Sunday, October 05, 2008

Cameron Trip Report

So how was everyone's weekend during the raya break? I believe some of you have some agendas planned over the long weekend right? Mine was pretty simple given the fact that during the last MATTA fair, I wasn't able to get any holiday out of the country. So we ended up going to a local trip instead... 1 night in Ipoh and 2 nights in Cameron highland.

When we first arrived Ipoh, there's nothing much to do there but driving around looking for food. Ipoh is a heaven for food or some would say apart from Penang. I didn't manage to take any pictures around the town as I was kinda lazy hehe

The next day though we were driving around looking for a place called Kellie's Castle. We did find the place however; after several wrong turns and stuff :p Let the pictures talks by itself

There's a sign around this corridor that says Kellie's ghosts still wanders around here during the night. Believe it or not? Entirely up to you

After that Kellie's castle, We started our journey to Cameron highlands. No one in the car knows exactly the way up the mountains so from what supposed to be an hour drive up took about 3 hours. We keep getting lost in the outskirts of Ipoh trying to find the way up. We stopped to ask around several times and we turned back and forth a road many times coz of some screwed up people trying to give us directions but they themselves don't know the way =.="

We stayed in a 2 bedroom suite and this is the entrance to our place. We had to walk up 3 flight of stairs as our suite is all the way up top.

How would one not be tempted to go in the suite when there's someone so hot standing by luring you in? haha

This is how it looks like inside. The main living room. We even have a balcony which overlooks the mountains and bits and pieces of the road coming up.

We were kinda tired that night so we decided to just eat in the restaurant. It's a buffet though but I can honestly tell you one thing.... THE FOOD SUCKS!! After that Eileen and I took a walk around the hotel's premise since it's a cool chilling night. It's really a nice walk with all the nice lighting and so on...

Romantic right? :p

This is the lobby of the hotel.

Eileen posing in front of a flower at the rose valley.

Yes this is a very rare occasion where I would pick flowers and buy them for anyone...

We went later on to the tea plantation and the view there is specticular. It's so beautiful that even your mouth would gawk open.

There's a walkway to go to the top where we can overlook the plantation and while I was getting ready my camera, This is snap shot I took of Eileen. Cute huh?

Oh not only that... Throughout the trip I was looking for a waterfall in which I could hang out and snap some shots but to my disappointment, there wasn't any to be found nearby, There is one however as recommended by our hotel reception, the Robinson's fall. When we got there through small cramppy roads, we got there. But unfortunately, it has changed to be a damn to bring electricity to the hills...

So with a great disappointment, The next day we drove down back to KL. On the way down, I saw this huge waterfall at Lahat Iskandar. The fall was so amazing and finally, I get to fulfill one of my wishes for being in the hills :p


Ai-Ling said...

just wondering...which hotel did u guys stay in cameron?

Eileen said...

Hmmm... are those the best pictures you got of your girlfriend? Anyways, the landscape photos are really awesome. Great job bee!

Calv said...

Ai-ling: We stayed at strawberry park resort :) quite a nice place i must say

Bee: yeap but somehow i feel just by the sight of the landscape is better than pictures would be able to take

evelynholic said...

i would looooove to take wedding pics at the tea plantation, but then again... 3 hhours of salah jalan is gonna kill me... i love ur pics, very nice! did u get strawberries for me or not first?? wukakakakaka...

Calv said...

hahaha sometimes the hours long trip is kinda well worth it. u should see the landscape with ur own eyes. with the mist effect and's really beautiful