Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I Really Have No Title For This....

Things had changed so much for me. I felt that I am no longer the person that I used to be. No longer cheerful as before, No longer as 'funny' as before. Well, maybe bad situations are getting more and more intense for me.

A friend said to me recently that I'm being snappy these days. I do admit, little things do piss me off these days. Not because there is exhaustion in my emotional bank account with people but I guess it's just me.

Another friend had said to me that I'm already 26. I have to be mature in my dwellings and whatever I go through or how I react will definitely affect others. Honestly, I know that fact very well. I didn't bother to explain myself to this friend though.

In fact, I've never explained myself for quite some time now. I don't really see a point now these days. I've discovered something really sad, which is there are people who care for your well being. But unfortunately there's a whole lot who doesn't give a crap about you.

I'm sorry I'm being bitter. Guess it's just the new me now. I tried very hard not to blog anything sad or down in my blog but seriously, People have been complaining that I've not blogged as frequent as I used to anymore.


I've not been out of my house lately. Only to work and then I coup myself back in my house. Playing game. LOL as usual. I feel it's the only thing that I could ever look forward to. Nothing else really matters these days. I'm feeling down at the dumpster now.

OK Stop ranting Calv!!! STOP IT!

I just watched Resident Evil: Extinction a while ago at Mid Valley. Damn the movie's good. Mila has never performed any better. She's always been very suitable for the character.

I have followed this Series for a while. First was Resident Evil's game by Capcom During Playstation 1 then all the way to Resident Evil 4 for the Game. Obviously the movie I would not miss out as well...

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It gets better, more action and of course, better babes selection.

The first RE (Resident Evil) had the companion of Michelle Rodriguez. She had portrayed a very masculine character in most of her movies so this is not an exception.

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And Part 2?? Finally the main star in the RE series, Jill Valentine.

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I can't really remember much of her in the movie. I really don't know why LOL Guess I'm gonna go watch it on DVD again later.

And the latest addition is Claire Redfield, She appeared in the 3rd RE movie and the 4th in Game. In the game, she's this innocent girl looking for her brother, Chris Redfield (Jill Valentine's partner in S.T.A.R team)

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On the other hand, Chris' Character in the movie seems to be a very strong one. I'm not gonna disclose about the movie, You guys should watch it to actually enjoy the ride of the whole thing.

Overall Rating for the 3rd movie? Well I would give it about 8.5/10 There are some set backs and stuff. And yes I believe there'll be another RE 4th part for the movie. Oops. I think I've revealed too much. Gotta stop now else I would reveal even more~ Laterz

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