Thursday, August 21, 2008

So This is Where All the Romance Had Gone huh?

Last night I said to Eileen while talking over the phone...

"I damn love you!"

Wanna know her response?

"Oh... I FUCKING love you!"

Wow this is the result of a evolution of romance huh?! hahaha weird it may sound but it does emphasize the love quite loudly :p

Goodness what a couple :p

Last night again, my colleagues and I decided to go over to Putrajaya to take some pictures of the fireworks competition that was displayed by some Canadian competitors.

Look at the top, there's so many people up there trying to take a good position. Hell we're smarter. My colleagues knows a place with a better view angle...I believed him... :p

Somehow this building looks really nice with it's blue soothing lights.

This is where the firework displays is gonna happen. Not exactly though but end of this road... They barricaded this road so no one would go near the explosions :p

Trust me, you WILL never guess what building is this.... Nope, you're wrong...Try again.... What?? Give up? You sure??

OK! This is a PUBLIC TOILET! Mother fucker this is where our money had gone huh? Our tax money had gone to a toilet where the government servants can have a better environment to take their dump!!! =.="

But of course while waiting for the display to start, There was some camwhoring shot. You know girls loves taking pictures and I'm just serving that purpose and not let it die :p

This is a friend of my colleague, her name is ICE.... Any takers??

My colleague Alex and his friend, Ice :p When he introduced to me he was like...

"Nah, this is my friend, Ice..."

I quickly interrupted him and said "Hi! I'm fire :)"
We had fun hahaha

Actually I particularly like this picture. Somehow it looks....umm.... just nice :)

These are the pictures of the fireworks that I took last night. As you can see, there's obviously no wind last night and ended up the smokes just stood there and made the pictures not as beautiful as I thought it would be.

Even so, the whole display itself wasn't so impressive after all. It somehow looks like those rejected goods that was rejected by China's Olympic fireworks and was sent here to show off. I can honestly tell you that I'm really not satisfied with the whole photoshoot for the fireworks display. :(

After that all, I couldn't even take any pictures of the finale coz of the smoke is really clogging up the sky!!!! Then when it ended, within a few minutes, This is how clear it became! God dammit!!

At the end of it all, This is the group of people that came for the photoshoot. From left to right, Me, Alex, Ice, Michelle and Raymond.


Eileen said...

I think the relationship just went a phase higher. Oh the vulgarity... is bad for readers... but perhaps sometimes certain vulgarity words can represent oneself's feeling better :)

Eileen said...
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Calv said...

hahahahaha uh huh yea right