Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The WORST that can actually happen..

OMG OMG! Last few weeks, I had my phone hard reset due to come OS problem. Thanks to the company trip's tressure hunt. Kinda got it wet. So before all these, I actually keep a hard copy of all the phone numbers I have in my phone. I left it in the office as usual coz most of the time I'll be in my office so I guess I needed these numbers the most in office.

Today, as I wanted to search for a colleague's number to call, I only realized then that the piece of paper had vanished on me! I can't find it anywhere and non of my colleagues knew its whereabouts. I was like Dammit! where could I have chucked it? Well, I do know very well where I left it but it just seemed to have disappeared!

So people who are reading this post. Please let me know your number again, a gentle sms would do. Or a call. I know i'm bad enough to have lost all of your numbers but Please resend me again. It would definitely do me good.

Today I bought an exercise book to re-write every number that I could remember (not much actually, just a few) LOL.... I'm very bad with numbers.

New people whom I do not realize who has my number, feel free to drop me an sms as well...hehe this is by far, the most stressful problem I've ever faced. SIGH!


Calvin's Girl said...

*pats calv's head* i understand i understand... who ask you to be so careless??

Calv said...

not my fault...i know where i left it but suddenly not there ady. who would wanna steal phone numbers? sob sob

Calvin's Girl said...

Oooooo I know who would want to steal phone numbers.... Those stoopid clubs like RUUM and others. Dunno where they got our numbers, always sms promotions during weekends. Damn irritating... shesh~!

Calv said...

dat means u're a kaki clubber lo. hahaha, oh yea speaking of which, i should do some review posts on clubs and pubs huh...good idea...thank u thank u