, both to others and in the form of self-denial, impatience with the procedure of law, and the desire to seek revenge outside of the workings of the justice system (such as engaging in vigilantism) and generally wishing to do evil or harm to others. The transgressions borne of vengeance are among the most serious, including murder, assault, and in extreme cases, genocide. (See Crimes against humanity.) Wrath is the only sin not necessarily associated with selfishness or self interest (although one can of course be wrathful for selfish reasons, such as jealousy). Dante described vengeance as "love of justice perverted to revenge and spite".

Envy - Like Greed, Envy is characterized by an insatiable desire; they differ, however, for two main reasons. First, Greed is largely associated with material goods, whereas Envy may apply more generally. Second, those who commit the sin of Envy desire something that someone else has which they perceive themselves as lacking. Dante defined this as "love of one's own good perverted to a desire to deprive other men of theirs." In Dante's Purgatory, the punishment for the envious is to have their eyes sewn shut with wire, because they have gained sinful pleasure from seeing others brought low. Thomas Aquinas described Envy as "sorrow for another's good"

Pride - In almost every list Pride is considered the original and most serious of the seven deadly sins, and indeed the ultimate source from which the others arise. It is identified as a desire to be more important or attractive than others, failing to give compliments to others though they may be deserving of them, and excessive love of self (especially holding self out of proper position toward God). Dante's definition was "love of self perverted to hatred and contempt for one's neighbor." In Jacob Bidermann's medieval miracle play, Cenodoxus, Pride is the deadliest of all the sins and leads directly to the damnation of the famed Doctor of Paris, Cenodoxus. In perhaps the most famous example, the story of Lucifer, Pride was what caused his Fall from Heaven, and his resultant transformation into Satan. Vanity and Narcissism are prime examples of this Sin. In the Divine Comedy, the penitent were forced to walk with stone slabs bearing down on their backs in order to induce feelings of humility.

Gluttony - Derived from the Latin gluttire, meaning to gulp down or swallow, gluttony is the over-indulgence and over-consumption of anything to the point of waste. In the Christian religions, it is considered a sin because of the excessive desire for food, or its withholding from the needy.[1]

Depending on the culture, it can be seen as either a vice or a sign of status. Where food is relatively scarce, being able to eat well might be something to take pride in (although this can also result in a moral backlash when confronted with the reality of those less fortunate). Where food is routinely plentiful, it may be considered a sign of self control to resist the temptation to over-indulge.

Early Church leaders (e.g., Thomas Aquinas) took a more expansive view of gluttony (Okholm 2000), arguing that it could also include an obsessive anticipation of meals, and the constant eating of delicacies and excessively costly foods.[2] He went so far as to prepare a list of six ways to commit gluttony, including:

Praepropere - eating too soon
Laute - eating too expensively
Nimis - eating too much
Ardenter - eating too eagerly
Studiose - eating too daintily
Forente - eating too fervently

Greed - Greed is, like Lust and Gluttony, a sin of excess. However, Greed (as seen by the Church) applied to the acquisition of wealth in particular. St.Thomas Aquinas wrote that Greed was "a sin against God, just as all mortal sins, in as much as man condemns things eternal for the sake of temporal things." In Dante's Purgatory, the penitents were bound and laid face down on the ground for having concentrated too much on earthly thoughts. "Avarice" is more of a blanket term that can describe many other examples of sinful behavior. These include disloyalty, deliberate betrayal, or treason, especially for personal gain, for example through bribery. Scavenging and hoarding of materials or objects, theft and robbery, especially by means of violence, trickery, or manipulation of authority are all actions that may be inspired by greed. Such misdeeds can include Simony, where one profits from soliciting goods within the actual confines of a church.

Lust - Lust is usually thought of as involving obsessive or excessive thoughts or desires of a sexual nature. Unfulfilled lusts sometimes lead to sexual or sociological compulsions and/or transgressions including (but obviously not limited to) sexual addiction, adultery, bestiality, and rape. Dante's criterion was "excessive love of others," which therefore rendered love and devotion to God as secondary. However, lust and love are two different things; while a genuine, selfless love can represent the highest degree of development and feeling of community with others in a human relationship, Lust can be described as the excessive desire for sexual release. The other person can be therefore seen as a "means to an end" for the fulfillment of the subject's desires, and becomes thus objectified in the process. In Purgatorio, the penitent walks within flames to purge himself of lustful/sexual thoughts.

