Monday, October 13, 2008

2 Headed Snakes

There are many types of people in this world. Some are understanding, some reasonable, some smart, some intelligently challenged, some hardworking, some lazy and the list goes on and on. Fact is there's always a quality a person lacks on. Only to make them human.

We as human are not perfect and I believe all of you would agree with me on that.

Never the less, we as humans, we have a choice to be what we wanna be. Some chose to be lazy instead of hardworking, some chose to be unreasonable instead of reason. But I feel intelligent is something we can't choose LOL.

The worst kind of people are those who what we asians call, 2-headed-snakes.

These type of people are the main problem that kick starts wars between 2 other people.

These type of 'friends' would come to you and backstab another friend of yours to you. They would say anything just to make you feel angry or pissed off your some of your other friends or even partners or even your wife.

Then on the other hand they would go to YOUR friend or your partner or your wife to backstab you in return. However, in front of you when they are talking bad about your other friends, he/she will say good things about you just so you would feel good.

These are the type of people everyone should get away from. I sometimes just wonder, why would these people CHOOSE to be what they are? Do they really enjoy their friends goes through a cold war amongst themselves because of what he/she had said?

Do you really find joy in other people's misery? I can honestly tell you I'm not stupid. I know what you did behind my back. Yes you know who I'm speaking of. I personally feel these type of people should really burn in hell. I mean now... Immediately... not wait till you die. but the moment you 2 time someone, poof off you go to hell to be burned eternally...

I fucking hate these type of people; well there are other types of people whom I really don't like but it's not as bad as this type. The other type would be hypocrites. Unfortunately we live in a world filled with people like this.


evelynholic said...

OooOooo you remind me of the stoopid bitch in my ex office... KANENAH CHAU CHEEBYE!!! I fucking wish she burned in hell too CHEEBYEEEEE!!!

And yes, I hate 2 headed snakes, for one, they are always ugly as in really UGLY the face. Second, they are those jealousy type. More likely jealous of you. Third, sek bao nothing to do, part of their hobby. They are friendless, they will try high and low seeking for new friends but just to ruin it at the end of the day, because it's part of their hobby ma... they enjoy it. Sickening bunch of idiots.

Eileen said...

*giggles* Evie sounds so pissed off!!! Eh eh, I work with bunch of Indians. My boss is a female.


**What beats me makes me stronger**

Calv said...

well yea first of all i am pissed with people who are like this. mainly coz i always believe one shouldn't judge someone if they don't know that person inside out.

God himself gives u a choice and won't judge you for your choice until u die, what makes u, as a mere human have the right to judge?