Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Job for a New Year

As most of you have known, I have resigned from Prudential last month and hence for further information, I have joined a new company yesterday. The company's name is Wappsol Solutions. Sorry I was supposed to blog about my first yesterday but unfortunately I was kinda packed with briefings and I did not bring my camera along to take pictures.

Yea you know being a freshie is not easy and thus I can't just simply waltz around with my huge ass DSLR in a new office right? LOL So what was my solution? Aaahhh the power of Camera Phones.... Human are such great species huh? :p

Ok Ok. Let's start. When I first came in the company, I was presented with a Notebook. Well it's not a new one. My guess is somewhere a year to 2 years old. But it's all good. I mean I don't really mind about it. As long as I have something to do my work I'm all good. :)

Can anyone guess what wallpaper is that? wahahaha

Then came to my surprise, I was given a BIG 22" LCD monitor to plug my notebook in. I asked why am i given a monitor, they told me so it was easier for me to work and see. Aww.... I'm being spoiled. Real bad some more

Cool huh?

I was also given a set of wireless keyboard and mouse yayy.... First time I've ever owned one of these gadgets...



Oh yes I'm also given a set of headphones so I could listen to music while I'm working :P

How cool is that huh? hehe

I never thought I would be given so much though. But yea there's always good and bad that comes around any situations. Good points for me are I'm given such comfort in my workplace, Gadgets and the place I'm being seated. Real secluded so I have enough privacy to blog.

The bad side of it is really petty. I don't have my own set of stationery :( I don't have a rubbish bin. Somehow their stocks ran out hahaha. The pantry is SUPER small!!! Umm... guess that's all Wahahahahaha...

My entire workspace.

First day was good, with all the briefing and and laying out of work. I could see that a lot is being expected of me and yes I could see that there's a lot of things that needed to be straighten out and work on. Implementations and deployments... the usual. First day already put a but pressure on me already lol but it's all good. It's a good pressure thing. :p

New work environment and new colleagues, it's a new start where I have to work on my EBA (Emotional Bank Account) with all of them again. Took me 2 years to work on a good EBA basis with people in Prudential, guess it'll be the same here as well. I do miss my old work mates; but well, like I said before, Good things do come and go. It's merely how we treasure them and keep in touch that really matters. :P

Alrighty, next up would be my Resolutions for the new year! Ermm... keeping my fingers crossed that I would have drafted them out first :p Cya!


Cen Ni said...

I cant use any web based chat la sorry :S

How free can update blog from work =__= *SLAPS*

pendekarwanitabermatapanda said...

big monitor is for ppl to MONITOR you :D be careful of what site you open :D

Calv said...

haha dun worry babe. I'm sitting at 1 corner so no one would walk pass me unless i see them first lol!

Princess Eileen said...

New year resolutions up next huh... Ok, I will stay tuned :)

Calv said...

=.=" still cant figure out yet!! T.T

Anonymous said...

sweet workstation you have there ... still so clean ! haha

3POINT8 said...

Woa!!! Your new employer must be planning to keep u there for long!
btw, all the best to your new year resolution!

Ah Boh said...

Waaaaaaa... nice monitor! nice corner! jealous... jealous... haha

Calv said...

jason: hahaha for now it's clean.... but after a couple of months different story ady... paper flying everywhere wahahaha

Calv said...

kif: yeap i guess so... lol anyways i'm gonna get another notebook today coz the one they gave me got problem with the monitor...not that it matters to me though but it is a problem if i were to work from out of office....

not a problem at home coz i got 37" TV to plug my notebook in wahahahaha....stil waiiting a chance to do it.... wait la when i buy a monitor cable first :p

play solitaire on 37" tv should sound nice

Calv said...

Boh: hahahaha ei but our pantry small leh...CSC should have bigger ones....i know prudential have a very big and comfy pantry though, got OSIM massage chairSSssss some more....damn i miss those good ol days....

such a sad thing to leave such a great place to work....i blame it on my boss >.<