Sloth - More than other sins, the definition of Sloth has changed considerably since its original inclusion among the seven deadly sins. In fact it was first called the sin of sadness. It had been in the early years of Christianity characterized by what modern writers would now describe as melancholy: apathy, depression, and joylessness — the last being viewed as being a refusal to enjoy the goodness of God and the world He created. Originally, its place was fulfilled by two other aspects, Acedia and Sadness. The former described a spiritual apathy that affected the faithful by discouraging them from their religious work. Sadness (tristitia in Latin) described a feeling of dissatisfaction or discontent, which caused unhappiness with one's current situation. When St. Thomas Aquinas selected Acedia for his list, he described it as an "uneasiness of the mind," being a progenitor for lesser sins such as restlessness and instability. Dante refined this definition further, describing Sloth as being the "failure to love God with all one's heart, all one's mind and all one's soul." He also described it as the middle sin, and as such was the only sin characterised by an absence or insufficiency of love. In his Purgatorio, the slothful penitents were made to run continuously at top speed.

The modern view of the vice, as highlighted by its contrary virtue zeal/diligence, is that it represents the failure to utilize one's talents and gifts. For example, a student who does not work beyond what is required (and thus fails to achieve his or her full potential) could be labeled 'slothful'.

Current interpretations are therefore much less stringent and comprehensive than they were in medieval times, and portray Sloth as being more simply a sin of laziness, of an unwillingness to act, an unwillingness to care (rather than a failure to love God and His works). For this reason Sloth is now often seen as being considerably less serious than the other sins.

*Note: These definations were taken from Wikipedia as they have the best defination that even I could not give. :)

So all in all, A friend took this test and somehow triggered my own curiousity. Hence I took that damn test as well hehe. So wanna see the results?

Your Deadly Sins

Wrath: 60%

Envy: 20%

Pride: 20%

Gluttony: 0%

Greed: 0%

Lust: 0%

Sloth: 0%

Chance You'll Go to Hell: 14%

You will die, but first you will turn into an evil robot.

So chances of me going to hell ain't that bad. I still get to be myself first before I die. Wait. Am I such a bad person in a way? 60% on wrath?? wow....
Their remarks are kinda entertaining. You will die, (DOH!) but you will turn into an evil robot...I was like o.O? Robot?? You mean like transformers? hmmm. Not that bad being a decepticon as most of them look cool. Autobots are slightly on the square shape though. So yea I'm still ok with it. :)

Friday, October 26, 2007

2 More Reviews on the Road

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Jack Johnson - On and On

Track Listing:

1. Times Like These
2. The Horizon Has Been Defeated
3. Traffic In The Sky
4. Taylor
5. Gone
6. Cupid
7. Wasting Time
8. Holes To Heaven
9. Dreams Be Dreams
10. Tomorrow Morning
11. Fall Line
12. Cookie Jar
13. Rodeo Clowns
14. Cocoon
15. Mediocre Bad Guys
16. Symbol In My Driveway

Jack Johnson has a very mellow tone that is very enjoyable to listen to. I was actually kind of surprised by how calming and relaxing this music is. This music is really hard to categorise, because it touches of many different genres. It's all blended together, and I can't really fit it into a category and blatantly label it "rock" or whatever. Sometimes there's even a Hawaiin vibe to some of the songs (which is probably because Johnson is from Hawai'i). I think that's part of the charm of Jack Johnson.

The whole CD is almost completely played on acoustic guitars (so if you don't like acoustic stuff, I would not suggest this!). Jack Johnson is great at writing riffs for guitars, and he has some mad guitar skills!

The highlights of the CD included "The Horizon Has Been Defeated", "Taylor", "Gone", "Cupid", "Dreams Be Dreams", "Holes to Heaven", and "Cookie Jar". Some of the songs are shorter than the average 3 to 4 minute song, but hey, they still sound good, so it doesn't matter.

For me personally, this is a lot different from other things I listen to. (Toad the Wet Sprocket, matchbox twenty, Better Than Erza, Chevelle, etc. has a much different vibe than Jack Johnson!) I think that even if you are used to listening to a "louder" kind of rock, you would still like this album. It's just plain good, so go out and get it! Everytime I listen to this CD, I find another reason to like it. I can't describe how great it feels to listen to "On and On", so you'll just have to buy it for yourself and find out.

