Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Is It a Calling??

Could it be God's calling back to His side?
After spending over 10 years away from Him and slacking out from my spiritual life, has this finally come to an end to the hindrance and God finally took a step forward and say "Get back here Son!"

I've been called by a company looking for IT specialists in which they wanted to arrange an interview with me. This company approached me once but I've actually rejected the offer due to the position is not what I've been looking for.

But this time around, the same company with different position had called me again. This time around they want a Project manager in which are skilled to at Networking as well as Infrastructure. All 3 are my skillsets... The value add one however is that I get to travel around for projects.

No where fancy though you might say...mostly 3rd world countries in need of our help =.=

Their requirements? LOL they expect me to be PASSIONATE towards my job.... Wanna know why?

This is the company that is hiring....

World Vision Click on it and you'll know what I'm talking about...

And their job description? Scroll down below to read....especially the red letters...


This role is the means of delivering IT services capability to directly support the IT operations of our WV clients. The GC IT Services Specialist position will be an integral part of the Global Centre IT Team and the incumbent will be the GC presence on the ground in WV regional locations.


1. Engagement

a. Provide customer support to National Offices for establishing new projects, and providing second level technical support

b. Manage relationship with GC clients and stake holders, working in close collaboration with GCIT and regional IT leadership

c. Interact with customers (local and remote) via email, telephone or other means to provide requested services within defined parameters

d. Follow case management for all calls allocated, to ensure that customer expectations are set and the progress of problem resolution is communicated, and service levels are met.

2. Technical Expertise

a. Undertake service implementation and activation as required

b. Provide technical expertise in connectivity, networking and security domains

c. Provide second and third level support for technical problem solving and trouble shooting in connectivity and networking

d. Transfer skills to NO IT staff as required

3. Manage

a. Act as project manager for GC projects as required.

b. Manage own activities in an organized way that is consistent the GC project management processes

c. Prepare project plans for client engagements and own activities

d. Monitor and ensure customer satisfaction with GC related projects and services

4. Analyse and Document

a. Evaluate and analyze customer requests against defined criteria and formulate appropriate responses towards resolution

b. Document activities and learnings on a continuous basis and as part of a learning team

5. Other Responsibilities

a. While this job description is intended to be an accurate reflection of the duties involved in this position, WVI reserves the right to add, remove or alter duties when business need dictates. A TOR document will be agreed previously to the beginning of functions.

b. Attend and participate in weekly chapel services and daily devotional meetings.


The following knowledge, skills, and abilities may be acquired through a combination of formal schooling, self-education, prior experience, or on-the-job training.

Christian Compatibility

· Strong Christian commitment as evidenced by life and character.

· High level of Christian maturity and theological awareness with effective, working knowledge of the principles of Christian life and ministry.

· Committed to promoting Christian witness within the increasingly diverse theological and social expressions of the church

Educational / Experience

· Deep understanding of World Vision’s operations and support, field and regional initiatives .

· A minimum of 2 years experience of demonstrated ability in a supervisory position

· Experience in IT or telecommunication services industry is preferable.

· Experience in supporting cultural and change management is desirable

· Experience with Lotus Notes/Domino infrastructure, Microsoft platforms and networking and Cisco technologies desirable

· Minimum of Bachelors Degree in an engineering discipline, Business Administration, or other Technical or Business related discipline.

· Formal education on Business process management, customer services and quality management systems is desirable.

Customer Services / Process Skills

· Customer service and process oriented professional

· Ability to work independently and in multidisciplinary teams with flexible and changing assignments.

· Excellent interpersonal and diplomatic skills and be able to work well in a team environment.

· Understands sponsorship, relief, development and advocacy issues and operations consequences.

· Ability to combine business processes and technical knowledge.

· Ability to identify issues, propose solutions, synthesize and highlight implications of findings.

· Excellent written/verbal communication and interpersonal skills.

· Demonstrated ability to effectively establish and maintain working relationships with peers.

· ITIL Service Management framework knowledge and experience a plus.

· Flexible and willing to travel.

Hmm... is this a sign? Is this really God's calling to come back to serve Him again? I wonder....

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