Thursday, November 30, 2006

RM 21 MILLION??!!!

Did you guys read the news today about Malacca undergoing a construction for a tower? Yes it looks like a younger brother of the Malaysian tower.

This tower is about 110 meters high and looks like a... well, I don't know what to make of it. The best part is, it costs RM21mil to build this thing. Why?? It seems to attract tourists.

Now let's see, is that 'thing' there really gonna work? I mean let's be frank to ourselves. Is this project really gonna benefit us from the Visit Malaysia 2007 campaign? IT'S A FREAKING 21MILLION construction!! 1 year of touring around gonna get that back?

Plus, who in the right mind would wanna visit Malaysia due to it's fame of crimes happening on daily basis? Why do crimes occur?

1) Our School did not give students appropriate teachings of humanity? Moral subject? It's a good subject to be taught in school but it's a load of crap that was taught.

2) Poverty? Yea well maybe. This could lead to crime do-ers as well.

3) Encouraging governments towards crime. A bold statement, I know. But don't you see it? "I rape her because she dresses sexily." "I robbed him coz his wallet is showing as he should keep it away from naked eyes."

We can actually use the RM21 Million to do something more useful with it. Repair the roads, use it to subsidise to road maintenance so the Fucking Toll wont hike up. Help the schools financially to get better and dedicated teachers. I realise some teachers these days don't give a shit towards the kids anymore. Not like those old days where teachers are fully dedicated to the students. Now?? You do your work la. I'll rest my ass on this chair, whether you like it or not.

Well, I guess it's just the way our leaders works. Throw in 21 mil and then then 3million goes to you, 2 million goes to him, another 3 million goes to our private funding. "There the rest really goes to the building"

Even councils hold meetings on places like Awana resort. Why? coz our hall too small to hold meetings. What kind of bright idea is that? That clearly shows that All the good citizen's money had gone in vain. Money that could help either the community or even invest into other foreign business to hike our country's economy has gone to the wrong hands.

Apart from that, did any of you realize how fucking LAZY the government officers are?? Here let me show you:

Come in to work
8:45am to 10:00am
Go for breakfast with other colleagues
10:00am to 12:00pm
Come back from Breakfast to work
12:00pm to 2:00pm
Go for lunch
2:00pm to 3:00pm
Come back from lunch to work
3:00pm to 3:30pm
Tea Break
3:30pm to 4:30pm
4:30pm Go back~~~

This is how they work. Best part is, the Front liners, people who sits at the counter to serve, There's only either 2 or 3 people working at the counters and they have 7 empty counters.


Anonymous said...

I think that is one of their strategic plans to lure foreign investors in.

Calv said...

which point? the tower?

Effy said...

The tower invite tourists which i think will bring money into the country. And also i believe it will attract any investors in that matter. Well that is my opinion.

Calvin's Girl said...

Sigh, no comment...

Calv said...

haha but initially u did comment

Calvin's Girl said...


Calv said...

dun act cute. hahaha