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DJ Tiesto - Just Be

Track Listing:

1. Forever Today
2. Love Comes Again (feat. BT)
3. Traffic
4. Sweet Misery
5. Nyana
6. UR (feat. Aqualung)
7. Walking On Clouds (feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw)
8. A Tear In The Open
9. Just Be (feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw)
10. Adagio For Strings

I got this CD at tower records the other day. It's a special 2 Disc CD and was imported from Taiwan. Apparently he did a Taiwan version and published this album worldwide.

Tiesto, one of the world's most popular DJs, tries to broaden the playing field with his second artist record Just Be. Mostly self-written (except for the BT collaboration "Love Comes Again" and a remix of Samuel Barber's "Adagio For Strings"), his disc goes for transcendence right from the start with an earnest, uplifting string arrangement on "Forever Today." He keeps reaching, alternating dense-but-danceable new material with a few recent remixes ("Nyana" and "Traffic"), and vocalist Kirsty Hawkshaw provides a blissful vocal on the soaring "Walking On Clouds." Yet dance floor Nirvana stays well out of range. By focusing so heavily on trying to evolve, Tiesto neglects his bread and butter: the build. Live, crowds froth at the mouth for his next beat to drop, and while that hot energy is not necessarily the goal here (check 2003's mix record Nyana for that), a better flow would help this record considerably. Though offering ready-to-remix parts, the whole of Just Be is too impatient to sound deep and forgets to let the peaks come naturally.

But overall the whole album isn't that bad after all. It has its hiccups yes but well if you're a die hard fan for Tiesto, I suppose it's going to work for you as well.

*Note: Some people had complained to me that my reviews are slightly too long therefore it made it hard for people to go through. So this time around, I'll make it just as short as it can be. :)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

ARGH!!! This Thing is Killing Me~

5 days already. It's been 5 long days!!! A friend sent me a file the other day, well a quiz actually. I was kinda bored at work so I was thinking, why not? Let's do this. Bring it on! you know? Little did I know that the quiz is cursed. It has a spell where when you played it, you'll get frustrated and addicted to it at the very same time!

It's a Logo Quiz.

You have to guess the logo and write it down below the picture. It's pretty simple as you see, the whole excel sheet will calculate your points and there you go, you're in the game.

Problem is I got stuck at some logos and I can't seem to place em. I tried to Google them, Yahoo them but still to no avail. Even to the extent where whenever I go, I would pierce my eyes through every logo I could come across to. It's pretty addictive and it's really killing me that I can't find some answers...


Just let me know if any of the blank spot logos that I did not fill in, you know. That could help me a lot!!!

Any Mr or Mrs or Miss smartie pants know any of these logos? Please let me know k?
Below are some seperate ones that I find familiar that I just don't know where to place it.

Oh yes, Anyone wanna play this game, just send me an email and I'll forward it to you. But remember, Be careful what you wish for.

Monday, October 22, 2007

English Grammar

English is a very weird form of language. In 1 wrong twist of word or even grammar, the whole sentence will literally get screwed.. Don't believe me?? Try these few scenarios...

Case Study 1:

Girl: Today I came in to office today and I got a bit wet.
Me: Huh?!! O.o?? Do you know it sounded wrong when you said that?
Girl: I know it sounded funny but I don't understand what does it mean. But I know if you look at me that way means it's something perverted.
Me: =.=" (yes she is THAT innocent)

Case Study 2:

Ron: Does your son love dinosaurs?
Boss: Yes. That is the only thing he talks about.
Ron: What would you say? I bring him to the museum of natural history after opening hours. Just the both of us and he can touch anything he wants and do anything he likes there.
Boss: O.o?!!!
Ron: I just heard what you heard but it sounded wrong somewhere...Let me start over. I'm a paleontologist. I work in the museum. I could bring your son around to see the museum and touch the fossils and the bones there after opening hours
Boss: *Sigh of relief*

Moral of the story is BE WATCHFUL WHEN YOU SPEAK ENGLISH. Make sure you speak them correctly as it may turn out into a disaster. You wouldn't want that when you're going on a hot date now would you?

