Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Day and Finally a Life~

Ho Ho Ho... After 3 months of being jobless and just being a bum at home, I finally found a job at company nearby my house! work environment is pretty nice but of course not the most comfortable one I've ever been with.

I'm the only Engineer here so as you can guess, I'll be very very busy with my work schedule. Good thing is that I'm quite a workaholic and the rest that I had over the past months, gave me the energy enough to boost my performance in work.

Being the only engineer is only temporary as they require me to hire an assistant when I clear up all the mess that the previous engineer had left in the company. However, this is the most interesting job I've ever taken up.

Usually when you start working in a company, you'll basically have a few days before you ACTUALLY start work. This one however, I have to start a busy day on my 1st day! I was sooo busy till I completely lost track of time. I didn't even know it's already lunch and even it's time to go back!

Well today's day 2 and again, I'm still as busy as hell! The previous guy had left without handing over the documents and other information I SHOULD HAVE! so... I had to search everything on myself and get everything done from ground zero...sigh...

Well not much time to type left, I have a few more stuff to do before I go back. so I'll blog more when I have the time :)


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Cenni said...

S E M A N G A T !! =D

All the best for your new job, :D