Friday, May 11, 2007

Why Is The Rum Gone?

Sixteen men on a dead man's chest...yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

Me matey and I had a were supposed to have a night out together to try out our new prized possession. Pirate's choice RUM! It's a Rum I got from a treasure chest I found on a secluded island in the vast seas of the carribean (the internet =.=")

We brought the bottle and headed to our destinations to meet up with other of me mates, scourge of the bounding main to devour this vile liquid of haven. As we sat on your spanish galleon together getting ready for our feast of rum, we noticed the bottle had gone!

Me: Where is she? Shiver me timbers, it has been taken away!
Mate1: By the curse of Davey Jones, Our prize had been plundered from us!
Me: Let us set sail to find me bottle and get that blasted tinkerbell to pay for his sins!
Mate1 and Mate2: AYE!

As we sail across every corner of the carribean we searched long, we searched hard! After a long search, we finally foudn the black-hearted pirate who stole our stash! What we found? An empty bottle?!!

Me: ARGH!!! You little twit! Curse the mother of the black seas What have ye done?! Why is the Rum GONE?!!
Thief: Coz I drank it all you fool~
Me: ARGH! Dammit you're right....stupid question it is. Nevermind then....

Somehow this sounds so wrong and lame! LOL sounds more like desperation. Oh well, It was a request from nuffnang but was kept pushing by a blog friend of mine to post something up with Rum!! hahahaha


nite said...

= ="

Calv said...

i know it's lame LOL. but i just had to do it.

Calvin's Wife said...

HAHAHAH, no larh where got lame... well maybe... but hehehe...:P

Calv said...

>.< but nvm la, since i was made to do this. hahahaha

Jay said...

If I'm not wrong the Caribbean is no where near Spain... did u say Spain? Damn, brain over load.. PAIN...hahahha...

Calv said...

dude dun rub it in lol it's already lame as it is...dun push its limits...hahaha