Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The RetuRn!!

Howdy everyone! Sorry I've been away too long. Too many personal stuff that was disturbing. Too many problems and too much headaches!

Well all of that I have no choice but put it behind right? Anyways. I'm good. not hurt not dead and yea, Not hospitalized as well! I have one problem though. I'm still not too sure what to write yet. Will definitely write a longer post with pictures as well if possible!

As of now, Please do enjoy the music I've updated. There's some pretty cool ones too. Till then, Give me a few days and I'll do something about a better post! hahaha


Calvin's Wife said...

Welcome back to the cyber world my friend!! :D

Samantha said...

calvin =) try get some sleep. don't drag on like that k.

Calv said...

thank u thank u :) i'll definitely try to write more. just got back from kuching, next post would be some pictures of food and adventure!!