Friday, October 31, 2008


OK OK Sorry for the long absence. I've been taking 2 weeks break away from work as well as blogging mainly coz right now I'm waiting for my new job to start.

Seriously, there's nothing worth to note down on what has been going on my life for the past 2 weeks apart from sleeping and gaming :) Yes there are occasions where I go out with some of my friends but rest assure, it's very very rare. I'd rather laze at home and wait till the day comes I have to wake up early in the morning for my work :p

OK. Today's topic would be something more general. It's something that is so common that sometimes people tend to forget about it.

Do you not find it ironic that there's a lot of people who keeps telling each other to be contented with what they have? Yet they themselves rarely practice it?

On general, Contentment comes only to those who CHOOSE to be contented with what they have. Some people are so consumed with greed or their own goals that they tend to miss out the best thing that they have right now.

For example: Men or women always complains about their partners or their husband/wife on their bad points. They would say how much their other half does not understand them or does not treasure them. One way to look at it, it's true. BUT think about it this way: Whether you are in good of bad times, have your partner refused to stand by your side? Have they never been your shoulder to cry on? Have they never been your best friend in times of need?

I know I used to be a person who use to take relationships for granted. I am still learning let me assure you that I'm learning each and everyday to build up as a better person to my other half :)

Let's face it, NO ONE'S PERFECT! Never your partner, never your husband/wife, and NEVER will be you. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.

In relationships, there is no such thing as YOU'RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME. Everyone in a relationship CAN and WILL find someone better than you. Your partner CAN and WILL be able to find someone better than you. There's always someone better than someone. So here's the truth...

IT IS HOW CONTENTED YOU ARE in the person you are with now. Everyone can be your MR. or MRS. right. Unless you learn to be contented with what you have now, no matter how many people you date with, they will never be good enough for you.

However speaking about professionalism, we as human these days, our generation, tends to jump from jobs to job. WHY? answer is pretty simple. It's mostly because they want to find a better pay job of a job with a better offer. Look at your parents, or your grandparents, the previous generations can actually stick to a job for over 20-30 years. They would not jump to another job. I'm not saying that there's no better opportunities for them in other companies, It's because they are contented with what they have. Yes they may complain that their job sucks or anything, but at the bottom line, they will stick to the job. Their loyalty is something we won't be able to get these days.

Why is it so?

Is it cause our generation now is so spoiled with choices till the extent we no longer recognize contentment anymore? Or is it mainly due to greed?

Put our parents in being in a relationship...

Divorce is so common these days unlike the older generations. How come our previous generations were able to keep a marriage for so many years but for us, some could even barely maintain a marriage for 3 years.

My honest opinion is mainly due to contentment.... again.... People are so greedy or really do not know how to see and recognize the good things that they have till they tend to go astray.

Let me tell you my story...I learned to be contented with what I have. Some may know what kind of person I used to be. I am somewhat ashamed of myself as well at certain times. But well, every curve is a learning curve right?

I finally learn to be contented with what I have, who I am with. I know that I can rely on this person with whatever trouble I am at. I know she would stand by me. And of course I would act the same on her behalf as well.

Yes in a relationship or marriage, couples do argue. If there's no arguments in a relationship, then you should be worried. Don't run away or break the relationship mainly coz you guys argued. Argument is something that would bind the relationship stronger. Don't give up on your partner. Maybe they have not given up on you yet. Why should you be the one to pull the plug? When you accept him/her to your life, you should be ready to accept that person for his/her goods and bads. Else why would you bother to begin a relationship let alone a marriage?

This is all I have to say now... Please consider what I have said and search for contentment in every situations. Sometimes, things may turn bad, but don't look at the bad points only, the good points are always in the thin silver lining.


:: Nicole :: said...


"In relationships, there is no such thing as YOU'RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME. Everyone in a relationship CAN and WILL find someone better than you. Your partner CAN and WILL be able to find someone better than you. There's always someone better than someone. So here's the truth..."

was EXACTLY what russ told me!! he said of course there's someone out there better than him or better than me.. but we chose to be happy/satisfied/grateful/content with our another half..

Calv said...

it's common sense. but sadly people these days just dont know how to recognize these common senses

evelynholic said...

dey... =.= ask you to update only jek.. no need ler until this kind mia update... ZzzZzz punya bapak panjang....

And yes, it's all about what you want and how much you want out from your life/relationship/bla bla bla... if you're satisfied with it, then so be it.

I for one, is like that. I am happy with what I have and I do not ask for more. If got, ma got lor.. dont have then it's okay. People might say this kind of attitude is somewhat a slacker. Sorry, no. This is what you call simplicity. Why wanna make your life even worse by implementing so much high demand? You for one, will never reach "nirvana" wukakakaka...

Damn, Buddha's teaching. Be happy with what you get and never compare with others. Each person's life path differs from one another.

EG: Think about others who might not have what we got in life, especially relationship. You still see people who are much elder who is still single, they, who always crave for success and money. You think they are not jealous with what we have in special relationship? Think again, they might have all the money in the world, but they would always be by themselves. Why? Cos they chose to, they lined up their path that way.

For me, everything must be properly balanced out. Keep everything simple, just nice. Life would be such a wonderful place to live in IF you don't have much demand. You can demand little things which is within your reach, but don't go asking for the sky. Bottom line, see how far your contentment level lor at the end of the day.

Si boh? :)

evelynholic said...

And yes, now only i go to bed.. cos i play games, dont ask. =.=

Calv said...

hahahaha long comment indeed but nevertheless, appreciate the addition :)
me going to sleep soon oso, gonna start work tmr so need to get up by 6:30 =.="

Eileen said...

Contentment I agree is important.

I have a story to share though. Recently, a guy friend of mine told me that he is so comfortable in a relationship of 6 years, he thought that this is it - definitely the gal is mine. And he just remain as he is whereas the gal keep progressing. In the end, the gal left him, but after a while, he confess that it is his fault of not progressing in par with her but just being so comfortable or just take things for granted.

My say is contentment is very important but one should also progress with the partner; if not in the same pace, at least another way or so. Maybe you can blog about this. Wukakaka.

Calv said...

define progression :p
would want to know more about it