Thursday, November 23, 2006

What a Day~

Work is so boring today. Nothing much to do but just to clean up some sh!t from yesterday's work and there you go. I've been sitting around, looking at my windows view from a 14th storey building; looking out at a busy KL streets.

I didn't really have much choice but to go downstairs to get myself newspapers. Again, nothing much interesting on today's paper but the same ol' blabber about the UMNO meeting. All talks but mostly crap comes out of their mouth. They wanted to ban live telecast of the next meeting and they we saying that it's difficult to hide away facts from other media apart from newspaper (which they can control) and television. It was mention that internet is another huge source for other people to receive information about their meeting not to mention bloggers (us) to write down things that they say without thinking through their head. Namely, racist comments.
What I think is that these people really don't give a sh!t about the community. All they cared about is just to make sure the money flows in their pockets consistently and maintaining their position of authority to receive these money. Selfish act you say? Hahaha who doesn't know? This is the Malaysian goverment for your information.
Like what comments I have from other bloggers, We have a good country. But we have a pathetic goverment to govern the country. Imagine this; newspaper journalists went to a municipal council meeting, a CCTV engineer zooms the CCTV to the woman's thigh, The president of the counsel does not blame the fault on the CCTV control man. Better yet, he blames it on the dresscode of the woman as being 'sexy'.

If this is what they refer by sexy then ok la! Even I'll probably go for it and agree with the president...

But HELLO! This one also you wanna see meh??

What kind of pervetic act is this? It's like telling in court:

Judge: Did you rape this woman?

Convict: Yes i did. but it's not my fault.

Judge: Please elaborate...

Convict: She dressed up too sexily that night I couldn't hold my lust in then I went for it. And indeed I must say, She is a good fuck.

Judge: Understood. It's not your fault then. Lady, you are in the wrong. I therefore shall sentence you to 3 years jail for making him rape you due to your sexy clothing.

*Hammer Down*

This is Malaysia. A beautiful country with corruption in the air. We always hear people say having love in the air; but for Malaysia, we got:

1) Corruption in the air

2) Pollution in the air

3) Haze in the air

Beautiful country it is. :)


Calvin's Girl said...

tsk tsk tsk.... damn pathetic i tell you.... damn stoopid, these people should get struck by lightnings and burn in hell..... pls mind my way of expressioning... but this is too much...

Calv said...

tell me about it man. lol. i was cursing the whole morning at work. people asked me y the bad mood then i explained the situation to them, then they oso started cursing :D

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