Monday, June 16, 2008

Should Piracy in Malaysia Continue Existing?

After some thoughts about piracy in Malaysia, it occurred to me thinking about this question... Should Piracy in Malaysia Continue to exist?

I'm only going to take 1 example out of the many issues of piracy we face in our country.

Pirated Movies in VCD or DVD

As most Malaysians know, prices to go to the movies are going up higher and higher. I remember those days where I have to only pay RM5 for a movie ticket. But right now, it has changed so much as 100% of being RM10 during the weekday and RM12 over the weekends.


There are, however, other prices to pay if you book them online. An additional surcharge of RM1 for booking your seats online and an additional service charge of RM1.50 being slapped at your palm for purchasing the tickets online.


These issues has raised a concern to me though. Usually, I'll go for the movies over the weekend, and mind you, it's very rare that you see people going to the movies alone. I for instance would love going to the movies with my girlfriend :) So if my calculation's correct, the least I would have to pay for a movie session would be RM24 (knowing that during the weekdays we have to work therefore we won't have the time to go anywhere else)

Is it really worth it? This is merely just movie tickets and it excludes the drinks or the snacks you're gonna buy over at the popcorn counter. Note that those items that you buy from the theater, they charge an extra of 50% from the normal price outside at 7-11 stores. The best part is, you can only buy items from that cinema and it's not allowed to bring outside food in else it'll be quarantine.

So the grand total for a decent enjoyable movie, one must pay like RM30 for 2 people just to enjoy a movie. MY question is, IS IT WORTH IT?


Take a look at the other side of the dodgy situation. Over the streets of any food stalls outside, there are other source of entertainment called PIRATED MOVIES. Now, don't get me wrong or judge me so quickly just yet. Think about this, These movies you buy from these sort of people... is so much economical compared to go to a movies, oh yea, to go to a movie theater, it's normally located in a shopping mall therefore, you still have to pay parking just to watch a damn movie.


OK back to my point. You can actually purchase a DVD movie from these sort of guys and go home to watch it with a much CHEAPER price and of course, with the comfort of your own home. How much is a pirated DVD you say? It's only ranged from RM8-RM10 per DVD and it's limitless to how many people you're gonna watch it with. Cool huh? :p

You get to pause it when you wanna go to the washroom, you can just rewind the previous chapter if you have missed out or can't understand what was said, and you can even just drop by a nearby 7-11 store to get some cheaper snacks to munch while enjoying your own movie.


However there's a catch, There's some DVD movies that aren't clear or also known as bootleg version. It's basically some thief sneaks into the movies and record it using a regular video recorder. Don't fret just yet. There's also clear copies which a duplicated from an original DVD. Lastly, you only get to watch the movie after a while it's been aired over the theaters. But with a saving of over RM25 it wouldn't hurt just to be a little patient over watching a movie right?

These are my thoughts and my sole opinions only. :) Well, you guys think about it and tell me what you feel :)

Unfortunately a small group of us humans have the ability to abuse ourselves subconsciously (including myself from time to time). Despite knowing the very fact of going over the cinema would incur much more costs compared to getting pirated movies to watch, we'll still have the tendency to spoil ourselves.

It only proves one thing: Malaysians will always have piracy. Fact is prices for EVERYTHING in Malaysia is going up, unfortunately that doesn't count your monthly salary income. So what should we do? Answer is "CHANGING OF LIFESTYLE" according to what our prime minister says. But how do we do that? Every human needs some form of entertainment. So pirated movies is a solution. Cheap entertainment anyone?


Eileen said...

Well, leave the awesome movies for cinema going then. It is also okay if a couple is able to bear the burden together.

Watching movie at home means freedom to munch on any food (loudly some more), pause for toilet going (or whatever) and the comfort of pyjamas~

Watching movie at cinema means can hang out with your partner (besides at home), get to eat out (and the shopping for gals, hehe) and get to get in touch with human (other than family and colleagues).

I guess that's my say for pros and cons.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Calv said...

oh yea i wanted to put that also when u talked to me about it the other day. but i figured my entry a bit too long ady hahaha so have to somehow find ways to cut short