Monday, August 11, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Sorry folks. Been really busy for me to drop anything fresh or new in this blog here, so this will be just a quick update.

Work is killing me during the weekdays and guess what? Singapore is trying to pull me over to work on some stuff again. Work is already pouring all over me here in Malaysia and going to Singapore isn't going to help me one bit. Somehow I need to synchronize my work between these 2 countries. If only I have an assistant but too bad, the company said, there will not be another hire of my position for the next 3 years. My god, It's not even 3 months and I am already feeling the pinch =.="

Oh well, apart from the workload, the colleagues here has been great. Both in KL Office as well as in Singapore office. That's the only thing that kinda kept me going. Else I would have thrown a fit already :p

Oh I've updated some songs into my playlist, so feel free to check them out k?

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