Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tasik Kenyir Pt. 2

OK Time to post for the part 2 of this trip. This time around I'm only going to post pictures of people which had joined us for this trip.

The ladies...

The Photograhers...

We had to sit about a 45 mins boat ride, so due to lack of sleep and rest last night, we eventually end up sleeping on the boat...

Normal Slumber

Prayer Slumber

I tried to sleep since everyone was sleeping....Well only the guys sleeping though...unfortunately I failed at sleepingAnd the sleeping award goes to.......*drum roll* KELVIN!! Ain't he adorable?? :p
So after he found out that I was shooting pics of him, guess what he pulled off?

Now let's proceed to the model pics we took shall we? Let's start off with Eileen

Now's Koku...

Faye's our next... First picture is soooo adorable.

I personally feel this is the best model shot... Damn Kelvin can be a man whore....I see potential!

Let's show some group pics shall we?

There goes my part 2 of the trip. I will be posting pictures of Perth, Australia soon enough when I get the time....I still need some time to filter off those pics.... 1.43Gb worth of pics is like...DAMN!

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Anston said...

Haha... Kelvin macam 如花!
(Male Ver.)