Friday, October 19, 2007

Another Week, Another Review

Well, I'm back again with 2 more new albums to review. Unfortunately past few posts have been kinda trivial and yea well do let me know if there's anything I could do better. :)

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I have been listening to KoRn from way back since their first album. Their music has definitely changed since the album Issues. And yea a lot of people had sort of stop listening to them due to the music changed. I on the other hand stood on, download bought their albums and yea finally they came out with an album that made me feel, HEY KoRn's BACK!

First let me comment on my feelings on previous KoRn Albums. The first KoRn Album brilliant, Life Is Peachy almost as brilliant, Follow The Leader? Back to being as Brilliant as their first album. Then came Issues...While a few songs I did like on that album. I must say that album was absolute crap. At that point I had gotten tired of Johnathan Davis's familiar voice and trite lyrics. A 3rd grade could have wrote that crap. Then came Untouchables...While yes this was better than Issues, it was no masterpiece. It had good songs, but again it fell short of spectacular. But It made me regain some faith in the band. Then came Take A Look In The Mirror. This album was harder than the past few previous albums, and I considered this one of the better recent efforts. Then came See You On The Other Side. This album had a different flow about it, some industrial sounds were mixed in and overall a pretty good effort. Now onto this record. I consider this record a fresh glass of Ice Water, and a breath of fresh air.

KoRn seems to have come to something of a crossroads––move forward with its tried and true sound or evolve into something that may only vaguely resemble the hype and heft behind Follow the Leader. 2007's somewhat unexpected Unplugged disc proved an interesting but flawed step in a different direction but this self-titled/untitled offering clumsily fumbles when it should grab the ball and run for a season-defining touchdown. "Hold On" and "Do What They Say" come off as soggy sonic oatmeal; "Kiss" channels a very dark Smashing Pumpkins to mixed results; "Bitch We Got a Problem" gives away its best stuff in the title; "Innocent Bystander" and "Starting Over" have three or four great ideas that never reach fruition and the rest of the album ("Killing," "Hushabye") proves fairly forgettable, a sign that KoRn may be closer to crumbling than anyone could have imagined. That's too bad 'cause time was it had the makings of a pretty good American band.

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Resident Evil: Extinction Soundtrack

First let me talk about the composer of this soundtrack. Charles Alexander Clouser is a musician whose activities include playing keyboard and drums, music programming, engineering, and mixing. He was a member of the band Nine Inch Nails from 1994-2000, and has done remixes for bands such as White Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, Prong, Killing Joke, and Type O Negative.

Track list in the album:

1. Main Title - Charlie Clouser
2. Stupid Crazy - Shadows Fall
3. I'm So Sick (T-Virus Remix) - Flyleaf vs. The Legion of Doom
4. My World - Emigrate
5. Duality (Project Alice String Remix) - Bayside
6. Losing - Charlie Clouser
7. One Love (Extinction Remix) - Aiden vs. The Legion of Doom
8. Deathcar - Fightstar
9. I, Suicide - Throwdown
10. White Rabbit (SPC ECO Mix) - Collide
11. Paralyzed - Chimaira
12. Laser Tunnel - Charlie Clouser
13. Asleep On The Frontlines (Appliantz Remix) - The Bled
14. Catch Me - City Sleeps
15. Contagious - Searchlight
16. Scenotaph (DJA Infected Remix) - Emanuel
17. Sixth Of June - It Dies Today
18. Wrecking Itself Taking You With Me - Poison The Well
19. Convoy - Charlie Clouser

Overall the choice of music is all fine, heavy I would say. Totally gives in the boost of music outburst in the album. Problem is I think they could do better if they get Marilyn Manson to work on some songs in the album. I don't know but somehow I feel Manson's music and the whole Resident Evil trilogy just fits. The sound of eerie industrial rock just blends well with the movie.

Normally when you get a soundtrack, when you listen to the music, it will automatically remind you of the sequels in the movie; but unfortunately somehow for this album however, when you listen to the music, you can vaguely place the scene with the song that you are listening to.

Don't get me wrong Charles Clouser has a great score in set for the OST but somehow the choice of songs...They could do better. :)

Have a great weekend everyone. Later...

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