Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Feeling of Depression

Things are so screwed up right now. Nightmares, Stress and most of all, the broken hearted speaks...

A man who has since suffered much,
The test of his patience,
The test of his love.
The waste of his time,
The waste of his money.
So much wasting and so many tests,
So much that its not at all funny.

He tried real hard to make this work.
He tried real hard to make this last.
But you can't move onto the future if you can't let go of the past.
He kept on believing that you were telling the truth,
That you cared for him, and shared everything with him,
But to continue believing this he needs to see the proof.

All that time and all that money,
All spent and now for nothing!
For you chose a different path,
A path my future had decided to pass.

Reasons and excuses that's what you said,
The very likes of you, you made me hate,
So much bashing, so much trashing,
A deadly price you made, it has been paid.

Stubbornness and no reasoning is indeed your game,
The bitter sweet revenge you said? Oh what a shame.
After so much that has been through yet you choose this action,
Left him for good, left him torn and left him shattered,
Girl I ask you, Where's your passion?

You have won, the success is yours
When problem comes, u evade like a horse
Are you happy now? after all this shit?
Hope you have a happy life in this endless pit.
You may feel hated, you may feel vengeance coming you way,
The answer is No, what would he say?
"NO HARD FEELINGS..." just like you said, hey?

Funny eh? I wrote this during my lunch hour today and guess what? Took just so little of my time. Then again of course the first few Verse was written by a friend of mine to me. Thanks loads Rachelle, It speaks out most of the things hidden in my heart.

I guess I would stop writing in this blog for a while. Need some time off, Heck maybe this might be even my last post. Thanks so much guys and girls for having interests in reading up my crap till now. Really appreciate it! Just hope hard that I'll be back on track with blogging soon enough. :) Cheers


Anonymous said...

The things about BGR,
Or at least I think it is,
Cruel things said and done or it seemed they are,
Will leave us into a bottomless pit.

At times we felt it is worthless,
To invest into some roadless relationship,
Yet there are times where it is timeless,
When we felt love, sincerity, and friendship.

I hope the man will not be world sulking,
I hope he doesn't cling onto despair,
I pray that he is still believing,
That there is still love in the air.

A vacumn in us is void, they all were saying,
How to have it fulfilling?
Look onto the ONE that is standing,
Showing you the way of trusting and loving.

There are times where ppl hurt us,
There are times where ppl betray our trust,
There are times where our hearts are broken into pieces,
Yet each time it made us stronger and mold us crisp and crust.

I believe there is a lesson to be learned,
I think the man will grow more mature,
I hope he can let go of the past,
And now begin to look into the future.

The girl will miss a whole lot of good things,
This I'm sure,
Just too bad for the girl,
Blessed is the next one whom he find.

Anonymous said...
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Dirty Angel said...

Hahaha. Thats funny! God bless the next girl!

Anonymous said...

I know it is saddening
All these stress & heartache
But there'll be a better beginning
Though it appears that hope is dead

There are times when things arent right
Or when things are dim as the night
Just dont give up on hope without a fight
At the end of the tunnel.. will always have light.

Race you to the end of the tunnel :)

Calv said...
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Anonymous said...

I hate the calls
I hate the sms
I hate the whines
I hate the pleas
I hate long straight hair
I hate tragic tales
I hate false hope
I hate broken promises
I hate dependency
I hate the claws that hold tight

BUT most of all I hate the bleeding heart that is not willing to let go

Calv said...

this is wat i call when hate and love collide ladies and gentlemen

Calvin's Wife said...

LOL.. whats with these peeps man.. kena spam liao, u have to put the comment medaration liao dude.. ;)

and whats with you uncle? what happened lah?? talk to me if you want to okay? ;) Dont stray away too far, you might get too lost and things will get worser... ;) take care friend, my better half's half.. LOL

Calv said...

lol dont worry, i'm fine...hehe. ur better half's half eh? lol sounds so complicated.

Calvin's Wife said...

make sure you are fine... ;)

Calv said...

of course i'm fine. just need to readjust. look at it this way, a person can only do so much. but if it's not appreciated, then there's nothing more u could do right? :P

Yong said...

So plain, someone who's simply insignificant,
yet you made her worth more than silver or gold.
Madness it may seem,
yet it's nothing more than a beautiful madness.
She planted the seed of hatred in him,
yet she hates herself more than anyone else.
He turned the seed of hatred into love and forgiveness,
yet he's fearful he'll be hurt once again,
yet again he gives love endless chance despite the wounds and pain.
Just remember in the winter,
far beneath the bitter snow;
Lies the seed that with the sun's love,
in the spring becomes the rose.


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