Friday, October 19, 2007

Another Week, Another Review

Well, I'm back again with 2 more new albums to review. Unfortunately past few posts have been kinda trivial and yea well do let me know if there's anything I could do better. :)

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I have been listening to KoRn from way back since their first album. Their music has definitely changed since the album Issues. And yea a lot of people had sort of stop listening to them due to the music changed. I on the other hand stood on, download bought their albums and yea finally they came out with an album that made me feel, HEY KoRn's BACK!

First let me comment on my feelings on previous KoRn Albums. The first KoRn Album brilliant, Life Is Peachy almost as brilliant, Follow The Leader? Back to being as Brilliant as their first album. Then came Issues...While a few songs I did like on that album. I must say that album was absolute crap. At that point I had gotten tired of Johnathan Davis's familiar voice and trite lyrics. A 3rd grade could have wrote that crap. Then came Untouchables...While yes this was better than Issues, it was no masterpiece. It had good songs, but again it fell short of spectacular. But It made me regain some faith in the band. Then came Take A Look In The Mirror. This album was harder than the past few previous albums, and I considered this one of the better recent efforts. Then came See You On The Other Side. This album had a different flow about it, some industrial sounds were mixed in and overall a pretty good effort. Now onto this record. I consider this record a fresh glass of Ice Water, and a breath of fresh air.

KoRn seems to have come to something of a crossroads––move forward with its tried and true sound or evolve into something that may only vaguely resemble the hype and heft behind Follow the Leader. 2007's somewhat unexpected Unplugged disc proved an interesting but flawed step in a different direction but this self-titled/untitled offering clumsily fumbles when it should grab the ball and run for a season-defining touchdown. "Hold On" and "Do What They Say" come off as soggy sonic oatmeal; "Kiss" channels a very dark Smashing Pumpkins to mixed results; "Bitch We Got a Problem" gives away its best stuff in the title; "Innocent Bystander" and "Starting Over" have three or four great ideas that never reach fruition and the rest of the album ("Killing," "Hushabye") proves fairly forgettable, a sign that KoRn may be closer to crumbling than anyone could have imagined. That's too bad 'cause time was it had the makings of a pretty good American band.

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Resident Evil: Extinction Soundtrack

First let me talk about the composer of this soundtrack. Charles Alexander Clouser is a musician whose activities include playing keyboard and drums, music programming, engineering, and mixing. He was a member of the band Nine Inch Nails from 1994-2000, and has done remixes for bands such as White Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, Prong, Killing Joke, and Type O Negative.

Track list in the album:

1. Main Title - Charlie Clouser
2. Stupid Crazy - Shadows Fall
3. I'm So Sick (T-Virus Remix) - Flyleaf vs. The Legion of Doom
4. My World - Emigrate
5. Duality (Project Alice String Remix) - Bayside
6. Losing - Charlie Clouser
7. One Love (Extinction Remix) - Aiden vs. The Legion of Doom
8. Deathcar - Fightstar
9. I, Suicide - Throwdown
10. White Rabbit (SPC ECO Mix) - Collide
11. Paralyzed - Chimaira
12. Laser Tunnel - Charlie Clouser
13. Asleep On The Frontlines (Appliantz Remix) - The Bled
14. Catch Me - City Sleeps
15. Contagious - Searchlight
16. Scenotaph (DJA Infected Remix) - Emanuel
17. Sixth Of June - It Dies Today
18. Wrecking Itself Taking You With Me - Poison The Well
19. Convoy - Charlie Clouser

Overall the choice of music is all fine, heavy I would say. Totally gives in the boost of music outburst in the album. Problem is I think they could do better if they get Marilyn Manson to work on some songs in the album. I don't know but somehow I feel Manson's music and the whole Resident Evil trilogy just fits. The sound of eerie industrial rock just blends well with the movie.

Normally when you get a soundtrack, when you listen to the music, it will automatically remind you of the sequels in the movie; but unfortunately somehow for this album however, when you listen to the music, you can vaguely place the scene with the song that you are listening to.

Don't get me wrong Charles Clouser has a great score in set for the OST but somehow the choice of songs...They could do better. :)

Have a great weekend everyone. Later...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

True Defination of Quitting Alcohol

This particular joke apparently won an award for the best joke
competition organized in Britain

Banta Singh walks into a bar in London and ordered 3-glasses of beer and sits in the back of the room, drinking a sip out of each one in turn. When he finishes, he comes back to the bar counter and orders 3 more. The bartender asks him,

"You know, beer goes flat after I fill it in the glass; it would taste better if you buy one at a time."

