Thursday, July 31, 2008

What an Experience


Have you ever experienced any scary incidents in taking a taxi before?

I never had until yesterday when I was taking a cab back to the company’s apartment from office. Usually the routine was pretty simple, I wave for a cab to stop, get on the car and give out the destination that I wish to go; upon arrival of the destination, pay the man and get off the cab. Done deal, no strings attached right?

Only this time around was different. I just landed from the airport from Malaysia to Singapore, got my ass as quickly as possible to the office to solve the problem they had so urgently sent me over to do.

With that of course I would be lugging my luggage all over the streets of Singapore, to the office and then at the end of the day’s work, I would grab another cab from my office, with my luggage and head back to the company’s apartment.

I did the same routine of taking a cab as mentioned above but due to an interesting “conversation” I had with the cab driver, when I left the cab after paying the driver, I walked back to the apartment only WITHOUT my luggage that I have placed inside the trunk earlier on.

I realized that only after I had taken a few steps away from the cab but the driver had already began to drive away. I was chasing the cab from behind shouting at him and waving my hands above the air so hard in hope to gain the driver’s attention but you know what? Even until I wave till both my arms are broken, the driver would not even notice a frantic ex-client chasing after his cab.

That’s it! I told myself, I have lost my luggage… All my clothes, towels, snickers, toiletries and others were inside that luggage back. All I have now in my possession is my notebook bag in which I was trying to be optimistic, telling myself at least I kept my passport, my wallet and the company’s notebook in the bag in which I’m carrying on me.

For a split moment, I recalled I did ask for a receipt for that cab ride and immediately, I searched frantically through a compartment in my bag to find that last piece of hope I could have to ever find my luggage again.

I found a lost and found number to call and so without hesitation, I dialed that number…tooot…..toooot…. “Sorry our operating hours are from 9am to 5pm. Please try again tomorrow during office hours.” I was like what the fuck?! It was already quarter past 6 and I don’t even have anything to wear of bath on for the night. I was stunned outside the guard house where the cab driver had dropped me not knowing what to do. Then another cab of the same company pulled over to drop off a client of his, I noticed there’s a telephone number at the back of the cab and started dialing the number in hope to be able to get some information on how to get back my bag.

Toot……Toot…. “Hello citycab” Thank goodness, I spoke to the lady about my case and she asked me if I have the cab’s license plate. I did actually, it was stated on the receipt. I felt proud of myself for taking the receipt :p

I gave the lady the license plate of the cab and she searched through her database and said, “Please hold on sir, I’m going to call the driver’s mobile phone.” I was relieved, really, I was… I waited patiently for a response and soon after several minutes, which sounded like ages to me, the lady responded… “Sorry sir, the number we have of this driver has been canceled. We are not able to contact him as of now. But we have left him a message in hope for him to reply.”

My heart sank, not knowing what to do. I decided to head up back the apartment and take a shower before heading out to meet my friends for dinner.

Back in the apartment, I was the only one staying there at that moment, so I went through the whole place to look for a towel or something I could use to wipe my body after a quick shower. Nothing! Nothing at all could be found. But soon later, I found a floor mat in the store room, a fresh clean one, mind you. I took it and started cleaning myself with it after my shower… gross right?? I know… =.=”

But then again what to do? I have nothing on me…

So after the awkward bath, I wore back my previous clothing and started to head out for dinner with my friends. By the time I reached the restaurant, I called the cab company again and this time around, she said she had found the driver’s number and asked me to call him to arrange on where to meet so he could bring my luggage back to me again.

God, I can’t express how thankful I am then when the driver after calling said he’ll drop by where I am then in 10 minutes to pass me back my belongings. He did indeed turn up however, and I got my stuff, then to show my gratitude, I shoved a 10 dollar bill into his shirt pocket despite him saying “No need la….” But I did insist.

Got my back happily and then I told myself, never again to put my luggage in the trunk if I can help it… sigh…what an adventure…


Anonymous said...

i'm thinking u took the receipt cos u wanna claim for the cab fare... *whistling innocently*

Calv said...

well that's true. but usually i forget to take the receipt even to claim =.="

u know me, i'm always that forgetful