Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Trip to Eat and Watch

The other day my colleagues and I went over to Kuala Selangor for seafood treat. There's this project that was pending for a very long time is now completed. So the company decided to take us for a treat to motivate us for a job well done.

Yea we went over to this lady's parent's place for dinner. Apparently her family opens a seafood restaurant over there and she said it's cheap and fresh.

Believe it or not, It took us a 90 minutes drive all the way to the village. We're so hungry by the time we reached not to mention we have to take orders and wait for the food to be served. Gosh I could almost eat a whole cow. But nevertheless the sight of driving there was a calm, country road. Even the sunset looks much better than the ones we see in the city.

See this? This is a pure fishermen village. This reminds me so much of my own hometown in Sitiawan.

This is the restaurant we had our dinner at. Looks a little dodgy but of course, these kind of restaurants always portrays this concept: More than meets the eye.
One of our Vietnamese colleague. Duc.... Don't ask me. I really don't know what's his deal with this kawaii look. Maybe this new trend just arrived Vietnam! hahaha

One of our dish is this shell fish. I really don't know what you call this snail but it is very common to see these shells lying around the beach here in Malaysia.

A hefty sum of food don't you think so? I think we ordered a total of 10 dishes with a 1kg of prawns on each table. Yummy.

I hereby present to you the participants of our escapade :p We have like 5 DSLR photographers and a couple of digital ones. We even have some mobile phone cameramen haha.

Soon after dinner, we headed to watch fireflies during the night. It's quite famous that people would come to Kuala Selangor to watch fireflies during the night on a boat ride.

I spotted a cute little chap munching his food away so this is my attempt on a black and white potrait picture.

The welome sign of the firefly park. The place as a chalet and like 15 boats taking their customers across the river to watch those insects.

Seriously, the place was very dark with no lights at all. The tour guide didn't even allowed us to use our camera flash to take any pictures coz it might scare the fireflies away. So with a little twitch and adjustment, I tried to take pictures of our horizon. Somehow it came out just perfect. I looked as if we're on a boat, riding to the underworld across to the land of the dead :p

This is how it looks like without my lighting effect. Doesn't it look spooky??


:: Nicole :: said...

i went to for the firefly thingy too.. 2 years ago with my ex.. it was like pitch black.. scary.. but the fireflies are beautiful.. they say it's getting lesser and lesser now :(

Calv said...

yea i hear that many times ady on th boat =.=