Friday, September 19, 2008

Wooo Hooo~~


Finally it has arrived! The long waited latest release album of Metallica!!! I just got my copy last night ;p This is the first time I ever purchased a CD that comes along with a free T-shirt...

Will post the picture of the T-shirt up later. Mean time, I've uploaded 3 of their songs into my music box. Do check it out if you're interested. But so far as I can say about this album, it's pretty good on some songs, very garage feel but not as 'garagie' as st. anger's album.

I kinda like only a few songs from there so I'm posting up the 2 of my likings from the album. Go ahead....knock yourselves out.

If loading is too slow for you, come to to listen to the songs I uploaded to share. I has all the other albums from different artists as well :)

Oh on the side note... I'm going on a personal strike. I'm never going to patronize Malay food anymore. I hope all of you who are in Malaysia would join in for this strike to show these people we do make a difference in the country's economy system.

Long live Chinese...


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