Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sorry for the Lack of updates.

I've been pretty sick the whole of last week. Been down with high fever first of all from Tuesday till Friday. On Saturday, I was getting better, or so what I thought...

After picking up Eileen's parents from the airport, We had dinner somewhere at a hawker food stall and the next day, I was caught up with food poisoning..

No it was not the China milk products that you may think. I'm really not sure whether is it the hawker food or the subway sandwich in which I've indulged myself with... But good enough, I was down again with fever and food poisoning. The whole of Sunday and Monday I had my stomach squirming with pain, not to mention the vomits and the poop I've had to endured throughout the 2 days.

However, I'm back again to work on Tuesday. I'm still not feeling very well though but having sick leave for 4 days isn't a good thing to the company's eye.

Even lunch today I couldn't bring myself to eat more than the usual lunch portion that I'm used to. Just a few spoon feed away and I'm already feeling like vomiting what I have indulged in. I am hungry though. Very indeed but heck there's nothing I could do but drink more water and keep myself warm in the air conditioned environment my office invited me to.

I am thankful however that there's not much work stacked up for me while I'm gone, so working on my job has been pretty smooth sailing till now *cross fingers*

And now I'm craving again... This time around, I'm craving for salad :p Don't ask me why but I love salad. Just that it's really hard to get a good fresh salad these days in KL.

Oh later I'm celebrating my mom's birthday with Eileen's parents attending as well, so yea, I'm pretty nervous But I'm sure I'll get by. On the bright side though I can have my craved salad :p

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