Sunday, July 20, 2008

Comparing the Joker

Have you watch The dark Knight already? If you have not, what are you waiting for, go grab your tickets and enjoy the ride through out this movie. As for myself? I've watched it and I enjoyed it very much. As most movie goers, the public's eyes would normally be on the hero or the main actor of the movie. But guess what? This series of Batman, for my own personal opinion, The light shines hard on the bad guy, namely, The Joker.

As some of you may already know, there's this huge dispute on who is be better joker amongst the 3 actors. One being the old school joker starred by Cesar Romero, The modern day joker by Jack Nicholson, and the other by the latest joker from the dark knightHeath Ledger.

Cesar Romero:


Positives: Very animated, exceptional laugh, and of course, great over-exaggerated smile.

Negatives: Maybe it’s just me but although Cesar Romero added much arm movement to animate The Joker character, he seemed a bit stiff with his legs (unlike The Riddler in the original TV series - quite animated). I would have liked to have seen a bit more jumping around (am I being too picky?). Also, his lines were a bit cheesy. Of course that’s no fault of Mr. Romero’s, but it’s still something to consider.

Jack Nicholson:


Positives: Best facial expressions out of the three. The perfect marriage of a comical court jester and a murderous criminal.

Negatives: Laugh was just so-so. Also I personally didn’t care for all the hats he wore. You gotta show off the disheveled chemically mutated hair. He also wasn’t as animated as I’d like him to be. But then again, Mr. Nicholson is known for his personality and acting prowess, not for jumping around.

Heath Ledger:


Positives: You can’t really tell it’s Heath Ledger (and it’s a positive because if you could tell it was him, you probably wouldn’t be able to get the image of The Joker sodomizing Jake Gyllenhaal out of your head). Also, it looks like he has some good threads in this one (rather than the typical purple and green attire). And finally, it sounds like he has a pretty good laugh - not too corny, not too forced.

Negatives: In some shots in The Dark Knight movie trailer, The Joker kinda looks homeless, which actually works against my assumption that he’ll have some interesting attire (we’ll have to wait and see). Also, the white makeup and red lips look like The Joker just got drunk and fell into his mother’s makeup case.

Overall, After watching the dark knight, I personally feel that Ledger does a better job in the joker compared to the previous 2 icons.

Heath portrayed the homicidal side of the joker. His laugh portrays great evil within and by the way he looks, he's very much unpredictable. And just like the joker in the comic, he throws a bad joke over from time to time.

The previous 2 jokers kinda shows they are trying too hard to crack a joke and their laugh are much forceful compared to Ledger's natural look-a-like laughs.

Below is a video of the comparison of the joker character of Jack and Heath, I'm sorry I couldn't find the comparison one for Cesar but the 2nd video is a performance by the late Cesar Romero. Enjoy...


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