Tuesday, December 25, 2007


First of all, let me greet all of you.....


Yet again it's the time of the year where people greet each other the coming of a new beginning, the coming of a new year and of course for us to feel much older of ourselves and start writing down new year resolutions that they wanna do for the coming year... I'll post up my resolution soon. When the time is right. :P

So what I did last night for as a celebration?? Well a few friends showed up at my doorstep last night inviting me to join them to go to this place call Point View in Cheras. Apparently they said that we could view the whole of KL from that place. But before that, I actually planned to stay home and laze my ass around for Christmas eve. Actually, more like waiting for some news to come.... Sigh but the news never came... Don't ask what news I'm waiting for, I'm never gonna tell bleah~

So here goes, some of the pictures I took of that place we had our drinks... Non alcohol drinks ok! Don't believe me?? Here's the proof....

There you go. I had only Coke with Lime in it...

So about this place I was talking about....






The whole place looks pretty lit up though. Full of lights with different colours and so on. definitely a good spot where couples should hang out... Damn I should have paid attention to where they were driving so next time I could bring someone up there....

Oh yes, the view of KL City is beautiful. We kinda arrived a little late therefore we missed the the view of KL and it's fireworks all around it. Damn. Wanna know why? Coz of that freaking jam we had in Subang!


Yes yes...it looks nice and all. But somehow I feel that it's not really enough coz the way I see it, KL really lacks of high rise building to me it look perfect... Check out Hong Kong for instance, The view looks absolutely breathe taking....

See the difference? Sigh I miss Hong Kong....

Anyways, So as usual, everyone who goes to places with me and IF I have my camera along, They'll bound to be my whore objects to take pictures at.... wahahahaha

My first camwhore subject. :p

This picture really looks good. It's in the middle of the night but somehow it looks like it's during the evening... The guy in the middle bought a Canon 350D as well.... so that makes him a photographer in the making wahahaha...

Sorry bout this pic. It actually looks nice but I kinda shook a little. I was holding my camera which was attached to the tripod. Was about to go back so I was kinda lazy to take my camera out that time. :P but yea, they were trying to look hip... Trust me, they TRIED REAL HARD!

So that's all for today. Thank you Thank you. :P


Anonymous said...

Wow.. u r up early.. Merry Christmas. :)

U waiting for THAT news ar? oh well.. since u dun want to tell.. then we r all entitled to make assumption :P

...and u drink coke.. instead of light coke.. impressed :P
and i'm working.. sux..

Calv said...

u get to work, i'm bored at home....sux

pendekarwanitabermatapanda said...

Someone took my throne.
And he/she is anonymous, dwang kenot track him down.

* cursing, censored *

Merry Xmas, Calv *hugs*
Don't be afraid I'm right beside you on 27th.


Calv said...

hahahahaha. merry christmas to u too... :P

da guy in Blue said...

so i'm your camwhore isit!?!?!?
Wait ah!!!! Tonight i entertain u somemore!!!! U wait!!!!

Anonymous said...

waaa.. leave comment for u oso will kena curse one..
dun want to leave comment for u dy next time ..

scare :P

Calv said...

hii: yea u're my whore lol

oi tapir dun la like dat....

kimfei said...

i wanna go there too...anyone show me the way...not sure which signboard to follow..

Calv said...

wahahah beats me bro.... but it's like hell of a view there will inform u when i know