Monday, February 26, 2007

OMG I've been Tagged!

Dammit...LOL blogging also got such thing as get tagged! This is the first time I've ever come across such weird stuff. but anyways, let's just play along. Since Evie asked, might as well do it; if not later I'll get it big time from her...shh....


Each player of this game starts off with ten weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own ten weird things or habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you must choose five people to be tagged and list their names. No tagbacks!

Here Goes:-

*He has a thing for girls with long straight hair
*He sleeps only on 1 side of a king sized bed. (Don't ask me y, it just happens.)
*He is a lefty but wonders why he should persue engineering career instead of art and creativity
*He snores when he's really tired
*He just realized that he can be a drama king at times
*He NEVER wears undies!
*He has a lot of leg hairs; so there's and old chinese saying, if have long leg hairs, you would be superb in....
*He is currently going on a dry season in his sex life
*He is an addict in World of Warcraft (PC Game)
*He is trying to quit alcohol as it's giving him a very obvious beer gut.

Well...I'm suppose to pass this tag to someone but I really dunno who to give, so here goes:

Samantha Poh
Shee Hwa


Calvin's Girl said...

Kih kih kih... do dee ma no big time from me dee looooooor.. LOL

Anyways, are u sure bout hairy legs ahhhhhh....... i tot hairy all over only.......

Also, dry season in ur sex life.. *bwahahaha* so funny the way u put it.. LOL

Calv said...

serious wan how to put it?? slow in sex life?
i'm living a life in the fast lane ler, so cannot slow slow here n there wan...hehe

Calvin's Girl said...

*ROFL* okok u win larh..

Anonymous said...

i'll write it here instead =P

1. i like walking around naked (i get to do it within 4 walls, doors and very personal territory *sighs*

2. i used to write with both hands. currently am a leftie, practicing writing with my right.

3. i am a sniff-a-holic. to identify a lot of things i prefer to take a sniff. meaning i can get addicted to fragrances very easily.

4. there's this thing with me and ikan masin. i once took a 5cm slab of it from the table at age 2, hid by the side of the fridge to munch on it and half way, i got caught by grandma.

5. i do not have a specific hobby. a lot of things that i like doing are cultivated from time to time.

*dad's gonna take me go makan. continue this 5 later*

cya calvin xoxoxox ;)

Anonymous said...

k umm...

6. i had my 1st kiddy widdy sorta bf when i was 9. i slowly stopped the boy hate girl, girl hate boy stage back in the day. LOL!!!

7. i think andy lau, patrick dempsey, eric roberts are 2 of the hottest men on earth. it's got something to do with aging gracefully when i refer to andy and eric.

8. my ex bf yelled at me complaining that i can't help him at his work. he's a houseman. how weird's that?

9. i can't ride a bicycle but i can rollerblade.

10. preferably i'd choose to be a guy than a girl. for many many reasons.


Calv said...

hahaha wow thanks so much for posting it in here. damn i must say it's a good laugh

Calvin's Girl said...

oh mine would be harrison ford and richard gere... delicious senior men~!!

Calv said...

mine would be cleopetra ^=..=^

guys how to have these kind of flavours? honestly very limited guys would like elder women. well apart from michael jackson of course

Calvin's Girl said...

LOL... waseh, old timer dei, the dead ones... creepy larh you.. *grins*

Calv said...

well it's all about tastes. lol time will not be a boundry issue anymore. well after i created time machine~ mwahahaa

Anonymous said...

calv. liz taylor oi ;)

Calv said...

hahaha a good call instead, but liz's father will kill me if i go out with her daughter. and i dunwan to ruin my relationship with aerosmith! mwahahaha...

umm what about, elisha cuthbert?

Anonymous said...

liz taylor as in elizabeth taylor. not liv tyler LOL

Calv said...

oh...hahaha sorry sorry. made a bad mistake.
taylor fat...not nice

Anonymous said...

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