Banta Singh replies, "Well, you see, I have two brothers. One is in Dubai, the other in Canada and I'm here in London . When they left home, we promised that we'll drink this way to remember the days when we drank together."

The bartender admits that this is a nice custom and leaves it there. Banta Singh became a regular in the bar, and always drinks the same way. He orders 3-Beers and drinks them in turn.

One day, he came in and ordered only 2-Beers. All the other regulars notice and fall silent. When he comes back to the bar for the second round, the bartender says, "I don't want to intrude on your grief, but I wanted to offer my sincere condolences on your great loss."

Banta Singh looked confused for a moment, then he laughs .... "Oh, no." he, said, "Everyone's fine - both my brothers are alive. The only thing is ........................... I just quit drinking!!!"

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Night To Queer About

I went to watch this movie last night after dinner with my God-sister. Well we have nothing better to do after dinner since we're both bored and *ahem* we decided to catch a movie since we've not been going out together for a very long time.

Yes I love watching Adam Sandler's movie and his previous one "Click" was great. Well thanks to Kate Beckinsale. But the movie is great overall. :)

I dare you to say she's not hot!

Well, this movie however took another queer weird spin of events. It's my fault actually who decided not to read the synopsis about this movie and grabbed us tickets for it. I mean I was like, C'mon! Kevin James, Adam Sandler and Jessica Biel, How bad could it be?

Turns out to be pretty bad!

This movie is about 2 guys, Well partners in the fire department with different walks of life, Kevin's wife passed away and he couldn't move on in life with his 2 kids and Adam, having the life of a celebrity and have loads of chicks. Kevin saved Adam's life in once incident and soon asked Adam to help him out in some of his financial issues that requires them to sign up as domestic partners then soon after MARRIAGE!

The whole movie was talking about these 2 people trying to look gay to the whole world. Acting gay, doing gay stuff and well so on. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the gay community but I'm just afraid of them you know? Well thanks to one of my experiences in Thailand way back years ago, I kinda picked up the fear along the way. :)

Can you imagine, most people would use their hands to close their eyes while watching horror movies but I on the other hand, closed my eyes when they are about to kiss!!! I mean C'mon!!!

All in all the movie have had me a couple of good laughs as well as it got me really freaky that time. My god sister was laughing at me more than laughing at the show =.="

Oh yes, and the only parts where I enjoy in the movie was whenever there is Jessica Biel. I'm telling you, she is getting hotter and hotter...Don't trust me?? Check this out...

Yes a hottie, I know. I'm sorry, I know it's pretty typical about guys blabbering about the actresses or the hot babes in movies. I don't do that. Well not all the time. But looking at her is the only comfort I get in this movie so cut me some slacks will ya?

Guess in the future I would really be careful on what kind of movies Sandler would produce. Moral of the story, Hypnosis is REALLY important. You don't wanna end up in a movie that you least fancy. hehe Cheers.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Music Review For The Weekend

Hey, first of all let me wish all the Malay peeps out there Selamat Hari Raya! Do have a great festive celebration and of course when you balik kampung, do drive safe. Stop being a Rush Bug and speed your ass home. Just drive moderately and considerately k?

I'm trying to change the trend of this blog for a bit. During the comings of weekends, I'm going to post up some reviews of some albums I'm listening to and of course with some critics. In case some of you don't know, Music is more like a passion to me than just hobby. I can't live without em and of course I could never imagine how life would be like without music. So here goes...

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Tiesto - In Search of Sunrise 6

For all you trancic fans out there, Here's a new gig you could get your hands to. The new series from Tiesto is finally out.

I got em 2 days ago in Mid Valley. I was kinda surprised it came out so soon. But anyways, Since I have collected every series, there's no reason I don't grab this right?

Beginning with cascading ocean waves, the placidity of Tiesto's sixth In Search of Sunrise installment - this time, centering on Ibiza - establishes its calm with neither hesitation nor much effort. Ibiza, the `White Isle' of trance music, is the most idyllic locale for Tiesto and his fans to seek the sunrise after a beautiful night of music and dance. By the album's location alone, I was confident from the onset that this mix would be something that would at the very least rival the best of his previous ISoS efforts; I don't think my assumption was wrong, though it was made in haste. Disc one begins with paced, melodic and beautiful trance - ideal for watching the dark night sky begin to fluoresce at 5 A.M. as the sun prepares its rise to the heavens. The types of tracks Tiesto chose to compile for the first disc all encompass a singular, `creamy' quality; truly, the music itself evokes images of white sand and sapphire waters calmly lapping at one's feet.

