Friday, September 12, 2008

Are Men Intimidated over Stronger Women?

I was, yet again, had a drink with a friend of mine some time earlier this week as he told me that he was really troubled and and kinda invited me out on a desperate measure for a drink. He was kinda depressed in a way coz he hadn't been working for like 2 months. He has a wife to take care of and of course some loans and stuff to commit on a monthly basis. So as you may guessed it, his wife is kinda supporting the income on the house. Which means.... the wife wears the pants in the house LOL

Then it kinda stumbled upon me of this question....


I got to admit, male chauvinism is pretty common in Asia especially Chinese men. Some men are still living in the traditional era where they still believe that men are a superior being compared to women. Men believes that they should be the one wearing the pants in the house and working and providing to the family is the duty of men.

Well, men will feel very intimidated if their woman are supporting them financially in any terms. I do feel the same way too. I mean why would you want to have a partner if you can't support them? I remember when I was much younger, my mom used to tell me, "Calv, you should study more. Then graduate to earn more money. Then only would you have what it takes to find a wife to support her."

Seriously, I think that mail chauvinism is kinda bad for us. We shouldn't even adapt this this concept at all. I believe men and women are equal. Both species have 1 brain, 2 hands and 2 legs. We're given the same capacity to perform in jobs or what not. Why should women feel any lesser of a being compared to men?

Some men prefer submissive women who listens to them on every instructions and commands. I think it's more like these men just want a sense of security. Having troubles at work while dealing with people around already just doesn't want to go back to a home where even the partner challenges him. It works both ways as well. Women who goes to work, they sometimes get caught in a crossfire of office politics. They get stressed out too. But they still come back home and takes the bickering of their so-called superior being. It's really not healthy to have this kind of mindset in a relationship though.

I for one, prefer a woman who can hold her head high and have her own opinion. but of course from time to time, a submissive part of her popping out would definitely be nice. Men loves to feel wanted. They longed to feel important in their partner's life. I guess it goes both ways as well. Women too wants to feel important and wanted in their own home with their partner. Don't you agree?

So as you can see, we're all equal here, we both want the same thing in a relationship and want the same goal from each other.

Take some time to reflect guys and girls, Why should you be intimidated over each other? Especially men, why would you be intimidated over women who could hold their own? It'll be really boring if the women agrees in EVERY single thing you say and does not challenge you one bit. Where's the fun of a debate or a positive discussion?

I would like a woman who could tell me otherwise, tell me that I'm a twat or I'm being and ass. A positive communication or a discussion with your partner is good for a relationship. Some people may think being submissive is just to evade arguments from each other but I can tell you this, arguments are good to hold a stronger bond between 2 people. But of course don't get it over your head. Keep your pride in your shelf when you want a positive discussion.

To be honest, I too need to work on my pride issue. Sometimes even though I have the right mind to keep it in the shelf, it often pops up right beside me and it makes me feel like a jerk when I display my pride and sense of superiority in front of my partner.

So all in all, I feel men shouldn't feel intimidated over stronger women. Having stronger women could be fun as well. But of course to the Ladies, please don't get over your head as well. Be considerate. Men could be quite fragile as well. Not all men can take harsh words or headstrong attitude with women. Men may be strong physically, but I can honestly tell you they are not strong all the way in. Not all of them to say the least. Women have a stronger hold on their emotions and mental compared to guys.


Eileen said...

Men's pride is something they have to work on. I guess coz men are taught from young to have their pride.

Having said that, if a women is stronger than the men and yet when they are with their partner outside or/and at home, but some have to subject to their men's chauvinism.

That explains a lot why so many women chose to be single nowadays.

We have our career, money and BRAIN, and why do we need to suffer and subject ourselves to the discrimination of mankind due to their pride?

Well, I believe modern gals nowadays wouldn't mind to have an equal position or slightly higher position/money compared to their partner, but if there is a gap, perhaps it will be a problem.

Well, after all we are still living in this century.

Sekian, terima kasih.

ShaSha said...

Nice topic. Will talk to hubby about it later.

p/s-Eileen: you have another 'B' too...kekekeke