Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tag Take 2...

Oh yes, Another one of them tags...Guess soon I'll become one of the most famous tagger in blogsphere...So here's the rules:

a. All references must have a link... preferable with some description on why you find the blog interesting

b. Please always remember to mention who tagged you so taht people can back tracked.. tis encouranges blog sharing... !!!

c. Please try to pass it on.. .tis also encourages blog sharing.. and just out of curiousity on how far it will go

d. Remember to alwiz inform the ppl you tagged .. since only one to two ppl is to be tag at each stop, lets see who is the one who doesnt give a damn and ends it..

e. Feel free to add in more questions.. i cant be expected to think about everything under the sun..

f. This tag is solely to encourage us to read more and to discover how many other interesting individuals who actually write good blogs out there... not intended to encourage traffic activities...

g. However, if ppl suddenly discovered the hidden gem in your blog & you start getting floods of reads & start to earn toones from NuffNang or Adverlets, remember to spread some of the ....

1. Who's blog is a must read everyday?
None in particular though, I have a set of blogs that I'll browse through daily

2. Who's blog is always informative?
Depends on what kind information I'm looking for. normally it's Niamah! :p

3. Who's blog is always funny?
Kenny Sia, Jason Phoon

4. Who's blog dishes out advice/sayings/advice that you actually listen to?
Nope. All blogs are to be read for entertaintment purposes. So far there's no blog that I've read that gave me real advise

5. Who's blog would you highly recommend to others?
Ghost stories - click here
Comics - click here

6. What was the funniest blog entry you read recently?
There are a few but I cant find the post! sorry

7. What blog entry actually makes you think recently?
Well I think a lot so every blog I read I'll think.

8. Which online shopping blog that you actually frequent?
None. I don't like shopping let alone blog shopping?

9. Who are you going to tag?
Evie! Try this girl
Jason Phoon - LOL I just gotta know.

10. Who tagged you?


jasonphoon said...

ahhh another tag !

I probably can only post on saturday or sunday , cause I'm lleeavving , on a jet plane !

Calv said...

hahaha so nice ah....anyways safe journey!