Disc two was less of a surprise to me, coming from Tiesto, but it begins and ends better than the chunk in the middle which, to me, sounds like it could have been pulled from any recent Tiesto album and inserted in place of ISoS 6's contents and no one would be the wiser. Opening with "A New Dawn" > "What You Need" > "Trozitos de Navidad" evokes images of ska-dancing on beaches and arms waving in the air; typical clubby atmosphere, until I realized that it all seemed subdued in a really nice way, as if someone had pressed the slow motion button and the track layering and sequence had forever captured me in that enraptured moment, arms high, feet suspended above soft white sand in ecstatic mid-leap.

Yet another masterpiece by DJ Tiesto.

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Matchbox twenty - Exile on Mainstream

I got this CD was coz it has both new and old songs contained inside. Well another reason is I like listening to Rob Thomas' voice. He has in a way very unique voice. But of course there's a whole lot of musicians out there who has great voices, but just for now, I'd prefer some softer music. :)

Problem with them is that ever since their first 3 albums, they took a 5 years holiday from the industry. Kinda thought they have left the industry but when they return, it's merely a "best of" album with only 6 new songs inside. I'm not saying their songs are bad in this album but it's just average.

The whole reason I got this album was because of the older songs. I could get the first 3 albums but I'm not a hardcore fan and I only like selections of their music.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I Really Have No Title For This....

Things had changed so much for me. I felt that I am no longer the person that I used to be. No longer cheerful as before, No longer as 'funny' as before. Well, maybe bad situations are getting more and more intense for me.

A friend said to me recently that I'm being snappy these days. I do admit, little things do piss me off these days. Not because there is exhaustion in my emotional bank account with people but I guess it's just me.

Another friend had said to me that I'm already 26. I have to be mature in my dwellings and whatever I go through or how I react will definitely affect others. Honestly, I know that fact very well. I didn't bother to explain myself to this friend though.

In fact, I've never explained myself for quite some time now. I don't really see a point now these days. I've discovered something really sad, which is there are people who care for your well being. But unfortunately there's a whole lot who doesn't give a crap about you.

I'm sorry I'm being bitter. Guess it's just the new me now. I tried very hard not to blog anything sad or down in my blog but seriously, People have been complaining that I've not blogged as frequent as I used to anymore.


I've not been out of my house lately. Only to work and then I coup myself back in my house. Playing game. LOL as usual. I feel it's the only thing that I could ever look forward to. Nothing else really matters these days. I'm feeling down at the dumpster now.

OK Stop ranting Calv!!! STOP IT!

I just watched Resident Evil: Extinction a while ago at Mid Valley. Damn the movie's good. Mila has never performed any better. She's always been very suitable for the character.

I have followed this Series for a while. First was Resident Evil's game by Capcom During Playstation 1 then all the way to Resident Evil 4 for the Game. Obviously the movie I would not miss out as well...

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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It gets better, more action and of course, better babes selection.

The first RE (Resident Evil) had the companion of Michelle Rodriguez. She had portrayed a very masculine character in most of her movies so this is not an exception.

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And Part 2?? Finally the main star in the RE series, Jill Valentine.

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I can't really remember much of her in the movie. I really don't know why LOL Guess I'm gonna go watch it on DVD again later.

And the latest addition is Claire Redfield, She appeared in the 3rd RE movie and the 4th in Game. In the game, she's this innocent girl looking for her brother, Chris Redfield (Jill Valentine's partner in S.T.A.R team)

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On the other hand, Chris' Character in the movie seems to be a very strong one. I'm not gonna disclose about the movie, You guys should watch it to actually enjoy the ride of the whole thing.

Overall Rating for the 3rd movie? Well I would give it about 8.5/10 There are some set backs and stuff. And yes I believe there'll be another RE 4th part for the movie. Oops. I think I've revealed too much. Gotta stop now else I would reveal even more~ Laterz

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Sage Continues...

