Monday, January 21, 2008

Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind

Principles of Personal Leadership

What it Means

  • To begin with the end in mind is to begin with the image of the end of your life as the frame of reference by which everything else is measured.
  • We may be busy, we may be efficient, but we will only be effective if we begin with the end in mind.

All Things are Created Twice

  • Habit 2 is based on the principle that all things are created twice:
    a) a mental or first creation
    b) a physical or second creation
  • Most endeavors that fail, fail with the first creation.

By Design or Default

There is a first creation to every part of our lives. We are either the second creation of our own proactive creation, or we are the second creation of other people's agendas, of circumstances, or of past habits.

Leadership and Management

  • Habit 2 is based on principles of personal leadership, which means that leadership is the first creation. Management is the second creation.
  • Management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things.
  • Often people get into managing with efficiency, setting and achieving goals before they have even clarified values.

Rescripting: Becoming Your Own First Creator

Proactivity is based on the endowment of self-awareness. Two additional endowments enable us to expand our proactivity and to exercise personal leadership in our lives:

  • imagination allows to visualize our potential
  • conscience allows us to develop our talents within the context of principles and personal guidelines.

A Personal Mission Statement

  • The most effective way to begin with the end in mind is to develop a personal mission statement.
  • The key to the ability to change is a changeless sense of who you are, what you are about, and what you value.
  • Once you have a sense of mission, you have the essence of your own proactivity; the vision and values which direct your life, the basic direction from which you set your goals.

At the Center

  • Whatever is at the center of our life will be the source of our security, guidance, wisdom, and power.
  • What is at the center of your life?

Alternative Centers

  • Spouse centeredness
  • Family centeredness
  • Money centeredness
  • Work centeredness
  • Possession centeredness
  • Pleasure centeredness
  • Friend/enemy centeredness
  • Church centeredness
  • Self centeredness

A Principle Center

  • Our lives need to be centered on correct principles -- deep, fundamental truths, classic truths, generic common denominators.
  • As a principle centered person, you try stand apart from the emotions of situations and from other factors to evaluate options.

I always keep a saying in me to keep reminding me on being a better planner...


This helped me through a lot of planning. Be it to become a better person or to be a good leader, I often turn to these statement and keep reminding myself, I need to finish what I have started else I'm actually planning to fail myself.

Hope these statement helps you guys too. Cheers


Princess Eileen said...

So chim one... But I have to agree on failing to plan is planning to fail. Anyway, I try to set higher targets and goals for myself, coz once I hit my target, sometimes I feel lost :S Wukakaka... that sounds bad huh... Something I always tell myself nowadays - be contented & I am not supergal.

Pleasure centeredness ^_^ Wukakaka

ShaSha said...

Yes, u r right. We need kinda imagination to motivate ourselves to achieve the goal. [Without life target, what's the differences compare with 'ham yu'?](direct translated :P)

Family, self centeredness--in these present moment :D

Calv said...

Eileen: hahaha now change of motto huh?? good for u lo

Calv said...

Shasha: Motivation given by someone?? wahahaha motivation should run from self first before running from others. in other words, we need to motivate ourselves instead of letting others motivate us... :p

x said...

kaboom, my bren explode ..

ShaSha said...

Calv: "Someone" is lack of time to motivate me, thus i always do one man show -- planning (imagination/day dreaming?)>action>result. No worries, i m independant 'ah lian',kekekekeke.

Calv said...

X: wahahaha let's spread the teachings!!!

Calv said...

Shasha: Motivation works both ways. but always one have to start first right?

there's an old saying that no one can change the world alone. I agree on that no one can change the world alone BUT the world cant change when no one STARTS FIRST.

example: when you want people to respect you, respect others first, when you want people to trust you, trust them first. and the saying goes on and on.

Next up i'll be talking about understanding someone before u want to be understood. :p