Monday, May 04, 2009

Tasik Kenyir

6 hours worth of drive.... takes us that long to get there. Yea the sound of driving such long hours may be a drag....but one thing for sure I can say....the view.... SPECTACULAR.... The experience.... Well WORTH it. Trust me on this people.

Here's some proof to show that it's really worth it...

Still not convince? Here's one more.

Anyways, this place is like I said, 6-7 hours drive away from KL and it's situated in the state of Terengganu. It's like on top of the mountains and there you'll find Kenyir.

Kenyir Lake is the largest man-made lake in Southeast Asia. Sharing its border with Kelantan in the west and Pahang in the south. This immense lake also serve as another gateway to Taman Negara. The lake covers 260 km² and contains 340 small islands, which were once hiltops and highlands, more than 14 waterfalls, numerous rapids and rivers. Because the lake is a reservoir, the water level can vary depending on the month. The water level is highest (and the lake consequently the most beautiful) in March and April.

OK OK so instead of wasting your time reading Geography and History of this place, let me share with you the pictures that we have taken.

The dead trees that made Kenyir famous for. It's known as Kayu mati in our local language but somehow, On of our friends called it Kayu Maut which literally translates as Deadly Wood. =.="

Another view of the calm waters and creates reflection of the mountains.

This is one of the caves that the tour brought us to. It's called Gua Bewah. Bewah means to gather. Apparently during the early days of 300BC, the cavemen gathers in this cave to shelter from the open. Any other activities during the so called gathering, we do not know :p I have no idea what are they hiding from but the Archeologies found traces of human bones inside this cave.... And there was proof that this whole area way back before was under the ocean. They found traces of sea shells within the rocks that they dug up. There's a room actually inside in which they uset o display the evidence they found within the cave.

From the entrance of the cave, there's a a view to the lake in which it's shown below :p

After Gua Bewah, we continue heading to the next cave to see from the outside only :(
Apparently the whole cave is flooded by the water level and it's only accessible during the month of August till October only... Sigh...

Other than that, during the next day we woke up pretty early in the morning like 6am just to watch the sunrise and capture some pics then. The view?? you'll see :p

Beautiful isn't it? Oh before I forget, this is the place where we stayed...

It's a 4 star villa in which they have chalets in which it looks like a studio apartment. Pretty impressive setup in my opinion. Looks expensive but during Matta fair, we bought the stay for like RM198 for a night in which it has buy 1 night free 1 night stay promotion...

After the 3 days trip in Kenyir our short holiday has come to an end. We checked out at 12pm and started heading towards a small town called Kemaman. Eileen said that there's a very tasty nasi beriani and a shop in which rumors has it that that's where coffee had started in malaysia.

Nasi Beriani.... Below is the coffee shop.

After having our lunch and coffee, it's finally time to start heading back to KL. another 6 hours back to home sweet home.

On our way back we actually passed Cherating beach so we stopped by for a few photoshoots and to have a cooling coconute drink. I will post those pictures later on another post along with our group photos.

Trust me, if you're a nature freak like us, you'll definitely love going for this trip.


ShaSha said...

oh, you guys went kemaman...dint stop at kuantan visit me meh? T_T

Calv said...

errr we didnt passed by kuantan...came out to highway at Jabor :p

ShaSha said...

oh, Jabor....curi durian ah?kekekeke

Calv said...

we went to char bo.... :p

Anston said...

U guys created a good word during the trip:

Kayu Maut & Unsalted Water