Monday, November 03, 2008

Something to Lighten Up Your Blue Monday

Blue Monday? Not feeling used to after a relaxing weekend from work? Unlike me, I just checked in to a new job and as I was cleaning up the computer that was used by a guy before me, guess what I've found..

OMG! There really is a place with a name like that... LOL I even have a picture of the previous guy looking it up and print screen it down.

So next time, want to plan a holiday trip? Don't know where to go? Fret no more! just go to the nearest travel agent and book your first air ticket to Fucking....and you know what??
You'll have a Fucking great time!


lovegoddess said...

nice post

guess d europeans (except d Brits) are so used to d "F" word

Calv said...

rofl yea... but they could have done better at that place to attract more tourists. start printing fucking postcards.

evelynholic said...

wukakakakaka.... what a fucking place.. LOL