Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Turning 26: Another year older?!

Feb 15th: A day where I'll have mixed up feelings. To feel sad as I'm getting older or to celebrate the day I was born. Which one should it be? hmm...

Well I had pretty rough day that day. I was supposed to be on leave from work as I don't normally work during my birthday. I was first called back to office to attend for a meeting at 10am and another meeting at 7:20pm. Dammit! And to have a holiday they say.

So I woke up early in the morning with loads of messages from friends and colleagues who were so nice to text me birthday greetings as well as valentines. Drove to office for the bloody meeting, Ended around 12pm. I had lunch with my colleagues then headed off shopping for CNY (Don't bother asking why such last minute shoppings). So I headed off to KLCC to have a look at Burberry boutique for some clothings. Got myself 2 shirts for like RM710! (What the hell was I thinking back then)

Headed next to Time Square's Borders to get CDs and then went to Sg. Wang to buy my New Camera! hehehe.

Well time was almost up as I need to head back to office for another meeting but ended up I got a flat Tyre! Ended up I couldnt change the tyre coz the Cross thingie to loosen my Tyre's nut had been literally broken by me. I didn't know I'm that strong to be honest! hahaha

So I ended up not going to the meeting but trapped in the car park trying to get the tyre changed. Plus I need to look around for the cross thingie to open my nut...(not literally my nuts k?) Whole Time Square, 10 storey of shopping mall, no hardware store! how can?! Ended up getting it at Sg. Wang again....

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Thank God my spare tyre have enough air to get my ass home for my ever-so-late bday dinner!

So I got back for dinner. Tired I may be but my friends called me out for a drink for the celebration. Trust me, the whole day shopping and changing tyre had gotten everything out of me.

We went to Orange in Hartamas, a cool, chilling, quiet pub to drink and chill. hehe here's the pics:

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Sit Yin and Cicak

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After someone putting ice inside of her top! haha this is a funny pic. really translate something else!

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He's drunk, trust me, HE'S DRUNK!

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I'm almost there. Had a lot to drink myself thanks for my friends wanting to bottom it up with me~

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The Gang (Sonnie looking over)

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Chillin is the best solution

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Poser Part II


Anonymous said...

For a drunk person ur friend in red looks pretty good still. i haven't changed a tire before which i will learn how to soon. learning how to drive =P

Calv said...

lol it's very seldom to see him drunk. that was like one of the rarest time we can see him like this.

tire? lol it's a tough job, leave it to your boy boy to do it. but then again, u should learn coz what if boy boy not around? haha