Like what I promised, I would share out something funny I found out about life as a tourist in Bangkok.

First in Bangkok was rather simple as we arrived at night, so We didn't really go anywhere but stayed in the hotel room, besides going out to the roadside for normal hawker food. Seriously, it's really troublesome to order your food as those people by the streets, they don't understand much of English. Signs or hand job hand language needed to be used to get the job done. But asking them to collect money is another whole hassle itself.

When we asked for the bill in English, they walked away from us! it's like as if they don't want our money or something. So well, me being the smart ass asked in Thai "Kao Rhai?" (Trust me, that's the only thing I know about Thai language) The uttered something in which now it's my turn to not understand them... what I did was handing them 100 baht and some coins I had in my pocket. The guy picked the note and some coins and he left...I was like o.O? but oh well it's only RM10 so what the heck right? LOL

2nd Night, My family and I came back to the hotel after a full day of touring and walking around. I took a shower and then went down to grab a tuk tuk And told him I wanted a massage and he brought me to this place called....hmmm....forget it, I can't remember the name. It costs me 500Baht (RM50) for 2 hours traditional Thai massage. It's paradise for me! In KL, We pay like RM80-RM100 for an hour of some sort of crappy Thai traditional massage...Apparently...

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This is how massages are like in Thailand, unlike Classy rooms in KL but crappy massages

So I thought I could trust that tuk tuk guy so I told him to come back to me the next night to bring me elsewhere. He said sure, he'll take care of first I was wondering what he meant but then latter, I should have known... =.="

Next night came, The driver was on time. I was impressed though as you know, we come from Malaysia and no ones in Malaysia is punctual!

Driver: Where you want go?
Me: I don't know. Just need some drink. Maybe a pub or something just for some good drink for the night.
Driver: OK I take care you. Come in.
Me: Where we going? I don't want places with lady-boys
Driver: OK No laydee-boy. I bring you nice place.
Me: Well OK...

He brought me to a place where I find quite dodgy. Worst of all, There's a freaking cover charge and they freaking checked my ID card.. Slacking part was when I did not bring so much cash in case of being mugged. Best part of all, That place don't accept credit cards...only Cash~ Well I had enough but just not enough to get me drunk or woozy LOL

I went in, not bad interior deco though. Funny thing is from the entrance to inside, I only see men and no women...Somehow I find this strange. Went in, saw a stage and some chicks DANCING......NUDE!!!!!

I was like WTF?! I'm in a strip club or something! Place is quite dark so I can't really make out the faces inside, So What I did? I went to the bar, in which my back is facing the stage ordering my drinks. Honestly, yea I'm not so keen about the stripping part as I'm only there for the drinks, so heck with it, The beer's cheap so it's good enough for me.

Soon a waitress tapped on my shoulder and asked me to check out the stage, I was a little blurry and turned my head and guess what I saw?

2 People.....


NOKIA~~~~ wanna know why?

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YES! They're performing sex on stage!! I mean C'mon!! I only have this perception that we only get to see 2 people having sex is either on a television screen or maybe a monitor screen. NEVER LIVE!!! As shocking as I was hehe i watched a little here and there. Learning some moves you know what I mean? LOL You never know when you might need some extra skill sets right?

I tried hard to look at their faces to see how they looked like. It's dark so it was kinda hard to make out but I saw the man looking something like this...

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Yes with his dongles dangling there as well... LOL

After that scene where than man shoots his load, Other girls came up and strip again, and yea it became a normal strip club again. Well not really I think. maybe for them is normal but for me?? Let's list down the activities and you judge for yourself...

1) Woman putting ping pong balls in their vagina and shooting it like a 12 gauge shotgun.
2) Woman pulling ribbons (very long) out from their vagina and do some sort of Olympics ribbon dance.
3) Woman pulling some sort of rubber coloured frills from their vagina and dance around.
4) Woman putting an empty coke bottle in her vagina and pee out coke. Yes it's black and no I didn't verify it.
5) Woman putting a pen in her vagina to write some sort of greetings.

Well after these, I had it. I had to leave. It was getting way out for my kinda preference. Honestly, I almost puked thanks to the gruesome sights and some beer in my belly. I left with a hurry got on the tuk tuk, and he brought be back. He asked me whether I enjoyed? well I just stayed quiet and I chose NOT to trust him anymore LOL....