Saturday, April 14, 2007

e-Cards Anyone?

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Anyone interested in sending e-Cards? With this website of a friend of mine called Just2sayhi you would be able to send various types of greeting cards to any of your friends.

Here's how simple it is...

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Select the graphics you like. Most of these cards are animated 2D pictures so it's kinda interesting.

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Next, keying in the particulars and your message.

These are the categories you can choose from for your e-Cards.

Simple eh? The best part is it's FREE~! This friend of mine is basically working on this website based on interest though. But of course if you wanna support her in her activity here, There's a way where you can donate some income for her to sustain this website. :) It's just a paypal button where you can make donations to support her site. Well, of course if you are comfortable with it; else, it's not necessary...

Oh yeah. you can also browse to her blog to see her works. Pictures are cute and nice. looked like pencil drawings to me but let me assure you, it's not. LOL

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