Monday, October 22, 2007

English Grammar

English is a very weird form of language. In 1 wrong twist of word or even grammar, the whole sentence will literally get screwed.. Don't believe me?? Try these few scenarios...

Case Study 1:

Girl: Today I came in to office today and I got a bit wet.
Me: Huh?!! O.o?? Do you know it sounded wrong when you said that?
Girl: I know it sounded funny but I don't understand what does it mean. But I know if you look at me that way means it's something perverted.
Me: =.=" (yes she is THAT innocent)

Case Study 2:

Ron: Does your son love dinosaurs?
Boss: Yes. That is the only thing he talks about.
Ron: What would you say? I bring him to the museum of natural history after opening hours. Just the both of us and he can touch anything he wants and do anything he likes there.
Boss: O.o?!!!
Ron: I just heard what you heard but it sounded wrong somewhere...Let me start over. I'm a paleontologist. I work in the museum. I could bring your son around to see the museum and touch the fossils and the bones there after opening hours
Boss: *Sigh of relief*

Moral of the story is BE WATCHFUL WHEN YOU SPEAK ENGLISH. Make sure you speak them correctly as it may turn out into a disaster. You wouldn't want that when you're going on a hot date now would you?


Princess Eileen said...

haha... good one :P

Samad Torpedo said...

Hi Calv
"...he can touch anything he wants and do anything he likes..."

No wonder she got WET!


Calv said...

Hey thanks for dropping by!

hahaha. well it's 2 different talks actually. but i dunno why the way u put it samad, sounds it could click! hahaha cheers.

Princess Eileen said...

Calv, my pleasure. Will drop by if Calv permits. Haha... Sometimes you have to nudge me though

Calv said...

nudge? hmmm...weird way to put it but ok..i'll try... *nudge nudge*