Tuesday, January 16, 2007

iPhone Mania...

Damn read the papers today and found out that the iPhone would be released this coming June but will only reach Malaysia by next year 2008. I have to say that the phone really looks stunning and gives you the cool look. Probably when it release in June, I'll get someone to get it for me in UK then ship it back to me. Fearful of the power plug sockets though as it may not be the same. So how? how? HOW???

Wanna see how it looks like?

Looks damn hot right? I also found out that there's 2 prices for this phone:
4GB is USD$499 (RM 1746.50)
8GB is USD$599 (RM 2096.50)
Affordable ain't it? hehe... Think about it guys


Effy said...

Thought you going UK. Ask people to bring it back some more. Hahaha

Calv said...

wait la. UK wan oso not really confirmed yet coz havent submit application form hehe. patience la

Ah Boh said...

i-phone?? wah... looks cool. er, how does it differ from i-pod other than d extra phone function?

price is pretty reasonable too considering it's a new product in the market.

Calv said...

indeed. functions ah? well the one i'm having now is windows based. this new one is apple OS based.