Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Egg

Yesterday during lunch with my colleague, we were talking about a Chinese delicacy called Kai Tan Char. Here's how our conversation went.

Colleague: Last time there is tong sui store around here sells nice tong sui, I usually drink Kai Tan Char
Me: Yea it's been a while since I had Kai Tan Char ady!
Colleague: Yea I long time no eat as well!
Me: Hmm...I like to eat Kai Tan Char
Colleague: Ya wo... I like to drink the Char... very nice..
Me: Huh?? You drink the Kai Tan Char coz of the tea only??
Colleague: Well, After drinking the tea, still have the egg to eat.
Me: o.O??? *starring her one kind coz she's stating the obvious. I mean obviously when u buy Kai Tan Char, you wold eventually have the egg to eat right?*

Basically she can't stop laughing! I was still kinda stunned by her response...At the end of the laughter, We both started having craving for Kai Tan Char =.="

*Kai Tan Char is known as Tea Egg
*Tong Sui = Dessert
*Char = Tea
*Kai Tan = Egg


Ah Boh said...

Go to purple cane tea eggs... everytime i pass by, d herbal smell so strong.

Calv said...

should be nice ya? i just pass by today too