Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back Here Again?~


Just shortly 3 weeks ago I was here working in Singapore.

I thought that would be the last time I would step foot to Singapore for work under this company, but shortly after, I was called again to come over due to some smarty pants electricity guy had end up tripping the power in the building of our office thus making a havoc in our server room.


As some of you might know, I'm the only IT guy that supports both Malaysia and Singapore; so when there's a problem with either one of the countries, I might have to end up going there if I couldn't solve it remotely.


True enough this case we faced, forced me to come to Singapore. I couldn't even connect to the network in Singapore. It's like as if the 2 countries decided to declare war on each other and end up not wanting to talk to one another =.="

So here I am again, back to this city to solve a problem that I originally isn't too confident in able to solve it. To tell you the truth, I was kinda skeptical about whether am I able to fix this problem. Coz from Malaysia, I couldn't even grasp what is the issue in the first place.

Thank god after a half day of checking and fiddling with the servers in the server room, after being cramped in that bloody small room for half a day, after cutting myself on the chest due to the cramped space by the metal cabinet, I was able to find the solution. It appears to me such a small issue but the outcome was such a havoc. I can honestly tell you, I can feel my bosses were breathing down my neck.

All I know is if I couldn't solve this issue here in Singapore, it would mean my resignation letter for this company. But I am really grateful now that the problem have been solved. And to top that up, I feel more confident to myself and even more proud about my skills and capability.

Thanks to Eileen, she had comforted me that I could do more that I thought I could; which it happened to be so true :) Thanks babe.

As of now, I'll do some more research on something at this office before I book my flight back to Malaysia this Thursday. Oh yea, When I first came, I bought only a 1 way ticket to Singapore; it clearly shows how lack of confidence I have in able to solve this problem....Guess I proved myself wrong eh? LOL


ShaSha said...

Got supportive gf shouting: "jia you jia you" behind, sure can kao tim lah~

Calv said...

true ah in a way :p