Thursday, March 28, 2013

After All These Years

Yes, the title said it... After all these years, I finally came back writing something on this blog. To be honest I never really see myself coming to write something again but after reading back some of my posts, I cam to realize that "hey, I still could use this as a reference to my life story whenever I want."

Last I posted was about diving in Dahab. Since then there's so many changes in my life. I was in a company that had me travel all over Asia Pacific, gotten my Divemaster license, bought a car, bought a condominium, changed to a better paying job and so on.

Life was pretty rocky no doubt. Pretty much going up and down as usual.

I'm 32 now. Age is somehow catching up and I can feel myself older and of course wiser....yea right?! :p

I'm working with Maxis now. Big company, big position....sounds luxurious... but trust me when I tell you, it's not that luxurious at all... Yes the pay is good and all but is it worth to the extend where you lose your freedom, you looks your time, you lose sleep and stress still continues to build. To me, I guess it made sense to move then. It was an offer that I find challenging to refuse due to the pay and all. I guess I'll stick around and see how far this can go. Yes I have from time to time consider should I take a more wind down job and with that good amount of pay. Chances are slim no doubt, but hey, sometimes there are miracles ha ha...

I'm going through renovation of my condo right now and it's really something I'm looking forward to. I'll be able to move in after a month. I kinda over spent on my renovation and stuff....not by a few thousands of course but merely a few tens of thousands. :(

This home better be damn near worth it..!!!

After 3 years of not blogging, it has opened my eyes to a lot of stuff around the world. Back then it's always "will this thought go well in my blog?" or "will this picture fit in my blog?" Everything is so oriented with this blog. No doubt it was fun writing it all down. But guess what? now that I think back about it, even like taking pictures of food seemed silly :) couldn't believe I actually took a few shots of dishes, edit the pictures then post it up. Guess I must have been pretty free back then. Now?? The moment the food is on the table, Fuck it, I'll eat it first :D Ain't nobody got the time to take some damn pictures....

Of course when it comes to traveling, I do take pictures here and there. I've been to Maldives too. Took some picture with my iPhone... guess what? Shitty quality. So much for memorabilia for Maldives... The moment I stopped blogging, I stopped using my DSLR camera as well. Until early this year when I went to Vietnam. Took me a while to get use to the settings and the skills of using DLSR but hey it worked out just fine he he...

I'll update some more of what has been changed through these years soon enough. Till then, gotta get some sleep :)


Anonymous said...

It's a little wierd that just today I started reading about the blue hole and the story of Yuri Lipski, and managed to come across your site, and then you make your first post in oover 2 years that exact same day

I really hope life continues to go well for you and one day you safely make the dive in Dahab. I would really like to see your name again, for the right reasons. Stay safe and don't do anything silly

Your Friend Curt

Calv said...

Thanks Curt :)
Hopefully i'll have the time to continue writing :D

Anonymous said...

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Calv said...

go to it's a free signup and u can just start writing your blog. of course if u want to have some side widgets there are free stuff around as well, like mine :D